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Kambwili to “spill beans”on Amos Chanda’s alleged corrupt deals

General News Kambwili to "spill beans"on Amos Chanda's alleged corrupt deals

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he will on Saturday disclose details of corruption involving State House Spokesman Amos Chanda.
Mr Kambwili said he will on Saturday tell the nation the truth about Mr Chanda’s alleged dirty corruption.
“I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget because you have lost fear and your now stealing as though this is your personal to holder country. Your friends at state house have sold you out because of your arrogance,” Mr Kambwili said.
Mr Kambwili demanded that Mr Chanda explains to the nation where he who is just a civil servant with no business acumen has gotten the money to build all over Lusaka.
“You will hear from me soon. The picture (attached) shows Amos Chanda’s luxury double story villas located behind Nyumba Yanga market,” he said.


    • We are sick of the ‘Corrupt and tell’ (synonymous with ‘kiss and tell’) that is going on between these political prostitutes. JUST SHUT UP ALL OF YOU AND BE HUMAN AND WORK FOR THE SUFFERING MASSES.
      Kambwili shut it!
      Lusambo shut it!
      Amos shut it!
      Milupi shut it!
      Musenge shut it!
      All of you shut it! I don’t wanna hear it anymore, sick of it!

    • but kwena these fools. why do you steal and just build houses. why are you so dumb. why cant you steal and give back to the nation while making a fortune at the same time. Steal money and have a proper plan like opening up a good juice making company from our local fruits and veggies. take our avundance of pineapples and make a facory for selling dried pine apples internationally, or pine apple juice or canned pine apples. you will employ a large mass of people in the country. nomba imwe pa pumpwe, you steal and you go and buy range rovers and build houses so that the same people you have stolen from wont even afford to pay rent for your villas. so you building for whom kanshi? europeans again? dull zambians.

    • buti these f.o.o.l.s. why do you steal and just build houses. why are you so dumb. why cant you steal and give back to the nation while making a fortune at the same time. Steal money and have a proper plan like opening up a good juice making company from our local fruits and veggies. take our abundance of pineapples and make a factory for selling dried pine apples internationally, or pine apple juice or canned pine apples. you will employ a large mass of people in the country. But with you guys, you steal and you go and buy range rovers and build houses so that the same people you have stolen from wont even afford to pay rent for your villas. so you building for whom then? europeans again? dull zambians.

    • Go Kambwili…Go
      Expose these people, and may the law take its course on whoever is in involved. ACC should start to act. Lock them up, and I don’t care whether its PF, UPND, CK, etc. I just want something to start happening to reduce this massive corruption in Zambia. There is literally, nothing for service, everything nimuchekeleko.
      The corruption levels need to be reduced. And politicians need to be warned now, not to take Zambians for granted.

    • I hate so much when people like Kambwili suddenly pretend to be suddenly holy and become champions of goodness in Zed when they are caught out and chased from government. Why did he not spill the beans then??? GBM did the same. Soon the chap will join UPND with pomp and splendour and start cheating us that he is not corrupt. and the opposition will ululate…pathetic politics in Zed. We shall never develop as a country like this.

    • Kambwili please do spill the beans. Cut them down one by one till the trail leads to Jonathan.

      These politicians are building these classless massive structures everywhere.

      But be careful and have protection around you as you have made a lot of enemies. The corrupt brigade might decide to silence you once and for all. I pray you remain safe until every single one of them is jailed. BTW, if you did steal yourself, I pray you get jailed too…in the same cell so that you can nyenga each other in those cramped cells.

      Stay blessed baby Cobra.

    • Kambwil: Saying you spill the beans later is like a cat wearing a neon sign or blowing a trumpet warning the rats of their impending doom. Just spill the beans already and see what the ACC will do. There’s prima facie evidence that Zambia is under siege from criminal govt gang. Make sure you have hard evidence that even the ACC can’t evade.

    • Please spill the beans we are so tired of these thieves they should all burn in hell. We lost my grandma because the hospital did not have meds…meanwhile these corrupt thieves are becoming wealthy every day..

    • Are those luxury? If blockwork and concrete is what is known as luxury in zambia then let us all stop construction because everyone is corrupt! Anyway I will wait to hear what the corruption is all about in detail. Please tell us how much Amos has stollen from the Country and not how many deals he has cut for himself! I personally need to know how much was stolen from the Zambians so that I can measure the impact on my life because of that theft of National resources. I don’t want to be told that Amos made a deal with a contractor or whatever! I want to hear what and how he has stollen from the national treasury so that he can be punished!

    • @KALASA, I was in Zambia this just ended summer and I saw corruption and stupidity left right and center in Zambia and I do not want to be a part of it. KITIWAYAPYA! THERE IS CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE in fact corruption started from ‘here’ but it has been scaled up ‘here’. If I was to be engaged in corruption in Zambia, next time I am in the ‘stupi.d nice’ country, I would turn ECL into a beggar, Mutati and RB would have no shoes, Dora Siliya would go back to Addis Ababa drive. Let’s just blog in peace and stop this finger pointing. Very soon OJ Simpson will join us in the blogging fraternity. Let’s welcome him with open arms. I am sure the guy wants to join us having left this world to be in confinement in the mid-90’s. KALASA SHUT IT!

    • What we need to see is justice being served justice normally works on a first come first serve basis, this fat BULLY FROG (NOT BULL BUT BULLY) stole first so let justice deal with it first and the other issues will be dealt with after.

  1. As usual Facebook reporting. The other moron Saviour just wasted our time with his so-called ‘Mother of All Corruption’ Press Conference where he was addressing Facebook Journalists. You guys should do better that this. Yes we know that money has been looted but the approach you are taking of just using Facebook is so so childish.

  2. Come on you guys that structure is just bricks and cement.
    It hasn’t costed him more than K100k. As a Civil Servant he can even get a Mortgage of over K1m


    • Ba Ken the monthly repayment for a K1m 15 year mortgage in Zambia is over K16,000. I am afraid that amount can not be accommodated on a civil servant’s salary.

  3. It not enough to name and shame the corrupt characters in government by these brave men whose stance should be commended. (Chishima should lauded for being a turncoat to expose the rot that this government has been up to, even if he once belonged to the rotten system in the past). The clowns must also be prosecuted. It is interesting that the boss has remained suspiciously silent in the wake of the damning revelations. His fingers are deep in the honey jar. Kambwili should continue to expose this vermin!

  4. Hon Kambwili stripped down most of the rail line on the copper-belt especially Luanshya, Kitwe, Chambeshi and Chingola and sold them as scrap metal in South Africa. I have evidence and a video footage paying me and my colleagues.

  5. It is good that Kambwili (sometimes called Dr. ) has jumped out of the boat and is revealing all these state house shenanigans. This of course does not exonerate him from his own corrupt activities.

    He was a senior government official a few months ago and he must be aware that it is a criminal offence NOT to report corrupt activities to the ACC , that he is alerted to or aware of.

    He is part of the “bunch of petty thieves” in suits looting the fiscus, plundering our resources and leaving the next generations of citizens heavily indebted. You will ALL be judged harshly by posterity.

  6. Kambwili just spill the beans. Do not give so many warnings (it is being dull and it is dangerous in politics) unless you want to negotiate for something or you want to excite Zambians. Criminals can be dangerous – just go out and speak. No pre warnings bamwaiche imwee.

  7. Now raila odinga has pulled out of the rerun elections and caused confusion in Kenya. These opposition are a let down indeed. Just upto wasting national cofers and denting the reputation of the country. If you can’t win an election simply give chance to others.

  8. Corruption is the mainstay of lungus government.. …even IMF were just being diplomatic not to say that was the reason for their refusal ……

    If you want to see corruption just look how lungu is avoiding investigations into why Zambia paid 42 million on fire trucks that cost in the region of 15 million.

    Lungu pocketed $5 million from that corruption deal….

  9. These criminals lack creativity in their stealing if there is such a thing. Why build all these houses and flats you dummies!!! Why are blacks so obsessed with visible symbols of wealth???
    When governments change, which they will at some point, how will you account for these properties?
    Be creative dumb f*cks!!!


  11. Corruption is in the DNA of all human beings; corruption is everywhere. It only differs in the way it manifests itself in different contexts. Some forms of corruption can even be beneficial if one for example uses his kickbacks to construct a factory that earns a country foreign exchange and employs thousands of jobless youths. In African countries like Zambia unfortunately, we have more malignant forms of corruption where you have someone using money earned through corruption to construct villas, and buy expensive cars and whiskies.
    If Kambwili wants to win my heart, let him not be carried away with exposing others because he is not that clean either. He will only win my heart if he articulates his vision of a 21st Century Zambia.

  12. Mutobe ilibwe nga tawachitapo ifi, you claim to be holy but you are running away from your………. even deep down your heart you know that you are more like the people you are calling names, just because they have closed all the holes you were milking from and now you want to pretend to be holy shame!!!!!!

  13. I don’t know whether Amos is a thief or not but to “he has no business acumen ” is the dumbest thing someone can say about another person. Kambwili removed the railway line between Luanshya and Ndola, can you call this business acumen? Maybe.

  14. Kabwili is contesting to become poorer than he is now. Go on and smear mud on everyone but one day you shall have to be answerable to your ramblings. It is not good as an MP to see wrong things being done to the system and keep quiet. Were you waiting to be set aside before putting that whistle between your lips?

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