Police stop prayers for HH , summon pastor Kangwa


Pastor Kangwa Chileshe Addressing Journalist
at Lusaka Central police

Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri has summoned for interrogation Pastor Kangwa Chileshe, the convener of thanksgiving prayers on the release of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and five others who were charged with treason.

Police have since surrounded the Cathedral of the Holy Cross where the thanksgiving prayers were scheduled to take place at 14:00 hours today.

The City of Refuge Ministries and other ministries had announced a thanksgiving service following the release from a four-month detention in jail of UPND leader Hichilema and five others who were charged with treason.

However, hours before the thanksgiving service, Phiri summoned Pastor Chileshe for questioning at Central Police.

Armed police also were deployed to seal off the venue of the proposed thanksgiving service.

Yes, it’s true, I have been summoned over the same thing; the thanksgiving meeting at 14:00 hours. I got a call from Central Police, from the Lusaka Division commissioner [Phiri] saying I can’t go ahead with that prayer meeting because I didn’t consult them, I didn’t get a permit from them and secondly because I didn’t write a letter and seek approval from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

So I told them that ‘I can’t do that because this is a prayer service [to God]; it’s not a political rally.

Should I ask for permission for a church service? Which law requires me to get a permit for a church service?’ So he has summoned me to go to the police station, I am actually getting ready to go there, said Pastor Chileshe who is currently still being questioned by police.


  1. Wow!!! Ouch! Chankalipa kwena! Never seen such levels of idiocy in my life. Getting a permit go to church. Sure mwebantu?

    • @Kachepa, I agree with you…this is a WOW moment! Unbelievable! I think the police are just trying to provoke a violent revolution. How do you put conditions on how, who and why people pray? This is idiocy of the highest order!

  2. Anyway, we all know, HH is Seventh Day Adventist, so who are these Ministries? The City of Refuge Ministries and other ministries?

    Is it like a cheap Media campaign for their ‘Ministies?’ The argument that they not political is ridiculous, after all they are dabbling in Political matters.

    • Ask Pastor Chileshe how people he has evangelized to and how many Christians he has edified? This Pastor was a prospective UPND munali candidate in 2016 elections. Compromised man of GOD (Gold).

  3. Must we deprived the priviledge to pray for our leaders, and to thank God for the release of one of them from prison? What kind of headline is this going to make around the world?


      Must we be deprived of the priviledge to pray for our leaders, and of the right that is ours, to pray to and thank our God for the release of one of them from prison? What kind of headline is this going to make around the world?

    • Was it God involved in the corrupt release of hh. That girl Scotland corrupted the judiciary to have hh released and you’re mentioning God in that dirty dealing.

    • This system of blaming the president for anything useless is becoming a big problem in Zambia. Let us remember that the president is supported by able minds in this case the Police Commissioner. Clarification should be sort from this office and not jumping to the office of the presidency. The incompetence of one man should be treated in isolation.

  4. There is really no need to hold prayers for a Masonist. Pastor Kabanana please tell HH to first turn to God before the UPNDonkeys can vote for him !

  5. This was just a simple way to welcome back those 6 men who suffered for nothing. So stopping of th proceeding was unfair!

  6. Why didn’t they stop them when they were praying for HH’s release? Just a thanksgiving prayer meeting you need a police permit!!No wonder some people are calling Zambia a ‘police state’.Come on, people we can do better than this. I thought the embarrassment we suffered in South Africa last weekend was bad enough to make us distinguish wrong from right

  7. Lets just pray for our mother zambia what’s happening this days we have not experienced in our generation,may be during colonial time.if something is not right lets condemn it,we should stand upright,honest.

  8. The police have done the right thing; the UPND thugs would filled the church and it was going to be turned into a political gathering and PF thugs would joined too – more trouble. The Pastor himself, together with his team could have not managed to control gathering, hence the need for police presence. The Pastor could have gotten some huge offering but may have not escaped the violence. Wrong timing Pastor Chileshe; you can pray for the leadership (Gov’t & opposition) even in your closet and God will still answer your prayers. Matthew 6:5-6
    God bless Zambia!

  9. …so if the upnd cadres come in numbers in solidarity of their leader, the other group (PF ofcourse!!) decided to come near, a scuffle breaks out and people are injured, would you say the police are wrong???

  10. He should have convened a meeting to pray for the whole nation and political players. I am a Christian, and can clearly see the malice behind this pastor and his friends.

    • Is it as malicious as when you pray for the president? Think before you utter rubbish baba! And don’t bring in Christianity into this. You are quite definitely NOT a christian! A Christian who can stop others from praying for other leaders other than the ones you worship! Get thee behind me satan @Nzelu!

  11. This is EVIL! What type of police officers are these? But I’m sure he had orders from someone higher up. People this is getting ridiculous! How do you stop people from gathering in a CHURCH? And the guy sends armed police to stop people from entering a cathedral? Never in my life have I seen this level of calumny! It seems that police leaders are full of evil spirits (ingulu) and they are practicing open satanism in their decision-making. WOW, just WOW!

    • Refer to article 31. Mind you it’s still in force. Christianity is law. If you can’t obey the law then you need to question your Christianity. As hh about law been an sda he will tell you the same unless he has totally backsliden.

  12. Basis of my argument:

    Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.”

    Why would such a meeting be wrong?

    a) HH was caged on treason allegations emanating from a political hub,,therefore, the church organizing thanksgiving service for a presidential aspirant is like God’s flock coming together for a matter say involving Shaka of the Zulu Tribe Vs a rival from the Ndwandwe Clan. Definitively that would be political.

    b) The Church should embraces both PF and UPND members and I DOUBT IF SUCH A GATHERING COULD ATTRACT OTHER CITIZENS OTHER THAN…

    • Dude, give it a rest. You are possessed by a legion of evil spirits. Your “argument” doesn’t hold water and you have no locus standi in this issue. Even a fo.ol can tell that you are biased and childish. We have a right to the free exercise of religion…and to gathering together for the expression of the same. If people want to pray for Mr. Lungu, no one molests them. Why should it be different when it is Mr. Hichilema? Go for deliverance first before you come and make lame excuses for these evil police officers.

  13. Lock up the conveyors and ban their useless ministry. This idiocy of provoking people when the majority of Zambians want to get on with their lives, should be curtailed. Why don’t they pray for these people during their usual sunday prayers and not advertise. I surely would lock up these walkers, if I had the power.

  14. The motives of some Church leaders make us wonder if they are a newly evolved species of OSTRICHES that bury their heads much deeper in the sands. Yet Zambians are still reflecting on the spates of arson and destruction of Zesco installations. If well known lawyers who are supporters of an opposition have sprung to the defense of arsonists, could this entail an admission that such acts of sabotage were planned and implemented by the opposition party, or was it sheer thirst for business in legal matters? Some Churches must be sensitive to the plight of our people whose goods were set on fire at the Lusaka Market and some who perished at the hands political cadres.

  15. Our zambian leadership is a total mess, busy moking God, police busy being used as tools of hatred and division with just just peanuts as allawances, if the police can fight for their salary hike, they wouldnt be used like this any how… they wud know whats right and whats wrong…. sick!!!!

  16. Is this what christianity has become,pastor we have not forgotten that you almost stood as a candidate on the upnd, so what you trying to organise is purely a political gethering and as such you require to get a permit or inform the police,its law,even at church we do imform the police,mwilabepesha Lesa mu fya bushilu fyenu .

  17. No need for those ‘prayers’ the pastor is partisan and goldy and not GODLY.
    It is cheap campaign . Pastor heal the wounds !

  18. The church is supposed to be the light to both UPND and PF etc. When politics are mixed in church, one is courting problems. Pastor Chileshe preaches to both PF and UPND members. How will PF members look at him when they see him frantenizing with UPND cadres? ” When do we get permission to conduct a church service?” Really Pastor Chileshe? You call celebrating HH release from prison a church service? No wonder the police stopped you. You think they are F.O.O.L.S! You are pastor Chileshe a UPND cadre!

  19. Pastor chileshe.How do you convince us that the meeting was not political as it involved thanking God for a criminal who was let loose.Dont hide in praying to God when in fact you have churches into political organizations.Prove me wrong.Many of you clergymen take advantage of the trust won from followers to enrich your political bias.I think you should have been the ones uniting people but you are not different from the very politicians you are opposing.Choose between politics God.

  20. Believe it or not, the police acted correctly. I am an observer of mob psychology. This gathering could have sparked violence – in the cathedral!!! We have witnessed scuffles at funerals. The problem is cadres. The pastor, who reads the Bible frequently, should learn from the children of Issachar: they knew seasons- hence timing is important!

  21. What I know is that any gathering zip must imformed and must know what is going on. All clergymen knows that law.what we know is that even overnight meeting zip are imformed so pastor is a chileshe is pretender and crook .He was rejected by upnd standing standing on their ticket in munali constituency .I strongly believe that meeting was political rally in name of church.

  22. politics must be left to politician along and not in church, we should not mix up. how will people think of you holding a thanks giving service for HH? ARE YOU A UPND SUPPORTER or a PASTOR for all congregants regardless of there political party affiliation. I doubt you motive pastor, instead of championing reconciliation, peace and unity you want to start dividing again….only God knows the motive behind the service..?????

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