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Misapplication of funds has continued to rise, Auditor General’s Report shows


The Auditor General’s Report on the Accounts for the year 2016 shows that misapplication of funds has increased from about 28 million Kwacha in 2015 to about 162- Million Kwacha in 2016.

The report has further revealed that unaccounted for Revenue has increased from about 500 000 in 2015 to about 3.7 million Kwacha in 2016.

The Auditor General’s report has also shown that unaccounted for Funds has increased from about 190 000 Kwacha in 2015 to about 380 000 in 2016.

According to a statement issued to media by Head Public Relations in the Office of the Auditor General, Ellen Chikale, unretired Accountable Imprest also increased from about 12- Million Kwacha in 2015 to over 17-Million Kwacha in 2016.

Ms Chikale has observed that although unvouched Expenditure have reduced from about 3-hundred 50 Million kwacha in 2015 to about 1-hundred and 70 Million Kwacha in 2016, it is still the highest ranking irregularity for the period under review and continues to be an area of high concern for the Office.

She said there was more collaboration between the Office of the Auditor General and Controlling Officers.

Ms. Chikale said a lot of issues were resolved during the audit process and because of this a number of Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies (MPSA) have not been cited in the Report.

The Report contains ninety (90) paragraphs consisting of seventy four (74) paragraphs on audit matters whilst sixteen (16) paragraphs are on other matters which remained unresolved as at 30th September 2017.


    • “… a lot of issues were resolved during the audit process and because of this a number of Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies (MPSA) have not been cited in the Report.”, SIMPLY SAID the 162- Million Kwacha IS NOT A FINAL FIGURE. WHY is the auditor Office not giving us a full picture and releasing partial reports?
      And we are reading 2016 report now, I bet we will be blown away once 2017 Report comes out sometime in the year 2019…..
      At this rate, we will never know the exact level of misappropriation of funds before 2021 Elections…da.mn.
      By the way, what is a “misapplication of funds”? Call a spade a spade

    • Where is so called Senior Citizen to give us a speech surely if this was the stocktake or audit of your company a lot of workers would be out of the door…this is unacceptable, only a soulless imbecile would not get a lump in their throat read the above!!

    • Where is BR Mumba? Is this the Enterprise you daydream about …these figures have been raising year on year last year Felix told us he will put a lid on this but nothing has happened.

    • When you have Kleptrocrats in power this is exactly what you get. They say without shame “nidalama zanyoko?” or “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”. They have no idea how everything is connected. The concepts of taxes, accountability, standard of living being part of one chain is alien to the them.

    • While you are clowning around, Zambia is being brought to its knees by the corrupt PF and Jonathan their captain. Even Kambwili’s stealing cannot rise to the level of the “humble” leader who is in effect a vicious thug! Once the PF are out of power, it will be necessary for the country to start afresh! We will need to put in NEW systems based on integrity, rule of law and honesty! These PF systems are all corrupt and useless!

    • Dora Siliya is quite and just eating in silence. She know Edgar is fake and a Liability who will cartel her stay in Government. No wonder she conveniently says President Mutati. She know Chaima is the gravest mistake the gullible Zambians have ever made.

    • Well if this is not proof enough for chakolwa Lungu to act on corruption then there wont be any evidence sufficient enough to persude these dull PF characters to act on corruption.

      Its such reports that IMF looks at when deciding to bail out a nation. IMF is doing a good job refusing PF any help because it wont get dime out of it.

  1. Every one has realised its time to steal. No one is watching. PF = corruption, abuse of office, misapplication of funds, debt, etc

    • Really laughable…You have put Monkeys and Rats to oversee storage and secruity of the grain silos but are suprised when grain is depleted every week even when the door is firmly locked.

  2. THIS NOT A BIG DEAL , VERY LITTLE AMOUNT OF MONEY ITS ACCEPTABLE TO HAVE SUCH SMALL ERRORS UNLESS WE ARE TALKING OF BILLIONS OF KWACHA BUT JUST MILLIONS OVER A BUDGET CLOSE TO us$24billion? well done our leaders, i see accountability being tight, than in MMD WHERE MPOMBO WAS JAILED FOR FAKE RECEIPTS OF zk20M and faked accommodation fees in Chipata, where no room can cost such much

    • You are dancing even when you read that the figure has gone up from 28 to 162mil, can you get it that it is a huge jump?
      Are you one of them, now you can fake more as long until the figure reaches billions, that’s when you will realize its bad, right?

    • Lazy Bum Lungu is so consumed with power now that he is even warning and reminding his Concourt Stooges who gave them that opportunity …Zambians need to wake up and make our institutions more independent.
      Zambians wake up from your docility!!

  3. We keep seeing misapplication of funds increasing instead of reducing it’s because we have not invested so much in the law enforcement agencies. we know our problems and how to solve them but we are not serious.

  4. What do you expect when you reckless empty tins managing the funds…i mean who buys a Scania Fire Truck for $1 million and sees nothing wrong with that or contracts a loan for $1.2 billion to build a road.

  5. This publication has become a joke…you might as well just close that AG’s Office instead you give that Office powers.

  6. @ANYOKO
    These are not errors this is fraud. Out right theft of public. This is the reason why they keep borrowing and the loans disappear in thin air. This is not also about enforcement this about obeying the law first . In Zambia the leadership is in the forefront of not obeying the law ,overriding or by passing the internal controls over the government finances. The moment this leadership begins to obey and respect the law that is the time this fraud will begin to unwind.

  7. It is disturbing that some of you are taking this lightly. These are ‘debased’ amounts. As such, they are huge and shocking, in spite of the fact that we have seen these reports year in and year out and nothing has been done or anyone been meaningfully prosecuted. This is wanton despicable theft from the nations coffers by those entrusted with authority and who are meant to use the resources for the benefit of all – especially the most vulnerable and marginalised. Is it a wonder that community, health and educational services are a mess? Do people think about how far all this money would go in services and investments in the economy that would alleviate the tough livelihood most people are going through? I say time and again that the biggest culprits of all, are those that can do…

  8. One Zambia One Nation…. you can steal and kill whatever you would like to do as there is NO law and order in the country…
    thats why we are going down hill fast……….
    its a free for all country….welcome to Zambia

  9. zambia needs female president ecl and u5 are just the same.

    a vote for u5 is vote for gbm

    imgagine gbm at statehouse

  10. The issues raised by the Auditor General are very serious gentlemen. We have to make our government accountable. But in Zambia we are have the attitude of I don’t care type that’s why there are so many Audit queries NO one question them. Let take keen interest in these things and put our leaders to task.

    • Ulichipuba iwe. I know you are a paid shill for the corrupt PF but please spare us your unfunny one liners! You are the people that stink up the country with corruption.

  11. Sugar quoting terms like “misapplication of funds” “unretired accountable imprest”. Please call it as it is… theft of the hard earned money deducted from the Zambian worker in form of tax period….

  12. Ni Dununa fye, with a drunken “Mfuko” thieving Jonathan Chakolwa Pombe in the driving seat.

  13. Somethings needs to be done if Zambia is to make any headway in terms of development. How can we manage our God given resources when everybody in leadership seems to be corrupt and don’t care (It is like we’ve given the resources of the country to thugs and expecting them to manage them well and take good care of the rest us). Pls Root-out this animal called corruption, else Zambia will soon be like Nigeria, where corruption is legalised. Psalm 33:12. God bless Zambia!

  14. This plunder has been going on with successive governments. The sentence which is given to offenders is a joke. Look at Kapoko’s sentence. This offence should carry a maximum prison sentence for offenders.

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