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Importance Of Engine Size In Choosing Your Car


When it comes to shopping around for a used car it is very important to know the engine size of a car as most cars are advertised with different types of engines. Understanding the variations between different engine sizes will help you to make an informed and solid decision, one way in which you can do that is by checking the CC capacity of the car. For instance we might find a car that is 1,990cc and another is 1,490cc – these numbers are indications of the sum of the displacement volumes of all the cylinders in the car or in other words the displacement volume of the engine. Therefore when buying a car you have to really pay attention to that as vehicles with higher CC tend to consume more fuel than those with lower capacities.


How to Choose the Best Engine Size for Your Car


To look at whether you really need the car or it’s a want that you are really satisfying is something but what is important is that the size of an engine will always affect your pocket and ultimately your movement with your vehicle. If you need a car to frequently commute farther to work, school, shopping etc., then it is very important to choose wisely a car that will not stress you much in terms of fuel consumption vehicles such as smaller, mid-sized and compact ones are very good when it comes to fuel efficiency while larger ones like SUVs are fuel guzzlers due to the fact that most engines that are in SUVs are meant to produce more power hence their CCs are higher. However production of cars is slowly changing to that of hybrid cars and crossovers, which are proving to be more fuel efficient and eco friendly than their later counterparts. You can view great options at BEFORWARD.JP.


As we all know the size of the engine often plays a big role on the fuel consumption of the car, it is always best to avoid buying one that will stretch your pockets as in no time you would want to get rid of it. If it’s something that you can easily handle and not complain about, then there are more options to choose from different shapes and models. And if you happen to be a city dweller it is very important also to observe the time period that you spend on the road hence it’s always best to find a car that you can use daily with low engine capacity to contend with city traffic apart from it also being small and comfortable enough.


Drivers who are consistently travelling through the city have many different hazards and criteria to deal with, and with gas prices on the rise once again, it leaves less money in your pocket and more financial potholes to fill up. Having a higher consumption car can be very hectic though it also has some advantages of space and more power. It is only right to look at the option of saving money through getting a vehicle that you can easily manage.


In conclusion, the easiest way to choose the size and type of vehicle is to normally address the engine question. It must also be stated here that smaller and lighter engines are cheaper to maintain as opposed to larger and heavier engine vehicles. With so many different types of vehicles to pick from, taking your time, figuring out what you require in a car to best meet your needs is the excellent and smart way to go. Visit BE FORWARD.JP for the best car deals in Zambia with any engine size.




  1. You are only talking about the power generated by the car? How does the CC of an engine after the power generated?

    • With the engine wide open I recognise a number of features in it that many people don’t even bother to know about when they ride their choice …

    • Do you have to undress women or show the yours when is ready..
      Just buy looks of car or its race.

  2. The author has not addressed the issue on the topic. I believe the size of the engine must also depend on the terrain. You cant buy a 900cc engine if you live in a farm area with a rough terrain because you want a low fuel consumption car

  3. An eye catching title but yet highly pathetic in content. Word of advice to the author: This is a highly technical matter that you are presenting to lay people. Learn to digest for your readership

  4. The Bias on saving money is a little too much. If you can’t afford gas then to some extent, you can’t afford a car. Power in a vehicle is not for showing off. It improves acceleration and gives you the ability to carry more (especially if towing). Good for rough terrain and up hill climbs. Maybe if gas money was an issue, it would make you think twice before making a trip you don’t need to make. Also, you can cut costs in other areas to free up money for gas.

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