Another Zambian production hit DStv’s Zambezi Magic



Four distinct villages share the water of the great Zambezi river. A crisis among the four villages is brewing because of one Chief Nshimbi who has selfishly erected a barrier across the great river to make a dam for his people. Meanwhile, Chief Nshimbi is about to host a flawed dancing competition for young men in the four villages in which the winner would also marry his daughter Kasuba.

What Chief Nshimbi does not know is that his independent minded daughter is in love with the stubborn son of Chief Mumba in the next village. What Chief Nshimbi does not also know is that one of the contestants coming in the competition is his believed to have died in a croc-attack, the versatile son Kayula, now renamed Mwisa from Nkana village.
Secrets of certain past events, fly back with a vengeance to disrupt the order of things among the tribes of the great Zambezi river.

An intriguing story of secrets, deception and love. Cotgrit is coming to Zambezi Magic screens from 2 October 2017!



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    VAUPUBA FIX ZNBC.. one ka production and even put mu news paper muzinkalako serious.. We are being surpased by Botswana TV which started not more than 15 years ago.. bulimbushi

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      @One Zambian, you need deliverance from the ‘boma iyanganepo’ syndrome. Show us what you’ve done in life!

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    Another one season production like Njila and Fever. Why are they looking and dressed like they are performing mu Nigerian movie? Zambia kuwayawaya chabe

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    This is good. But why is it that most of our Music appears to be infiltrated by alien sounding instrumentation_ Whether Gospel or Worldly Music starts with some Instrumentation and again in the Middle of singing appears this same Instrumentation. Is it about the New World Order of doing things. Some Lyrics sound obnoctious. Even our famous Chipolopolo song done in remix by some Jazz Band has some strange concoctions and infusions encripted in it. We want to go back to the old style of doing Music in a serious manner. Some music World wide has some computerised insults infused in the instrumentation. I remember one guy in the past who tried to treat someone else with his music but failed to treat his Fathers Mental illness. Is it not Hipocrisy? Ati bakolwe basekana ifipato.

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    Cotgrit. What a title! Maybe it has s meaning in one of the Zambian languages. Or is it like the naming of our is it musician that leaves you wondering? The point is – let’s evaluate things before we they are done.

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    Looks interesting. Any help on how one can access Zambezi Magic channel from outside the country?

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