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UPND’s attempt to secure a Court judgment against Speaker is a recipe for bad Governance-Bwalya


Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has said the recent attempt by United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament to secure a High Court judgment to restrain the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini SC from punishing them for boycotting President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s address to Parliament on March 17, 2017 is a recipe for bad Governance.

He said the failed attempt points to how the UPND would compromise the principle of separation of powers between the three arms of government should they form government.

Bwalya noted that good governance demands strict respect for the separation of powers and autonomy of the three arms of Government namely Executive, Parliament and Judiciary which he doubts the UPND would respect.

He said it is absurd that the same MPs would attempt to make one arm of Government to prevail by stopping another arm of Government from exercising his or her lawful authority when the UPND MPs and their leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema are on record bemoaning the alleged attempts to compromise the autonomy of the three arms of government and state institutions in general.

Bwalya stated that the attempt the UPND MPs to restrain the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini SC from punishing them for boycotting President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s address to Parliament on March 17, 2017 is indeed a recipe for notorious bad governance and chaos in Governance system.

“It is not different from an instance where the head of the Executive, the Republican President decides to direct a judge of a competent court in our Republic on what judgment to come up with”

“Given the foregoing, it is not farfetched to conclude that if UPND were in power they would have been putting pressure on the Judiciary to get judgments in their favour in straightforward matters such as the one at hand. It is for reasons such as this one that many Zambians shudder to think of UPND in power”

“Zambians have not forgotten that the same UPND lawmakers who went to court apologized for boycotting the opening of Parliament by President Lungu”

“They even promised not to repeat the behaviour. Therefore, one thing that is not in doubt is that the UPND MPs knew that they were doing something wrong by staying away from President Lungu’s address to Parliament. As such, it is baffling that they went to court to secure a judgment to support their wrong doing. This points to a serious lapse in the reasoning of these lawmakers.”

“Finally, we wish to remind the UPND MPs that as lawmakers, Zambians expect them to have a better understand of issues. Zambians don’t expect them to seek the protection of the courts over an indisputable wrong” Bwalya said


    • The whole world knows that UPND would make the worst government in the history of governance world over.

      No one like UPND as a party and no one wants Hh in plot one because he falls short of presidential material in ever sense.

      HH will go down in history as the most celebrated incarcerated ever losing opposition leader.

    • Bwalya what do you expect from under5s. The best we can do is to stop talking about them. If you ignore a crying baby it stops crying on its own and falls asleep.

    • @Munone, you wrong statistics is an indication that you just speak from without. @Nubian and Oval Head, if HH is headless and an under 5, why is H.E Inferiority Complex Lungu begging him to be recognised? Some positions should be left to people with the right mental aptitude.

    • Mushota get a life. Bwalya is not person to support. He is a possessed former priest who will be punished by God for speaking for the evil

    • @Munone: PF are the worst government Zambia has ever seen, Lungu is not leader? he is so weak that he has made his ministers / cadres mess up the country. I am very disappointed with him a younger lawyer behaving like uneducated people? For sure you cannot Compare HH with him, Lungu cannot ever Rear-chickens nor keep a Dog?? what do u expect from such a person? No strategy. Now this Sinner Bwalya is talking about Governance? Please stop mocking Zambians.

  1. We also haven’t forgotten that PF ministers have not paid back what is due to us for having stayed in office illegally.

    • @1,2,3 and 4 mulifinangwa bonse kwati mwaonkele kwi bele limo,what about the money pf ministers continued receiving after parliament was dissolved,we dont hear these people in pf bringing it up unless it has to do with hh then every one dinning with feels obliged to comment regardless of his capacity in the party,nefibantu kwati imwe ichalo chalifika kwisa.

  2. This guy speaking, is he the same guy who failed to be a priest, Sata gave him a second chance and put him on the Zesco board where he failed again. So surely where is the moral authority, a failure should politic sure

  3. PF and UPND, the worst parties to have appeared on the Zambian scene. One in government – lamentable failure. one outside – not promising

    • Don’t talk about Mushota, this person the brain did not develop to its fullest. How does she say Zambian men are dirty and yet her father is Zambian? No skopo.

    • Mushota talks and behaviours like wild animal. Not sure which embrassing university gave him the PHD

  4. Frank Bwalya described Michael Sata as “chumbu munshololwa” . Now he is a darling of PF cadres. Times have changed!

  5. Kikikikikikiki separation of power, comedy at its worst. Ask Amos Chanda who threatened the judiciary if that is not interference of the worst kind. The courts you fuuu are there to provide checks and balances against any arm of government.

  6. “Expected to have better understanding of issues.” I can’t agree more. What goes round in a politician’s mind really defies my imagination. Is it mental breakdown that one keeps speaking contradictory statements, or is it a culture of men without integrity? We are in for a chaos of times.

  7. How care when we all know that PF is full of liars and thieves. Why didn’t the transfer of HH go through the court of law if you are law abiding citizens.
    Frank Bwalya is 100% like Judas Iscariot.

  8. Frank , just try Lusaka Open University and learn basic law in constitutionalism. Can I remind you that the courts reversed the arrest of Freddy Mmembe by the the Legislature (Parliament) when it misbehaved and behaved like it was a court in its own right.Who nullifies the seats in parliament? Is it parliament itself or the courts of law? We should then be saying that parliament should disobey nullification of all the seats by the courts of law because that amounts to interference among the arms of government. But ulichikopo iwe. Teti ulande blown na led. Are these the people representing us?

  9. I think Nevers is 100% Judas not Bwalya.. If ba Nev was given a ka job he would be singing a different song.

  10. Chicken sacrificing Fr. Bwalya. You should one day explain the reasoning for having sacrificed that poor chicken in Luanshya.

  11. Fr. Bwalya you need to remember the functions of each arm. The legislature enacts the law and the courts interpret the law. There is nothing wrong with the MPs going to the law courts seeking an interpretation of the laws governing parliament. In our system, parliament is not sovereign but subject to the constitution.Our system is different from that of England where Parliament is sovereign because they have no written constitution.

  12. Each time i see this guy speak, he reminds of the phone conversation with chishimba Kambwili, where the later says, “Umuntu ngafuma kubu patili, balapena”

  13. When did this guy know anything about good governance to speak to Zambians the way he is speaking? What a country!

  14. The competition for space in PF continues, because Sunday Chanda issued a statement the other day, today Frank Bwalya has to issue one. These two will be bewitch each other

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