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President Edgar Lungu scheduled to travel to Uganda for Nile Basin Summit


Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
President Edgar Lungu is scheduled to travel to Uganda to attend the Nile Basin Summit from June 22nd to 23rd this year.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba says the special invitation to attend the Summit is due to the important role Zambia has played in issues of migration and refugees.

Mr. Kalaba added that the invitation also demonstrates the confidence that leaders within the Nile Basin have in President Lungu.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said Government will use every opportunity to accentuate the Country’s prospects for good relations and regional integration.

Mr Kalaba was speaking to journalists at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.


    • Lungu is going to consult his fellow murderous dictator. The African tri-axis of evil of Mugabe, Museveni and Lungu is reminiscent of that of Hitler, Mussolini and Japanese Emperor. These dictators must go, must fall.

  1. Now that Dictator Lungu has incarcerated HH at Mukobeko, he is seeking further instructions and advice from Dictator Mu7 on how to consolidate his Dictatorship. While Lungu seeks to imprison HH for a long period the Zambian Economy will collapse without the $1.6billion Loan from IMF and Western Donor Aid. Without the IMF Loan to refinance the Eurobonds Zambia will default on its debt next year.International isolation and possible Economic,Financial and Travel Sanctions loom. Which way Lungu?

  2. @ Zulu. Zambia is a Sovereign Country and can survive without Western Financial Assistance including the IMF. Zimbabwe was slapped with Western Sanctions but has survived for decades and President Mugabe is firmly in power. In fact, in spite of his age at 93 yrs old Zimbabweans love Mugabe their leader and are likely to re-elect him for another 5 yrs next year. Western Sanctions have failed to work in Zimbabwe and will not work in Zambia. Zambia has plenty of resources to develop its Economy so It can go it alone and survive. IMF,EU and all Western Govts can go to hell with their money. Our all weather friend China will give us money after all they have Trillion Dollars in Foreign Exchange Reserves.

    • @ Mushota, you are talking out of your A.S.S.! That was exactly what Mugabe said when he told people about his “Look East” policy.

      And TODAY there are THREE MILLION ZIMBABWEANS that are only just being kept alive by the World Food Program donations of basic food!

      Mugabe can survive with Western sanctions, but the people of Zim cannot. Ask the other THREE MILLION that have run away from his dictatorship!

  3. I did not think we can have people admiring Zimbabwe in its current state. If you want to see how Zimbabweans are suffering, come to Zambia. They sleep at stations, go round selling sweets. its a sorry sight.

    • Very soon, there will be more Zimbabweans outside Zimbabwe than inside. Those who remain are ones who cannot get out or those who are eating with Mugabe. The bus that killed 45 people was full of Zimbos coming to Zambia to polish cars in car parks and sell sweets on Zambian streets. There’s nothing to be proud of Zimbabwe or learn from the crapped out Mugabe.

  4. By the way, China says they will think twice before assisting Zambia after you arrested their nationals without convincing evidence

  5. The end justifies the means. Lungu’s objective is to consolidate his hold on Stolen Power and HH has been blocking this strategy. Lungu thinks he has got HH at Mukobeko Prison which is what he always wanted to do. Now he can cage him there or kill him and finish off politically. Lungu is seeking advice from Mu7 a fellow Dictator on how to proceed and consolidate his hold on Power. Uganda in spite of Gross Human Rights Violations still receives IMF Loans,Western Donor Aid etc. The incarceration of HH is threatening the $1.6 Billion IMF Loan and future Western Financial Assistance. Lungu wants some advice from Mu7 on how to out manoeuvre the West while keeping HH in check. To Lungu the Economy is Stupid and what matters is to hold on to Dear Power.

  6. @ Jay Jay Low. The suffering of Zimbabweans is not Mugabe’s concern. He is in Power in spite of that suffering among Zimbabweans and come next year Mugabe at 93 years will rig the Election again and continue to Rule Zimbabwe until he dies. This is what Lungu is emulating. He wants to finish off HH and Rule Zambia with an Iron Fist until he dies. To Lungu that is the Primary Objective and the Economy is stupid and all Foreign Lenders and Donor Aid can go to hell. Thats how Dictators think and operate.

    • The Zimbabwe national budget is only about how to pamper and protect Mugabe. At least 60% of the budget is about Mugabe’s State House. There’s nothing for salaries for civil servants. Cops who don’t collect enough bribes at road blocks will starve.

  7. Zambia and the nile basin have nothing in common. We do not know what the problems are with the nile. What is the summit all about? River Nile? Why spend money attending a summit we are not even remotely concerned about? Bonkers!!!

    • Vasco de Lungu is on his travels again! Collecting money allowances and staying in five star hotels! While Zambian taxpayers have to live in poverty to pay all his bills!

      Even though he has no clue about the Nile Basin, even where it is!

      What a joke of a supposed “president” !! This clueless clown should be in a circus, not state house.

  8. Last week Esther was in Uganda Elo next week alungu will be in Uganda. Why sanalindile Esther mukwele ndeke imodzi kansi ? Mungo ononga ndalama.

  9. Lungu s wife was just there. Stop cheating us that your going for govt business there. You Re doing Rupiah Banda tricks on the Nation

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