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Lusaka City Council has shut down 25 business houses

Economy Lusaka City Council has shut down 25 business houses

Lusaka City Council Head Office
Lusaka City Council Head Office
Lusaka City Council has shut down 25 business houses for failure to comply with the Liquor Licensing Act and the Business Levy provisions.

The 25 business houses were closed during the operation which started on 30th September, 2017 to ascertain compliance levels to business regulations in Zambia.

Of the 25, 13 shops were closed for operating without licenses contrary to the Local Government Act 281 of the Laws of Zambia; Business Levy Regulations, 2011 (SI 70); while six bars were shut for late closure contrary to the Liquor Licensing (Permitted Hours) Regulations, 2012 and the other six were home shops closed for allowing clients to consume alcohol within their premises and for trading in liquor without liquor licenses.

During the same exercise, 12 suspected under age bar patrons were apprehended and handed over to Zambia Police for possible prosecution.

The council will continue to carry out random operations in its quest to restore sanity in the city.

Lusaka City Council is concerned with the levels of lawlessness which have characterised business operations in the city and will not sit idle and allow the situation to go unchecked.

The operations will not only be restricted to checking on adherence to business levies and licenses, but public health issues, noise pollution and other public nuisances.

Lusaka City Council, just like any other local authority in Zambia, is mandated by the Local Government Act Cap 281 of the laws of Zambia and other pieces of legislation such the Public Health Act Cap 295, Business Levy Regulations, 2011 (SI 70) and the Food and Drugs Act Cap 303, to protect members of the public.

The Lusaka City Council hopes that the closure of the 25 business houses will serve as a deterrent measure to other business houses to put their houses in order by formalising their businesses with the council.

Meanwhile, Lusaka City Council has intensified public health activities in townships affected by the outbreak of Cholera to prevent the spread of the disease.

The activities include regular inspection of food outlets and other public places, waste management and collection, public sensitisation and distribution of Chlorine.

Other activities are water and food sampling, contact tracing, burying of shallow wells and disinfection of hot spots.
The Council is also collaborating with other stakeholders, both public and private, on how to mobilise resources to fight the outbreak of cholera.

The council is therefore appealing to residents of Lusaka to observe high levels of hygiene and avoid buying ready to eat food stuffs from the streets.

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  1. Good for us, too bad for the “business” owners. As usual, very soon we will hear them saying “boma ilanganepo”…. this is how we feed and take our children to school…. Typical!

  2. You have offended Jonathan, someone will get fired for shutting down Shebeens in Lusaka. Do you not know that Jonathan conducts his business from there? Eish, you are brave. I see treason charges against whoever decided to shut these premises down.

  3. It’s really sad to see how the power of the law is dwindling these days. Talking of liquor trading licence, is there even such a thing really when you can find beer being sold almost everywhere you name it in babar shops, grocery stores, on the streets are you telling me that all these have licences or something is just being ignored here.
    Please we seek urgent attention from the relevant authorities before this gets out of hand.

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