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Musenge using ‘Fake Youths’ to divide PF on the Copperbelt-Chanda


Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chairperson Nathan Chanda has accused Member of the Central Committee Mwenya Musenge of dividing the party on the Copperbelt.

Mr Chanda said PF youths on the Copperbelt, we want to put it on record that some fake youths purporting to be in support of the former Copperbelt Minister are not PF youths, not even in the structures.

He said Mr Musenge should come out in the open and stop playing hide and seek children’s game and state whether he is with us or against us and President Edgar Lungu.

“We have decided not to attack Mr Musenge as a Member of the Central Committee, because we respect our leaders. However, we are shocked that Mr Musenge has continued to show actions that are attacking the party leadership in a Tabloid that has given him much attention. The continued coverage of Mr Musenge in a private Tabloid is just meant to divide the party on the Copperbelt,” Mr Chanda said.

Mast Newspaper Cover
Mast Newspaper Cover

He said the rate at which Mr Musenge been covered in a private Tabloid is just damaging the party.

“We all know the motive. He is enjoying this coverage only to destroy the party and to the benefit of his own agenda.”

He said, “The nation should not be cheated by some fake youths who are showing fake support for Mr Musenge. If Mr Musenge claims to be popular on the Copperbelt, he would have won the elections in Chimwemwe constituency for the party. For now, we will wait for the disciplinary committee of the party to deal with his matter. We want to tell our youths not to be misled by the fake youths.”

He said the PF on the Copperbelt is very intact and behind the Leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

“It is shocking that the senior member who is now out of government because of his lose but is busy misleading the nation and the party membership. Let’s be fair, truthful and sincere to the President and ourselves,” he said.

“We challenge him to tell us what he did for the PF youths and the ordinary youths on the Copperbelt when they were in big offices. What did Mr Musenge do when he was Copperbelt minister? There is no project that the youths benefited. If he means well for the party, he can’t be dividing us.”

“As PF youths on the Copperbelt, we will leave it to the Central Committee. Mr Musenge should just come out rather than use the youths to cause confusion on the Copperbelt. As PF youths, we will remain vigilant and ensure that we protect the party from detractors. We therefore as youths demand that he should distance himself from these statements which has put the name of the party into public ridicule and contempt if is not involved,” he said.


    • Of course, PF continuing the obsession of justifying ruling party visionless leadership and governance with lots of finger pointing!

  1. I will rejoice to see PF00l split so that the evil dictator does not take Zambia further backwards. Well done Musenge.

  2. Mwenya Musenge is a loser with no following on the copperbelt.he made PF lose the Chimwemwe seat to a pro PF wonders what Musenge is trying to achieve.this is how many Zambian politicians destroy themselves.instead of him being loyal to ECL and contribute positively to PF,Musenge is busy being used by Fred M’membe whose daily aim is to fight PF.Mwenya Musenge should ask Miles Sampa,Dr.Guy Scott,Mulenga Sata,Simuusa,etc who were used by Fred M’membe in fighting PF in 2016.after they became useless,M’membe has now dumped them.he will soon dump Musenge after he is expelled from PF.

  3. Continue….
    But recall that its only PF which can win you a seat on copperbelt urban in 2021.popular politicians on CB such as Dr.Kambwili have distanced themselves from a political destroyer Fred M’membe!!SO MWENYA MUSENGE YOU ARE ASSOCIATING WITH M’MEMBE AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!

  4. No one needs needs to divide an already divided party. We have rbs pf vs satas original pf

  5. Njimbu, for your own information, the founders of PF are outsiders and marginalised as advised by Ruphia Banda. Some of us who contributed pounds and organising fundraising In UK have seen the worst form of leadership exhibited by Lungu and his associates. People used to say Sata is a dictator and we used to defend him because we had known him better and we knew what he stood for. The current leadership is worse and they struggle to distance themselves from dismal performance from reality. Musenge and Jnr Cobra are the only true followers of the Sata and enjoying the support from the grassroots. If PF is dumb let them start the fight against the two and the end is bitter for Lungu. In Bemba we say’ umusunga we shilu banwako elyo lipenene. ‘ people should eat whatever current…

  6. Musenge is a former Minister who lost to an independent Parliamentary candidate, For God’s sake on whose or which platform is Musenge agitating drive a divisive wedge in the PF? is he serving the interest of a dismissed Minister? We are yet to see transformation of some political landscape as others have gone into hiding.

  7. There you have it from the horse’s mouth. PF never did anything for the youths on the copperbelt. NATHAN CHANDA thinks he is demeaning Mwenya Musenge. He is telling us PF is useless as far as youths are concerned. Did he expect Musenge to use his salary for youth projects?

  8. Musenge is confused. When he was copperbelt minister who did he empower? ??

    Musenge was chosen by the president to stand as MP for chimwemwe constituency against the people’s wishes and the people voted for the independent candidate. . Musenge was greed who never even wanted to help his own friends. .
    Musenge is not a factor in politics stop wasting time on him.

    Expel Musenge from PF. . He was eating the money alone and now his a lonely man. If you won’t empower people no one will sympathise for you.

    In English they say be good on your way to the the top because you will find the same people when you are down

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