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Eliminiting Hakainde Hichilema is not the solution to our problems as a country-UPND youth Leader


United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde
United Party for National Development (UPND) Youth Affairs National Coordinator has said that the transfer of Hakainde Hichilema with his five co accused of treason to a maximum prison when he is just a suspect and not a convict is a clear indication that the PF have too much hatred for Hakainde Hichilema.

In his statement unveiled to the media today, Ng’ona said that hatred in Zambia will not help the citizenry and accused the Patriotic Front of creating too much tension in in the country.

Mr Ng’ona alleged that Government only want to eliminate Hakainde Hichilema from politics and has since assured Zambians that if indeed Hakainde Hichilema is destined to rule, no persecution fashioned against him shall prosper.

Ng’ona who wondered why Hakainde Hichilema was today transferred to a maximum prison when he is just a suspect and not a convict said the UPND is not happy with the persecution of Hakainde Hichilema because it’s fake and only benefiting those that don’t have a heart for fellow humans.

“Seriously, should politics divide us this far? Why are the people at State House distancing themselves from this through that Amos Chanda? Isn’t Edgar Lungu the commander in chief or does Edgar Lungu want Hakainde Hichilema to accept that he is president and then come in to sort out the mess? Edgar Lungu is shooting himself in the head by trying to stay away from all the current happenings. Even a little child knows that Hakainde is at mukobeko because Edgar Lungu hates him with all his heart, mind and soul”

”Eliminiting Hakainde Hichilema is not the solution to our problems as a country. The wound is just getting bigger by day and the country is getting more divided because of having wrong people in high offices. In 30 days, the DPP might may enter a nolle but the question is, how safe is Hakainde Hichilema at Mukobeko maximum prison? Why should this country be run on hatred and not love? The manoeuvres of wanting to eliminate Hakainde Hichilema won’t solve anything”

“Let Edgar Lungu should show leadership as he pushes for recognition from Hakainde Hichilema. One of the steps to recognition is releasing HH and all political prisoners in our country. Then everything else will follow. Warning to all the youths in UPND, let us remain calm the same way we have been all along. Let us allow the DPP to do her job. And in due time we shall petition the office of Edgar Lungu so as to ask him to intervene in this matter with urgency. Lamentations 5 v 5 ‘ Our necks are under persecution: we labour and have no rest’”

“They won’t eliminate HH from politics, we know they want him to spend a month at Mukobeko. Our warning to them is that if HH dies before 2021 elections, his blood will be on all of them that are persecuting him. We leave battles such as this one to the Lord our God to handle and fight for us. Let each one of us UPND Youths remain calm and strong in these trying times” Ng’ona said


  1. Every profession has it’s consquences. If you are a Dr., more likely to be sued for malpractice, etc., etc. HH is a politician and imprisonment is part of being one. Well, it happens in Africa.

    • It ain’t the solution, wish they could learn from the current Nigerian conundrum or quagmire, the Nigerian government thought it was taking out a simple religious organization led by a dove hearted Yusuf Muhammed who was doing his affairs publicly and was readily available to negotiate with government by killing him mercilessly in the streets, but after his death his second in command shakau, turned a simple organization into a militant organization, i hope we have learnt enough from Nigeria.

    • UPND is worst enemy of its own destiny. The death of Mazoka followed by the unceremonious departure of Patrick Chisanga not forgetting the attrition mounted on late Kambela’s other deputies has left the party in dangerous drought of political thought leaders. There is nothing HH has learned in the 5-6 back-to-back attempts on ballot. You don’t insult a lion when your buttocks are still in deep waters. He insulted all institutions of nation state from the Judiciary to the Presidency while insinuating that there is neither a Government nor President and Chagwa is hopeless to challenge him. Really? Anger, bitterness and passion for anarchy can never build a village. UPND should have moved on, pitching it’s vision to Zambians across tribes animating support for 2021 instead of burning…

    • There is something very wrong with Lungu. Lungu is such a coward guy using State institutions to persecute innocent political opponents. Every dictator thinks he owns the world, but there`s a way that God deals with such evil leaders.

    • There is something very wrong with Lungu. Any leaders who uses State institutions to persecute innocent political opponents is not worth a leader. And every dictator thinks he owns the world, but there`s a way that God deals with such evil leaders.

    • Nubian whatever, you are a bombs talking filled with hatred fueled by Mumbi and chicken sacrificing Bwalya all from the same.

    • HH poked a lion.

      Why are the spectators acting ignorance what the consequences of this is ?

      I have a PhD



    • Senior Citizen: Your logic is flawed like many other people. The issue is the rule of law not emotions, about poking a lion. Under the law is a traffic offence treason? The whole world is dumbfounded about the happenings in Zambia. And if Senior Citizens can be so shallow and petty, then there is no hope.

    • Vision – Endangering a Presidential Motorcade is not a mere traffic offense. See things in their right context and do not interpret things to suit your thinking. The best thing HH should have done after the Mongu mess would have been to quickly apologize to the nation and ECL about what happened – but no, he is too proud to apologize to ECL and the nation. Edgar Lungu was riding in Eagle One, so even if you do not recognize him, respect Eagle One.

    • @ 1.9 Vision,
      Learn to break off from school yard politics and show the blogosphere some thought leadership. You folks have misled HH way too far all the way into this crisis. Yours are not politics , but schemes of self annihilation. Seemingly you don’t know that Acts of endangering the life of the Head of State and fragrantly subverting all institutions of nation state are not only Egregious, but treasonable crimes. there is no way HH would have continued to rave his highly self criminalizing conduct. We did our part to render free rebuke here hoping you could moderate yourselves. In return all we got were insults. You don’t play winning politics that way in a game that you need people support. Unfortunately ignorance is no excuse in judicial systems.

    • @Senior Citizen,
      So it was only the vehicle in which HH was that endangered ECL`s life? Was HH driving that vehicle or does the state suspect that HH gave the instruction to continue while the ECL motorcade was driving in parallel, unless they had an informer planted inside HH vehicle, this is not easily proved.
      I am curious when the case comes up, DPP must have really strong evidence, why HH vehicle was the only one picked up for endangering ECL life.

      He crossed the red line advisers, supporters and surrogates praised him for his stu.pidity. He is not found guilty yet. Take heart and realise that he is not the only fellow promising Zambia heaven on earth. We can do without him so far so good.

  2. When we told you that the mongu saga is serious,you thought we were joking.see now,you are begging Edgar Lungu the man you insult and call names refused to recognize him too.the love you are preaching now could have started in upnd by allowing Edgar Lungu whom ECZ declared as 2016 winner to rule Zambia in peace!!Edgar Lungu didnt declare himself as a 2015 or 2016 winner.was this very difficult for upnd to understand?look,Zambia U20 lost to Italy and a referee confirmed Italy as a winner despite other issues we all witnessed in that game.our U-20 team never rejected what the referee confirmed.this is what happens in a game just like in politics!!

    • 20 years ago in 1997, Chiluba sent kaunda to mukobeko on treason charges. RIP chiluba, you died a sad man while being prosecuted by the same courts you once presided over, shame. Meanwhile, Kaunda celebrated his 93rd birthday this year and remains a revered statesman. Such is life’s full circle

    • This is what the Penal Code says on treason;
      43. (1) A person is guilty of treason and shall be liable to suffer death who-
      (d) prepares or endeavours to carry out by force any enterprise which usurps the executive power of the State in any matter of both a public and a general nature; or…..
      (2) In paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) of subsection (1), “by force” means either
      (a) by force used in such a manner as, whether by reason of the number of persons involved or the means used or both, to imperil or be likely to imperil the safety of the State or to cause or be likely to cause death or grievous harm or serious damage to property; or
      (b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension that force will be used in such a manner as is described in…

    • (b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension that force will be used in such a manner as is described in paragraph (a).

  3. Continue….
    But since HH is our fellow Zambian,we wish him well in Mukobeko and High Court.We hope after jail,HH will repent and fire kaponya GBM as his VEEP.GBM purely taught HH street manners.ever since GBM became closer to HH,the upnd leader started behaving like Inter City co-boys!!SUCH A LEADER CANNOT BE LOVED BY MAJORITY ZAMBIAN VOTERS!!as for the DPP, I doubt if she will enter a nolle in this case because by now she could have done that.

    • TRUE, Carnicius Banda was more civil than GBV M. HH has extremely bad company, blind supporters included. What bluntant and appalling shame. We needed him for checks and balances but he deviated from the question political sense to the rebel stance, thanks to GBV M.

  4. @Hate mail:forget that wont happen in nature,many Zambians are peace loving people.Nigeria cannot be compared to Zambia.HH’s issue only attracts great sympathy in Southern then sizeable sympathy in western and n/western.majority people who live in 6.5 provinces are less concerned.When U-20 team was playing in South Korea recently,many Zambians cared more about the results for the boys than sorry “what is happening to HH”.That is Zambia for you!!SO NEVER MESS UP(BREAK THE LAW) WHILE HOPING THAT MY FELLOW ZAMBIANS WILL FIGHT FOR ME AS YOU WILL EVER ROT ALONE IN JAIL.
    Hence,always avoid being on the other side of the law as it doesnt know anybody!!look,Keith Mukata(the only upnd mp in good terms with PF Govnt) is behind bars today!!SO ALWAYS TRY TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS IN LIFE…

    • SIR Hate Mail – If you didn’t know, your response to Njimbu is what makes us Zambians!!!! You put your line of thought, Njimbu responded with a counter, and all you request of them is some respect to be referred to as “SIR”.

  5. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! I am 100% PF but this level of hatred is too much. Mukobeko is surely for convicts and not suspects! What kind of Zambia do we want to leave behind for our children? PF was not founded on principles of oppression. Us original members and founders of the true PF have trouble accepting this level of degeneration. These seeds of hatred our party is sowing will surely germinate and cause problems to future generations. If destroying UPND and HH has become our preoccupation, then we have lost it because when Zambians see the evil we are doing, they will regroup under a different movement that will restore order and dignity! We should never forget that before we became party members, we are first of all Zambian citizens! Party membership is not…

    • KK was a convict in Mukobeko? Did you say the same thing when KK was locked up there? There is nothing like founder or original member of PF – you are just a member like anybody else.

    • Who hates who? Did HH practice any element of love towards Lungu? HH called Lungu all sorts of names, is that not hate from HH? Is it only classified hate when it comes from one side and name calling called love when it comes from the other side!

  6. Party membership is not permanent. Ba Lungu, you have messed up this country big time. A walk through Manda Hill today is a sorry sight of what is coming. The upper shop spaces are all empty, no business! A citizen flight that used to cost us K500 is now costing K1,700 because of heavy taxation. Surely what is left for the citizen in all these schemes? Does PF honestly think there will be peace in this country should HH die in their evil hands?

    • I hope you realize that there are many Malls now in Lusaka and competition for business is tight. So, if Manda Hill still thinks it is still the only one in Lusaka then you are better going to remind them that there is competition.


    • KK the founding father of this nation stayed in Mukobeko as a suspect. Many other suspects have been to Mukobeko. What has changed. Why does UPND supporters call for Lunga to intervene. Who is Lungu to HH? and what powers has he got in such cases?

    • …the god according to your own understanding, not the God people know. Are you normal to accept that stupidity? Education has really failed you. No wonder you still believe in witchcraft.

  8. Oh sh!t, this is sinking too far. . . is this just to force recognition.
    Let us just take it easy and remain focused on real matters of context.
    As the saying goes, “Something has to give” and our people are watching.
    I really fear for the safety of our President for as long as he remains alive from within and outside PF after his presidency.

  9. Ba hh brot o this on himself. Actually us watching were wondering how far hh was going to take his hatred & subsequent unrulyness. We wondered were he was going to stop. Now we can c how far he himself has mnged to push humble pipo. The problem is that when EL didn’t say anything hh & his chola boy GBM thot chatulo. Here we r now. Ba hh if u cld read from last court appearance the spirit is breaking. Uluse! After 6 months he will put Jesus first. Ba GBM is on the run, like a thief. Next will b ba kambwili with the disrespect they show. Us we will just feel sorry fo them, & they will b in jail.

    • He even said Kampyongo was too small for him. The current situation is so unnecessary and could have been easily avoided with some level of respect. Or is it because some South African business associates gave him an impression that they could install him?

  10. We hope HH now realises the pain he caused on others. He has used people in his life to benefit himself, both in business a politics. People like Hon Request Muntanga died because of HH’s hate. We hope he can now repent and stop being double faced. Appearing humble outside, but evil inside. We pray for him.


  12. The simple fact is that no amount of intimidation or violence will weaken HH. The more the PF machinery torment HH and his co-accused, the more they reinforce (strengthen) HH’s strategies and ideas. HH and his co-accused have nothing to do inside correctional centers except engaging in critical and workable deep thoughts. HH is polishing various ideas and identifying his own weaknesses including those of his opponents. Incarcerated people are very innovative and clever individuals. Thus, even organisations such as the FBI urge its best operatives to study psychology and law post a PhD level. Maximum security prisons are the best universities for psychology, criminology or law post doctoral fellows who handle chronic cases. High risky inmates are highly intelligent persons and, they do…

    • Maximum security prisons are the best universities for psychology, criminology or law post doctoral fellows who handle chronic cases. High risky inmates are highly intelligent persons and, they do not necessarily require highest degrees to lecture PhD students in law. Hence, the majority of research-based highest degrees are conducted off-campus in natural settings. The real supervisor for a PhD or post-doctoral fellow is not a university supervisor, but the respondent who elicit obtainable data. That said, the holder (prisoner) of the much-sought after knowledge controls and manages collegiality. Hence, the researcher (post-doctoral or PhD fellow) is a student of the prisoner.

    • The pschy of the inmate or prospective criminal (offender) is relevant to solving crime. Hence, Psychologists or Criminologists come into play and collaboratively work with attorneys (prosecutors or criminal defense attorneys) as multi-disciplinary team. Recall that when a big school bully bullies little ones, the opposite subsequently happens in which the victimizer becomes the victim. This reflects what is going on in the western countries. Formidable Western armies were persecuting Arabs for a long period without any meaningful response. Such unprovoked persecutions reinforced the cause for “Alqaida, Isis or Dash”. The same can happen in Zambia and, it also happened in Libya. Respect everyone’s human rights. VIVA HH, and viva Zambia.

    • Ba Len Joe – So, in other words what you are saying is that what is happening to HH right now is a good thing because he will sharpen his political skills? Your statement, “Incarcerated people are very innovative and clever individuals” is completely devoid of any logic. If we took a fool and incarcerated them, would they come out as clever individuals?

  13. GBM is in Tanzania. He will but not hide. Make me understand, why is gbv running away. Does he know something abt treason case

  14. So foolish and stupid, in hard times that is when you start thinking of God the Almighty yet when things are in your favour you don’t think of God the Almighty.
    Let HH be hanged to death and remember God in a good way.
    Hang him hang him hang him hang him can’t wait for that pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pleeeeeeeeeeeeease time is running out for this full please.

  15. Humble yourself and respect people in authority, even Goliath was put on that throne for God to demonstrate his powers any disobedience you know what it took, what more with someone who was voted by the people and for the people, not only do you disrespect your President but you want to bring civil disobedience in a peaceful country like Zambia, in the name of democracy. Tell your people to behave you are not serving Zambia , you want to destroy Zambia. Tongabull denting the Tongas image Hetch Hetch. Africa twasebana.

  16. @Len Joe:stop ranting.jail life is hell.Dont cheat yourself that jail is making HH strong-never!!if you saw HH in magistrate yesterday,you would agree with me that HH is fed up with jail life as he looked very tired and lost.nobody can stay in jail for more than 60 days and enjoy it!!HH HATES EACH DAY HE SPENDS IN JAIL-THIS IS THE FACT!!

  17. I warned you several months never to twist the tiger’s tail. All treason suspects must be kept at Mukobeko just like Dr Kaunda and others underwent. You just don’t listen. Law is law and no one is above it.

  18. Zambia is fast degenerating into another Zimbabwe and Uganda …all in one.Abuse of colonial laws and abuse of power is not the way to go.

  19. Note the thinking of donkeys:
    1. “One of the steps to recognition of Edgar Lungu as President is to release HH”. Wasnt that the status before U5 got himself locked up?
    2. “Edgar Lungu should show leadership”, show leadership as what?
    3. “Isnt Edgar Lungu Commander in Chief”? Really? Can someone be Commander in Chief if he is not The President?
    4. “Surely should politics divide us this far?” I thought that UPNDonkeys and U5 should have been asking themselves that question.
    5. “In due time (sic) we shall petition the office of Edgar Lungu to intervene in this matter with urgency”. Really? Petition what office? In what capacity do you want Edgar Lungu or “his office” to intervene?

    I told you esteemed citizens of Zambia that UPND are donkeys, do you still doubt me the…

  20. I told you esteemed citizens of Zambia that UPND are donkeys, do you still doubt me the whole Terrible? What more proof do you want?

    • Keep quiet, you low life. I doubt whether you are a human being. Donkeys are even handsome than you are. Look in the mirror carefully and notice your ugliness. Your heard is as ugly as your face.

  21. Very dumb! No one is eliminating Hazaluza Hagain. Under Five Card does childish stuff that makes him be where he is. This government has been very tolerant but he grows big headed each day.

  22. Opposition leaders in Zambia and their supporters are a joke! They don’t know how to fight with substance! No wonder they have a disease called “Ignorance!” They hid their Under Five Cards and when they went to Under Five Clinic they couldn’t be vaccinated against this dangerous disease! Supporters such as Ba Nervous also carry the trait! Wow!

  23. The way I see it, with all his foolis.hness, Chief donkey is finished as a politician. Who will trust him after his costly stu.pidity? If he now admits that Edgar Lungu is THE President of Zambia, he finally enters the dustbin of politics, and he has all but admitted from the look of things….kikikikikiki….UPNDonkeys, if only you had listened to advice you would not be in this mess, and more important we could have saved you from becoming donkeys.

  24. What flawed reasoning. Because KK and others were kept at Mukobeko as suspects, then it is right to do so to any other person? An injustice is an injustice. It does not become justified by the numbers that have been subjected to it. One of the most astonishing trends and retrogressive on any account, has been people here on this blog and a few others at large, justifying the primitive politics of the PF. Are you for real, or you are so enmeshed in feeding from Lungu’s crumbs falling from his banquet table that you are either blinded by the same or have chosen to be selectively ignorant? Some bloggers here are representative of the unthinking compromised elements that are used as or acquiesce to being the blocks to progress and civilisation.

    • You are absolutely right, the level of ignorance and the deficit in logic is beyond comprehension. Its not surprising, some of these people are not just bloggers but are paid up individuals working in the system and writing the misinformation they do is what puts food on the table, they are just as much victims as HH is as they have to play the masters tune Surely in this age and time, how do you get humans rejoicing in the inhumane treatment of another man by the misuse of the very systems that are meant to protect citizens. No one is denying that the law need to be applied but everything should be within the confines of the law and not to fix our opponents. Its this selective application that shames anyone who has got any sense of justice and morality, but then the logic of tribalists…

  25. I remember HH categorically stating that the men in uniform were under him and the OP always briefed him on what was happening at State House. Was all this some kind of bravado to impress us on how great the man is.

  26. I have read on Zambia Reports about Mutinta Hichilema’s the story there.Mutinta is shocked seeing how Zambians are just watching HH suffering in jail.according to her,she wanted Zambians to fight for HH,how?
    Madam Mutinta,Zambians are just watching HH in jail because he is not popular.upnd overrate him!!This also confirms that your HH is miles away from plot one.besides,no normal Zambian would want to involve himself in HH’s fights with Govnt.he has to fight it with his close upnd members who would benefit if he became Zambian president-simple!!YOU WANT US TO DIE OR BE JAILED FOR THE SAKE OF HH?MY FOOT!!HH is safe at Mukobeko.moreover,he is innocent until proven guilty by our courts!!!SO MRS HICHILEMA RELAX!!

    • It’s just the nature of Zambians, they will never fight even if it was the other way round, meaning Zambians would never fight for ECL either.

  27. It’s folly to expect Edgar to order the release of HH at this juncture. The action would implicate him of complicity in the arrest of HH. The only out is either for HH to win the case or to be pardoned after being convicted and sentenced.

  28. I‘ve read the MAST EDITORIALS trying to get some sense out of them but all am getting is just total confusion and chaos in the minds of UPND cadres. The MAST editor writer claims that PF wins elections by stifling or suppressing opposition. But I‘ve never seen PF stifle or suppress the opposition in anyway. In fact majority of Zambians are saying PF is too tolerant despite being pushed to the edge by UPND. How do you tolerate people just burning houses, markets and blocking the Presidential motorcade anyhow by UPND and if the culprits are arrested you call it stifling? Which right thinking President will tolerate such barbaric behavior? Why haven’t other parties been arrested like FDD, UPP, MMD or Green Party? Is it not madness and jealousy by UPND to go all over the shore, like headless…

  29. Shut up iwe ka Ng’ona. Let me ask you one question. If HH was the President of Zambia, would he just tolerate anyone going about burning houses of innocent people, markets, shops like headless chickens? Would he just allow anyone to block his presidential motorcade with impunity? Please answer me iwe ka so called Provincial Youth Chairman. And you still claim that your HH is innocent. Is this what you call innocence or you are just so dull that you can’t differentiate between wrong and right or between a villain and a hero? Are you a Chumbu munshololwa?

  30. There’s no suppression of freedom of expression. The fact that you can spill all sorts of filth on the President is enough evidence. The Post closed itself by failing to pay statutory obligations.

  31. Njimbu AND OTHERS – was it good to keep KK at Mukobe? You seem to be so drunk to think that since KK was kept at Mukobe then it was fine. If it was why did it take Julius Nyerere to intervene and put him (KK) under house arrest?This intervention was done because it was not proper to put the old man at Mukeboko full stop. So stop using this as a reference point.
    We have a history of very successful political prisoners which Hakainde is. I will only refer you to Zambian former prisoners – Kaunda has been in prisons during colonial times and of course under chiluba. Chiluba himself has been imprisoned before and finally Michael Sata was at Chimokaila for more than 40 days. This is a trend. I don’t know why but nature knows.

  32. ndanje khakis – kikikikikikiki. Are you Mumbi Phiri or Frank Bwalya? No sane ordinary Zambia would think that there is freedom of speech in this country. As for the post, I can attest that it was political. There has never been a liquidation in this country that has attracted government attention so much with state security camping at the post premises and at home of Freddy. Surely this is very difficult to hide and please have some sense of shame. We also heard Edgar during campighns promising that he was collect taxes but the only taxes he has pursued are those of the Post.

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