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New National Food and Nutrition Commission Board unveiled

Health New National Food and Nutrition Commission Board unveiled

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has appointed a new Board of Directors at the National Food and Nutrition Commission.

This is in accordance with the provisions of the National Food and Nutrition Commission act, section four, Chapter 308 of the Laws of Zambia.

The newly appointed Members are:

a)Dr Jabbin Mulwanda-Permanent Secretary in charge of Health Services in the Ministry of Health.

b)Mr Stephen Mwansa-Permanent Secretary in the Officer of the Vice President;

c) Mr Julius Shawa-Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture;

d) Ms Monica Musonda-Chief Executive Office, Java Foods and

e) Mrs Nsama K Mayowe-Principal State Advocate, Ministry of Health

Dr Chilufya has further appointed Dr. Jabbin Mulwanda as board chairperson and Ms. Monica Musonda as Deputy Board Chairperson .

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Dr Maximillian Bweupe, said the calibre and diversity of the new members reflects the grave importance that Government has attached to nutrition in Zambia.

The board will, in the spirit of the 7th National Development Plan and National Health Strategic Plan, have the onerous task to drive policy reform in food and nutrition, which is a key tenet of a healthy and productive nation.

Dr Chilufya has exhorted the board to craft policies that will promote good nutrition and curtail micronutrient deficiency and Non Communicable Diseases.

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  1. Thus is in order and necessary for the country. Focussing on health and nutrition is a logical direction. You can’t fault PF in this term.

    But… Is Ms musonda’s Java Foods, Zambian or is it Indian? We have been worried that since IMF talks slowed, there is a tendency to bring in undesirable dangers to immigration.

    We want Zambian to grow Zambia.

    • Found Java’s web page. Looks Zambian….

      What I couldn’t establish from the FAQs page;

      Does the products contain Mono sodium glutamate for taste improvement?
      Since when was noodles Zambian fare?
      Do those small packages suite large Zambian families?

    • How can someone running a failing noodles business such as Monica Musonda add value to the Board of the National Food Commission. This is another hegemonic Board like all others that have shamelessly been appointed by PF.

    • Typical Zambian mentality: P.H.D.-Pull Her Down syndrome!! Monica is just a successful young Zambian businesswoman who is just getting it right. She’s has a degree in Economics and experience to boot. What is wrong with a minister appointing a young Zambian who is capable??? In Zambia we fear success and become superstitious when someone works hard and succeeds. This is the attitude hindering economic success and we always want to blame the government when we ourselves are hugely to blame. Congrats Monica. You are an inspiration to our future generation of girls (my daughter included)!!!!!

    • A very notable omission is the lack of representation from the FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT of THE SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ZAMBIA. There is not even someone from NRDC where nutrition is also taught.

  2. It is better to think positively, businesses start small before they become corporate. So even that Monica Musonda can add value to the Board. Want matters are ideas someone has to bring to the table. Small businesses here are actually the big employers.

  3. Too many permanent secretaries on these board, chances are that these PS’ sit on five to six boards. I have no problem with Monica

  4. Increase the number of women on this board. Women are the best natural nutritionists. Consider also that mother running the university opposite UNZA.

  5. The formation of the entity is good ,may be zambians will improve in good eating while it has been quite shameful when most of zambians are under nourished people look as if the are ill.
    It is good that the govt has come up withis initiative to improve the nutrition of the food people consume.

  6. Why not appoint that Dr who did a country wide study on nutrition in the late 1990’s???? Is it because he is retired? I believe he can add value

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