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CEC urged to rescind its decision on limiting power supply to the mines

Headlines CEC urged to rescind its decision on limiting power supply to the...

NATIONAL Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) has asked Copperbelt Energy Cooperation (CEC) to rescind its decision of restricting power supply to the mining companies in Copperbelt province.

NUMAW President James Chansa says the power utility company should first consider engaging the affected mines before it effects the move to restrict power supply to the mines.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chansa said during a press briefing at the NUMAW Secretariat in Kitwe today, that the restriction of power supply will have adverse effects on the workers and will affect economic development of the country.

“There is a strong indication from CEC to the mines that they have intentions of cutting power to the mining sector. This move will affects the country’s economy. Zambian lives will be affected adversely by the move,” Mr. Chansa said.

He added that Zambia’s economy is dependent on the mining sector hence the best way to resolve the matter was to engage both parties to dialogue and find an amicable solution that will ensure that both parties benefit.

“Our advice to the supplier of electricity is that they should engage parties involved. They union received the news of cutting power with shock. If dialogue doesn’t work we appeal to government to intervene and help find a solution since they are partners,” he said.

Mr. Chansa has since appealed to government to intervene in the matter adding that the mines have just recovered from the shocks that saw the reduction of copper prices on the international market.

The NUMAW President pledged that his Union will continue working with the government of the day in ensuring that affairs of the country are run smoothly especially if they involve workers.

Recently the Utility firm increased its tariffs to meet its operational challenges a move that has affected operations of most mines and its suppliers. Mopani Mines PLC has to this effect refused to pay the new tariffs and has consequently taken the matter to court

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    • The CEO and ECE are enemies of Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s government. We actually that they are proHH. Hopefully the pf govt is fully aware. This is when the mines are trying to recover and them CEC comes in with this tariffs think? The govt should consider disappointing the current CEC Chairman and the CEO.

    • Comment:
      Zambian Eagle
      UPND Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM has this morning been acquitted on all accounts, in the Kitwe Magistrate court.
      GBM was arrested at the height of elections last year on fake charges of slapping a street vendor and damaging property worth K500.

  1. I don’t like this story because I don’t understand it.

    I want to know how HH is doing.

    CEC can do all they want to Zambian people I don’t quiet frankly care about them.

    My quest for change ends with Lungu being re elected in 2021.



  2. Mushota 4get about hh. His life is lost. He will never recover what he has lost in 4 months. The guy is suffering in vain. He needed to plead guity in yesterday’s trial so that the big man frees him but the route he has taken is a long one to complete. Imagine all those 8 witnesses to testify against him means the case will drag beyond 2018 including preliminaries which shall arise.
    The big man is very ready to pardon him on Christian day 18th October or independence day

  3. A few interesting facts about CEC: the Executive Chairman, Hanson Sindowe, is a key financier and supporter of the UPND; Charles Milupi, was part of the management buy-out team that bought CEC from ZCCM and was one the major shareholders of CEC. Just thinking aloud!

    • Also thinking aloud: Mopani is part of the crooked Swiss empire of Glencore that is superwealthy from exploiting third world countries. They should just pay up. Copper is now at USD6,500/t. They can afford the increased tariffs.

    • Where were you when Zesco which feeds Cec increased tarrif charges,let your mismanaged Zesco supply the mines directly if its Mr Sindowes name that is troubling you.

  4. The mining companies are playing politics. ZESCO the source of power for CEC has increased the tariffs. The price of copper has gone up. But the mining companies want to maximise their profits at the expense of CEC. Let them just start paying the increased tariffs like everybody in the country.

  5. Why should they mines not pay their bills like everyone us…now they have started sending their workers home so the short sighted govt gets involved. Pay your bills like everyone else!

  6. @Facts. True to that, this move is likely to be politically motivated. I thought so too. All those people u just mentioned are UPND allies.

  7. UPND is the only political party willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent Zambians for a mare Political gain.
    No Heart for the people of Zambia what so ever. It is influenced and supported by Capitalists, who profit comes first and people last. Zambians open your eyes see what u are supporting blindly.

  8. The problem is in Zambia mines are worshiped too much, whenever these companies running mines threat the government indirectly by laying off workers you bend to their knees, wake up Zambia.

  9. The NUMAW President must realize that CEC too has employees to pay. How is CEC going to keep jobs for its employees if Mopani refuses to pay the correct tariffs? Everyone is paying so let Mopani pay.

  10. If a common Zambian miner pays tax from the little money that these mines offer them,what can stop them from paying.if they say they want to lay off workers…because of the so could cost saving,let them start with these foreigners,,,,so could expatriates getting huge sums of money for doing absolutely nothing.than laying a poor Zambian who gets 2 kwacha at the end of the month.

  11. This story was published last night today at 10.34hrs it has only 147 views and I’m the 16th person to comment!

    I think Zambians are not interested in development issues, even when it comes to the maize floor price very few people comment or read about yet these are the real issues that will affect us directly and indirectly- if CEC cuts supply this will result in layoffs and less production at a time when we should maximise! But if it was a story to do with insults in politics and corruption, murder amongst married couples, witchcraft you would see over 500 views plus over 50 comments!

    Muchinje guys!

  12. The average Zambian shouldn’t subsidize profit making private enterprises. For all I know there is no profit sharing arrangement with the mines, neither is there a cost sharing arrangement with the Zambian people. Let them pay the commercial rate for power. If they think they can make huge profits using subsidized inputs then Zesco should reverse the tarrif adjustments the made. Next month zesco is doing another upward adjustment to the tariffs, it’s not sustainable for the poor zambian to be subsidising a corporation making millions of dollars. Let them pay. They should stop arm twisting tactics with the governement.

    • @ Dr Chaos Theory “The average Zambian shouldn’t subsidize profit making private enterprises….”

      Like PF CORRUPTION and STEALING in Government? Like a useless bloated Zesco with political appointments that increase costs and deliver LOAD SHEDDING? Is that the ” profit making private enterprises” you are talking about?

      At least the mines produce COPPER.

    • @Dumdum, specifically the reference was with MOPANI, who want to continue buying power at subsidised rates. Generally, you can extend the argument to all those non-performing quasi-government organisations like ZESCO and Zamtel. For other sectors despite them continuing to provide dismal service, subsidies would have to continue to prevent a complete social meltdown, such as health and education.

  13. “From those that do not have, even the little that they seem to have shall be taken away and be given to those that have!” Why should we, as domestic consumers, continue to subsidise these profiteering multinationals? We are paying the revised rates, why shouldn’t they? It is imprudent for someone to suggest that these mining companies should be exempted from the revised tariffs. In any case, KCM, Lumwana and others are paying the revised tariffs! What’s different about Mopani Copper Mines, apart from their inefficiencies? Should we continue to pay for their ineptitude?

  14. What is this Useless Union yapping because The Minister of Energy has actually commended CEC and Zesco for implementing the new tariffs to the Mines saying ordinary Zambians will not subsidise them…He said Government will not be arm -twisted by these mines that was during a press brief earlier this morning…

  15. Post was closed because of not paying tax to the government. last time Mopani swindled the Government up to today nothing has happen. Mopani should just pay I’m poor Zambain electricity tariffs is higher than mines.

  16. These are the issues those who like demonstrating should do so for.Why should ordinary citizens be subsidising these big companies. If there’s time to tell these mining investors to go where electricity is cheaper it’s now because you can easily bring in new investors .

  17. if you do not understand how power is supplied to all the mines ask you will be told .the implications is the entire power grid for mines starts from maposa feeding luanshya,nkana.muf.chingola,chilis and all those that was being managed by then zccm including northwestern mines.so the mistake was to fail to run the so called by then power division by the mmd ,hence those who had the capacity like a mr sidowe and his co-partner a mr milpi took achallenge and to day you want them to compromise?they are doing business ,its not politiking and it requires no govt intervention.and it should not surprise you all they belong to the group you say they will or shall never rule zambia,what a situation.

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