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Zambians should be embarrassed for allowing Commonwealth to supervise the PF/UPND dialogue

Headlines Zambians should be embarrassed for allowing Commonwealth to supervise the PF/UPND dialogue
The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) says Zambians should be embarrassed of themselves for allowing a referee to come to supervise the  dialogue between the two rivals United Party for National Development and PF when they have institutions that  can resolve their differences.
And the former ruling party warned the Commonwealth not to fall in the trap of the UPND gimmicks of using the dialogue process to remain relevant politically.
Commenting on the just released road map for dialogue by the commonwealth MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the country has mechanisms that can be used to resolve conflicts without bringing outsiders.
He said there is no political will in resolving conflicts among political stakeholders as they are only talking about dialogue when the Commonwealth delegation is in the country and are mute on the issue when they leave.
“There are mechanisms among ourselves as political parties which we can encourage and foster dialogue but there is no political will. We have ZCID which has worked to achieve meaningful dialogue among political players and it has been done before in the past but how come today that platform is not utilised.
“When the commonwealth comes everyone is stampeding to go and meet Professor Gambari and try to talk about this so called dialogue but when the delegation leaves there is no talk about dialogue so it is a fallacy, its just political gimmicks that should not be entertained. Actually we the Zambians must be embarrassed that we have to be supervised by somebody for us to talk and resolve our issues,” he said.
And Mr Nakacinda says the Commonwealth should wary of the UPND’s political gimmicks as the UPND are using the intervention from them to sustain a political agenda of equating President Lungu and their leader.
He said the UPND will continue using dialogue to create an impression that their leader is the only option in the absence of President Lungu.
“We are also aware that the upnd are basically attempting to use this intervention from the commonwealth in sustainable manner to advance their narrow political agenda. Provided there is some impression that there is tension or conflict it makes the upnd relevant.
“They are pushing an agenda of equating HH and Edgar Lungu and give an impression that in the absence of President Edgar Lungu the only option is HH. That type of cheap politics must be seen for what it is, and the Commonwealth must be warned that they risk being used for very selfish and narrow political agenda. Professor Gambari and his team must be careful that they don’t end up in that trap,” he said.
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    • Nakachinda sound like a deadly sexually transmitted disease from the 18th century. He should have said Zambians should be ashamed to be receiving donor aid in the 21st century.

    • Zambians should be ashamed of putting on salaula from Europe and America in the 21st century, such a statement from kaswende nakachinda would have made sense.

    • Nakachinda, you should also say that Zambians should be ashamed of themselves that more than half of their annual budget is donor money, 80% of health programs and medicine are from donor money. Now most of the food in shoprite is from South Africa. This is what Zambians should be ashamed of .

  1. Indeed why involve a third party to the so called dialogue? UPNDogs is not a factor here. And i keep asking, Dialogue on what with a loser??? ECL keep working, ignore the id1ots, never be swayed to this rubbish.

    • @Brian, when it comes to donor money,do we ask the same question?” Do we need outsiders to fund our annual budget”? Do we need outsiders to buy medicines for our children?

      Mwana beggars are not choosers

  2. Where were you when pf thugs were using state institutions lilligally to brutalized the opposition ??? GBM militia training ? Bweengwa kidnapping ? Gbm and hh incitement ?? Hh fake treason case ???

  3. 100% true, Raphael. What is the purpose of the ZCID??? Why are they chewing taxpayers’ money if we have to wait for the commonwealth to come and do everything for us?? President Lungu is spot on. The church group should have equal representation from all denominations, not just the catholics. upnd vouched for CSOs to be present as well, which for me is ok. I also think the House of Chiefs should also constitute a delegation with paramount and senior chiefs from all 10 provinces.


  5. Comment: Do you know of any Mechanism which is free from government intimidation? not just on paper but also on the practical point of view?,,,, it is very true that we should be embarrassed for letting outsiders deal with our internal affairs but the question is, do we have Mechanisms which have the maturity to deal with our internal affairs??? the Catholic Church gave it a try then we saw Bishops fighting among them selves,,, we are going to be ready to deal with internal affairs when we stop politics of inclination based on wanting food or positions because you’re some lazy chap who can’t survive on making a life by your self but distorting information to capitalise on ignorant people,,

  6. It’s the Calibre of opposition political parties Zambia has, HH is interested in working with his white supremacists trying to bring confusion in the leadership of ECL. In February 2016 he called western diplomats to his house for luncheon, he addressed them that HE wanted FREE and FAIR elections while talking ill of PF/ ECL , in 2016 he brought foreign auditors to come and audit- voters-registry as he fabricated a story that PF involved foreigners to vote for PF.during ballots boxes , books, stationary etc he sent his white friends privatetly to Saud Arabia to intervention if PF would rig elections and white friend sued PF over ballots boxes trying to bring anarchy in the country and NOW see them coming in the NAME of common wealth .

  7. You are correct Nakacinda and dont worry about these fools who are insulting you because that is the nature of UPND when someone expose their evil motives they want to use Commonwealth for their selfish motives. Surely in Zambia we have examples where we resolved our internal disputes or conflicts without intervention of foreigners like commonwealth we are not on war UPND just lost election because best losers. We forced Kenneth Kaunda (KK) to re-introduce multi-party democracy in 1991 using our local church leaders we also managed to bring together late SATA with late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa using ZCID platform so what is so special about HH loosing election that Commonwealth should come here for dialogue? PF watch out.

  8. Mr Marion , its only HH who always believes that white people are important to get advice from. HH is too pompous to listen to any advice from his fellow Africans.zambia still have this nonsense of dialogue because of HH / UPNDs’strange politics. WE know that HE wants minerals but NOT with EVIL heart like HIS, GOD is watching .

    • @Mr P listen to the song by our very own Sakala Brothers – Tolilo Vovo, a Jemusi telling off fellow zambians, “munganiuze chiyiani inu” but muzungu akakambako, “ni yes bwana, yes bwana”!

  9. Dialogue is defined as a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem. Now what is the problem? what resolution are we targeting. To me there is NO SINGLE problem which requires dialogue and these commonwealth f00ls are just wasting time. We had election and one small party won 58 out of 150 Mps and claimed victory, then C/wealth i.diots start dialogue. They are just after stealing our resources with a friendly satanic thief they used during privatization. They is not problem is Zambia. Zimbabwe had a problem which they resolved professionally alone and the ba.stads from commonwealth said nothing

  10. Raphael Nakacinda you correct in some ways but one thing you are forgetting that Zambian politician do respect local institution. Look at the issue of political judgements. Very few have accepted that judgement was free and fair. You statements like the church is siding with government, courts are corrupt, SADC is toothless.
    In short let someone outside Africa do the road map for dialogue so that we know who is what and who is not what.

  11. Brove nakachinda i think upnd is playing hide and seek gimmick,ba pf work up this outsider they are fooling you whiles want to promote hh ,this fools what have they done to congo,zim,and many more dont fool as ba common fimofimo with your silly tactics hh will never lure zambia

  12. What’s is this dialogue about. I don’t understand it. Oval just lost just like he’s gonna lose again in 2021. Just arrest the buzzard if he tries more cattle tricks.

  13. Through Dialogue and discussion, we exchange knowledge.
    Through Quarrels and Haranguing, we exchange our ignorance.

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