The Kiss of the married woman that eventually scattered Mugabe’s kingdom: A lesson for all men

Robert Mugabe with wife Grace Mugabe
Robert Mugabe with wife Grace Mugabe
Robert Mugabe with wife Grace Mugabe
Robert Mugabe with wife Grace Mugabe

It’s difficult to piece together what is going to become of Zimbabwe after now, however history gives us a peek at the key actors in the drama currently playing out.

Now, this is the story you dont’t know.

Mugabe the deposed President of Zimbabwe, Constantine Chiwenga the Head of the Zimbabwean Military and Mnangagwa the sacked Vice President of Zimbabwe are all friends, very good friends, they are comrades. The three men were in their 20’s when they entered the bushes and took part in the liberation struggle to free Zimbabwe from white rule. Mugabe who was initially the Sect General of ZANU PF, became the head of state, the other two men were equally given plum positions of power and have continued as the 3 musketeers presiding over the destiny of Zimbabwe for 37 years.

Sometime in the 90’s – Mugabe, the first musketeer fell in love with his personal secretary who happened to be another man’s wife at the time, the lady’s name was Grace and she became his mistress. While Mugabe was still married Grace had children for him. In 1996 they became man and wife after the death of Mugabe’s first spouse.

But Grace was no ordinary mistress turned wife, she was not ready to take a backseat, she turned herself into Mugabe’s political confidant, she used the bed and made her way to the very centre of Zimbabwean politics straining the relationship between Mugabe and his two comrades.

Mnangagwa the 2nd musketeer after many years of loyalty became Mugabe’s Vice President in 2014, paving the way for his eventual hold on power should Mugabe retire, resign or die. But Grace had other ideas she wangled her way into ZANU PF’s politburo and began her move to take out Mnangagwa and take power from her ailing husband.

In August 2017 Mnangagwa accused certain persons in the party of trying to poison him and made references to Grace. This didn’t go down well with Mugabe, how could anyone accuse his beautiful harmless Rose flower. What Mugabe forgot was that boys are allowed to fight but the brotherhood must stay strong and united. In a move that shocked everyone (but didn’t shock his beloved Grace) , he removed Mnangagwa from the position of Vice President, Mnangagwa not sure of what Grace will do to him fled to South Africa.

Now, in comes the 3rd musketeer Chiwenga Head of the Zimbabwaean military, a friend and brother of both Mugabe and Mnangagwa, “this is all the fault of one woman”, he is probably thinking in his mind, ” we were one until this woman came. I trust Mnangagwa to takeover, I don’t know this woman; by the way, where was she when we were sleeping in the bushes before the liberation”.

Chiwenga sends a warning to Mugabe advising him to put his house in order, the first time he has ever spoken this way to his senior comrade. Thinking Mugabe will take the signal, call him, negotiate and talk things over a cup of tea. NO! Mugabe does the exact opposite, he sends his Minister of Information to tell the Army General to stay out of State matters, Mugabe then finalises plans to sack Chiwenga. The military chief at this point knows his brother and comrade in arms has drunk deep from the strange woman’s bosom, it’s not him speaking anymore, so he rolls out his tanks early this morning. He’s therefore right when he says,”this is not a coup” ; when you really look at it, 3 friends have only fallen out over the ambitions of a woman.

Latest report? say Mnangagwa the 2nd Musketeer is on his way back from South Africa, i’ve just seen a report he’s been installed interim President. The 1st Musketter Mugabe is under house arrest. The 3rd Musketter is in the saddle promising calm and quick elections. The 3 men have held Zimbabwe under lock and key for 37yrs, this is nothing but a change of baton. Zimbabwe needs a real revolution out of the hands of the veterans of the liberation struggle. In the 21st century Zimbabwe is the frozen out Animal Farm in George Orwells celebrated work.

Meanwhile the woman Grace, who started the whole katakata, I hear has fled the country leaving her beloved husband who sacrificed everything to face an uncertain fate.

16 million Zimbabweans could not remove Mugabe but a woman did.

Mama was always right when she always told me, “son – be careful who you fall in love with and eventually marry”.
A lesson to all men.

By Ata Ikiddeh


    • So now you are going to blame a woman! African men need to learn and embrace responsibility if the continent is to thrive. The writer of this article is a degenerate who has never been kissed.

    • There appears to be a parallel between what has happened in Zimbabwe to what almost happened in Zambia second wife to MCS was as ambitious as second wife to Mugabe. But for CHRISTINE KASEBA it was too soon she had not been at State house for very long with Sata to pull it off. Grace was there for too long and she started dreaming dreams a bit above her weight. She is a criminal

    • Sally Mugabe for those old enough to remember her was a real woman that helped mold Mugabe into a good leader! Once he married this witch called Grace he became the same despot that committed the Matebeleland massacre!
      Mugabe is a man of 2 strong characters one is of the unparralled African genius who could’ve excelled in any academic field- the man has many geniune Bachelor and Master degrees and countless honorary doctorates from globally recognised universities. The other Mugabe is a cold blooded and highly calculating killer an African hitler for sure!

    • @ Nubian princess
      I beg to differ with those who are blaming Grace Mugabe for the impasse in Zimbabwe. In life you have to know what you want. Grace knew what she wanted, hatched up a plan and Mugabe fell for it. So who is a fool between Mugabe and Grace? Of course Mugabe is a fool. Grace was only exploiting the opportunities she was presented with. People blame Eve for the fall of man from the grace of God but the truth is it was the stupidity of Adam who caused all the trouble by buying into Eves manipulation. If Mugabe had said No, grace could not have done anything. Like Nubian Princess said, men should stop covering up their inefficiencies by blaming women and yet it is the foolishness of men which cause all the troubles.

  1. Lesson taken, Mugabe is senile at the moment and that’s what we need to understand. Best option was for him to quit and leave power with his Comrades unlike situation now. African type of leadership

  2. Mugabe”s history is littered with murders. He killed anyone who threatened his position. He killed Herbert Chitepo, Tongogara and many other intelligent comrades.

  3. “The three men were in their 20’s when they entered the bushes and took part in the liberation struggle to free Zimbabwe…” Mugabe is 93 years old, Mnangagwa is 75 years old, and Chiwenga is 61 years old. The difference in age between Mugabe and the two men is 18 yrs and 32 years respectively. To begin the article with a blantant untruth renders quickly places the article into the fiction section.

    • For the less discerning… At their respective ages, it is impossible for them to have all been in their 20s at the same time, or have the level of friendship that being age contemporaries would imply.

    • That’s the first misinformation I noticed. Mnangagwa started his politics with UNIP and later ZAPU in Zambia before joining Mugabe’s ZANU in Mozambique. Chiwenga looking at his age must have served under the late commander Tongogara. Obviously the 3 men did work closely together at deferent entry periods but there were other veterans past and present who were closer to the centre of the revolution. The writer can do some more research to polish up the article. Nice try all the same.

    • You all seem to hang too heavily on the correctness of accuracy versus the accuracy of correctness. the story has nothing to do with whether or not the three men were in their 20’s when they entered the bushes. Yes, it says so. But it is not about that. It is about a woman who becomes the focal point of Robert Mugabe’s downfall. As far as the accuracy of the facts is concerned, you can fill in the blanks. The truth of the matter is that, Grace is the disgrace. She is the undoing of Robert Mugabe’s legacy. Otherwise, absent Grace, where would Mugabe, Mnangangwa and Chiwenga be today? Absent Grace, where would Zimbabwe be today?

    • Learned as you all are, I reckon it won’t hurt to remind you that there are two types of prose – factual and emotional. To its credit, or may I add virtue, emotional prose least concerns itself with factual accuracy. It’s preoccupation is to carry the reader through the emotions. It’s what this writer has attempted to do here. The substance of the matter is that, Robert Mugabe’s biography will never be complete without, at least, a symbolic mention of Grace, the personal secretary who became the president’s wife! And Grace became more than just Zimbabwe’s First Lady. She became a key player in the affairs of the state, her country. It is to such significance that the author of the article alludes.

  4. Mnangagwa is 75 and Mugabe 93 years, why do you say they were in their twenties when Mnangagwa is 18 years younger than RM, journalists too much ukubilima

  5. There is always an outcome of anything that is invested or triggered, the only difference is that the ending is always influenced by the least expected players but seemingly dangerous to the incumbent (powers that be). Robert Gabriel Mugabe has to pay back all the losses and arrears which many parties incurred as a result of his dictatorial tendencies. Furthermore, such funds must be paid back to his own people including foreign governments and foreigners. All his money and asserts whether known or hidden ought to be identified and seized so that all the beneficiaries should be compensated accordingly. Mugabe must be prosecuted and he should spend his last years in a maximum security prison. Therefore, this measure must be part of the deal which secures a safe passage deal.

  6. Enough of this sexism, same as tribalism!! Grace or no Grace , Mugabe was determined to rule till death do us part and he would have gone down this way regardless. Grace is his wife and supporter, he should have seen this coming and corrected her sooner ! Don’t blame wives for your wrong decisions , use your common sense as we all have the free will with our choices.

  7. funny comments. I like the one that goes ‘this man has never been kissed’. I think it is very true. Lekeni banamayo. We choose our fate, but need a little help to make it to the podium at the UN or the Bath room or to quit when we are senile. This man has never been kissed I want to end.

  8. Let us pray for WISDOM among the leaders in SADC Region. Indeed Mugabe was a freedom fight, but he is now 93 years old and compounded by his failing health. The SADC leaders can apply fine art of diplomacy by proposing the following:
    (1) Persuade Mugabe to amicably step down from politics and allow young blood to lead ZANU-PF and restructure Zimbabwe’s economy. It is good for his health and welfare of all Zimbabweans.
    (2) SADC leaders must plead with the Military leadership to take care of Mugabe by building a retirement house to write his memoirs during his last days of life.
    These proposals will augur well for all the peoples of Zimbabwe and the SADC region.

  9. The fact is the other 2 comrades could have been in their 20s, but Mugabe must have been in his 30s or 40s. its a very informative article. A round of applause.

    • Jay Jay, anything that does not fit into your point of view is “laughable”- it’s like Trump and his over-use of the word “tremendous.” Lighten up mate…

  10. Guys don’t miss the moral of the story and focus on conjectures. It is true the battle ground was defined when uncle Bob sidelined the party structures. The rest is history!! “You can fool some people sometimes
    but you cannot fool all the people all the time”

  11. The article is clearly satirical but grossly misrepresents facts thus reducing its potency. It is an oversimplification of a very complex subject and pays scant attention to the setting in which this drama is playing itself out. The obvious errors have been exposed by other bloggers. Also, to argue that Grace’s ample bosom is central to the whole fracas is to cast women of good standing in an unfavourable light. There is more to this drama than exotic petticoats and imported handbags!

  12. The Congo is in turmoil, has been for some time sending refugees fleeing into Zambia. Dos Santos daughter in Angola has just been stripped of her caretaker stranglehold on the countrys oil and that entire subregion appears to be teetering on the verge of an economic and political volcano. Mushota is right, there is more to this simmering landscape than just a conniving woman with a healthy appetite.

  13. Puzzling how a man with 9 university degrees and widowed by a fellow graduate can settle for a mere stenographer and worse still try to install her as the Republican President of a country such as Zimbabwe. She’s not even fit to hold a District Commissioner’s office.

  14. @Ndanje khakis, careful with that narrow view of who you perceive as suitable for lording it over the masses or who should marry into higher class. Former porters at British railway stations have ascended to executive offices of some countries as has some bus conductors and housemaids ended up as first ladies! I have yet to confirm the fairy tale of one prominent lawyer who also had the instruments of power passed to him as he awoke from some slumber. Legend has it that the first lady he went to state house with was once upon a time a secretaryat his law firm…There are no fast and hard rules on who your heart falls for. Worst still the principle of one man one vote (as in a democracy) makes it easier for just about anybody to rule a certain group of people…

  15. That is always the problem with African presidents – they think that they own the country and it’s people for them to do whatever they like at whatever time. Hard luck Madala though I was not your admirer. You killed thousands of Matabele including my best friend Edgar Mapenda, so now your time to atone for your sins is at hand. Our leaders beware!!!!!

  16. It is samson and Delilah. Killed one thousand phillistines with a jawbone of an arse, Killed a lion with his bare hands. But Delilah finished him. Lol

  17. Looking at a BBC picture of Mugabe, Gen Chiwanga and a South African rep I notice that this Mugabe looks arrogant and defiant like he’s the one who’s executed the coup.

  18. Sounds like the next demand on democracies would b to constitutionalise office of first lady. After Ms Clinton first ladies world over tend to become politically overzealous

  19. ‘The three men were in their 20’s when they entered the bushes and took part in the liberation struggle to free Zimbabwe from white rule.’
    Mugabe is about 20 years older than the other two!!!!

  20. The problem with men is that they just follow the advice of a wife because of the love of sex. When you are a leader you are the one in control so why in heavens name would you allow yourself to be controlled by a women. I think it is shear evil to blame someone who is not in the position. It is shear foolishness and men have to take responsibility for their foolishness. Problem they are women pleasers but they are also part of the evil of saying yes yes just for sex. Mugabe is totally to blame. He lost his mind later on because of age but his mistakes are historically and started early. If he listened to his wife he is responsible and should have put her under control. This is similar to the Mandela story but Mandela put the wife in check and took responsibility. It is only the…

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