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Only President Lungu has power to end threatened state of emergency-Lubinda

Headlines Only President Lungu has power to end threatened state of emergency-Lubinda

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says President Edgar Lungu will decide whether to declare another state of threatened public emergency after 47 days.

Mr. Lubinda says the National Assembly has no powers to make extensions because the decision lies with the Head of State.

He explains that the extension of a state of threatened public emergency will require the President to invoke article 31 which will again be tabled before parliament for approval.

The Minister of Justice was speaking at a consultative meeting for National Civil Society Organisations on the state of threatened public emergency.

Meanwhile Mr. Lubinda has called on the police to continue operating under the laid down rules and regulations during the state of threatened public emergency.

And Speaking at the same event YALI governance advisor Isaac Mwanza condemned international media organisations for misinforming the globe that a state of emergency had been declared in the country.

Mr. Mwanza has challenged the media to be factual in their reporting and avoid sugar coating facts.

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    • Mr laz mwanza the misinformation of the media was started by your president Linda. She is the one behind those lies because she is upnd sympathiser.

    • Rotten governance System and constitution … which has only been made to look good by the docility of its citizenry

    • Hooo so that Emergency Thing still active. Seems just another reference point to citizens not obeying their PF leader.

  1. Citizens who want peace and an orderly Parliament now have low moral and low confidence in the ability of the Judiciary, Criminal system and especially DPP’s office. The Police didn’t even enter evidence in a case……a case dealing with the Office of The President, imagine!

    I never thought I could ever say this……….and it’s sticking in my throat…..; even Nchito in all his errors at least gave government better protection when they were still friends! Only his penchant for violating his personal enemies lead to his fall.

  2. Law association of Zambia representative Isaac Mwanza? What a farce! Sugar coating? You must be blind to see the levels of dictatorship in Zambia. Even though niwako niwako amwanza! Fintu finangu fileta nasoni.

  3. Zambians need to know how the Courts will resolve the fate arrested arsonists awaiting trials. These men of wrong acts cannot escape the long arm of the Law through political trickery.

  4. Birds of the same feathers flock together!

    Can someone tell me if there is at least one of those 17 African heads of state and former heads of state who attended Paul Kagame’s inauguration ceremony on 18/08/2017 in Rwanda who is not a dictator, a totalitarian, an authoritarian, an autocratic, a tyrant, an assassin, a serial killer or criminal in any way in their respective countries?

    Amani mahoro Peace

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