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PF happy with new projects being implemented in new districts


Patriotic Front (PF) Southern Province Vice Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda is elated with progress being made in the implementation of various projects of development in many parts of the province aimed at improving the living standards of the people.

Mwenda said in a statement today that PF leadership is impressed with the huge progress being recorded by different contractors that Government has engaged to carry out infrastructure projects especially in the newly created Districts such as Zimba, Chikankata, Pemba, Kazungula and the new Provincial Capital City Choma.

He saluted Government under the dedicated leadership of President Edgar Lungu for engaging different contractors to construct police stations, civic centres, post offices, low, medium and high cost housing units for civil servants in the new Districts.

The elated PF Provincial vice Information and Publicity Secretary explained with high anticipation that the projects will not only impact positively in terms of enhancing the economic status of the province at large, but have already led to the employment of many youths especially in areas where such projects are being implemented.

He has however noted that PF leadership in the province is monitoring the projects with keen interest and is happy to see that the construction of various infrastructure in Zimba and Chikankata have advanced with many structures such as housing units for civil servants almost completing.

Mwenda has since expressed confidence that before the end of this year, President will visit most of named new Districts in the province to commission the projects as he continues with his agenda of taking development to all parts of the country in an inclusive manner.

“We are happy that President Lungu’s commitment to duty, such as construction of projects across the country, is another significant achievement in reducing poverty levels among Zambians” Mwenda said


  1. I think the WHOLE country is Happy

    Well done PF for being happy for the Government

    PF is NOT Government

    Hate PF but love the Government



    • Ka mushota, how can you be happy when all this hanky panky is just cosmetic. Go to Twinpalm here in Zambia roads less than 5 years are damaged or should I say baggad. Go to town ships its all cosmetic bagad roads less than three tears old. The roads being created are as good lipstick…………temporal and sad story is majority of us Zambians are illiterate and when we see lipstick or perfume or face powder we get confused and think that all is well. Same with Zambia the roads we are seeing are face powder and lipstick nothing tangible….so where is PF or Government development.

    • This is the problem with some bloggers like you @Observer. You rush to insults rather than offer intelligent and feasible alternatives. Yes, the whole country might not be happy but the word is development is happening which is a good thing.

  2. I comme d the Government for this but have to ask, what employment is then available to local youth after this building spree is concluded. Also the pipo already in employment are the recipients of the new buildings.
    We need ongoing employment and long term employment programs to alleviate the high level of poverty in zambia.
    This is not me saying there is high levels of poverty it us on record published by reputable international bodies.

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