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The deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road to be fixed-State House


The deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road
The deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road

State House says it will engage the ministry of Finance to ensure that funds are released for the rehabilitation of the deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road, Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring Andrew Chellah has said.

Mr Chellah, who was yesterday on a fact finding mission of the state of the road, described the road as deplorable.

He disclosed that the Road Development Agency (RDA) has identified a contractor (INYATSI) to patch up dangerous potholes as a short term measure.

Speaking when he inspected the road following numerous complaints from motorists, Mr Chellah said State House wanted to know the extent of the damage.

He said in the short term RDA would engage INYATSI to fix the potholes until the rains were over after which a long term measure could be considered.

He said President Edgar Lungu has directed that development should be equally distributed to all parts of the country hence his visit to inspect the road.

Mr Chellah said the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) was aimed at diversifying from copper dependence to agriculture and tourism, adding that the Kafue-Mazabuka road was of economic value with regards to the agriculture and tourism sectors among others.


  1. If only we can be fiscally disciplined, there can be sustainable development. I hope Mr. Chellah has a degree in Developmental Studies from UNZA or somewhere. Most presidential assistants are over qualified with post doctoral degrees in Lab Technology

    • It would be silly really to not vote him until he finishes his work in 2026

      He legacy should the Ben judges therewith.



    • Is state house now in charge of road construction??,,, no wonder zambia is losing money left, right and centre!! There is ministry in charge of road works ,,, the must make that announcement!!

    • We are yet to learn what road maintenance entails. It should be on-going, not sporadic. If tourism is our mainstay, and this road the main access to Livingstone, then we should be talking of a road pleasurable to drive on all the way to Musi-O-Tunya. This is not rocket science. It is basic economics. And yet, for as long as I can remember, the Kafue/ Mazabuka road has been a nightmare to drive on, worse at night.

  2. The supreme ‘god’ (HH) will blame you for wasting money. He will ask you if the people of Chikankata can eat roads.

    Ungrateful people

  3. Really do you go about idenifying a contractor for patching a road as a short term measure …why not advertise the tender with a deadline…its shambles shambles. Meanwhile the are building roads for $1.3 billion.
    These are the wasted years!!

    • That money has already been misappropriated towards procuring “purpose built” Ambulances whatever that is and Fire Trucks!!

  4. That road does not require patching because there are no potholes to patch. The tarmac is completely finished, there is gravel. Only a foolish contractor can agree to patch where it is not possible to patch.

  5. Tongas with their tribalism are the ones causing boma not to fix roads in this part of the country. The problem is that its not just tongas who are victims, this road carries traffic from different countries also. But tongas are the problem.

  6. Govt and state house officials must not only consider funding for Kafue Chikankata Mazabuka road but they should also look to it that money is allocated for Nakonde/Serenje/Great North Road which equally of economic importance.Mugala.K/Nakonde District

  7. “Mr Chellah said the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) was aimed at diversifying from copper dependence to agriculture and tourism, adding that the Kafue-Mazabuka road was of economic value with regards to the agriculture and tourism sectors among others.”

    REally laughable …..where are you going to get the money for this since you can not even balance your budget!!

  8. Silly, laughable indeed! How do you always see negatives than positives? Sorry! I know why! I view the world through Three Mansions!

    • Yet this road leads to our tourist capital and to three borders (Zim, Bots, Nam), key for export and import of goods and business for our country and other African countries to our north & East. To imagine we spent so much on Kazungula bridge while we have such a road leading there! Hopefully something will happen now since it seems everything is now run from State House.

  9. That road is finished, klar, fertig. No need to inspect. It finished long time ago. Also look at Sesheke Kazungula…mama neo!! Just fix the roads. Ba chula abantu

  10. it is very sad that PF and Lungu had neglected this vita road which brings in millions of dollars from agriculture and tourism because they were not voted for there; i agree with someone who said sometime that the blood of those who have died will be upon PF;

  11. “Following complaints from motorists”?

    Give us a break!

    Where does the govt live for it not to know about the deplorable state of the highway to Zambia’s tourist capital?


  12. @ Dununafye you’re a big fool! Stop preaching hate against your fellow Zambians. That tribalism talk is nonsense. You’re big fool I say, big big *****.

  13. There is nowhere on this earth where a black person created a decent prosperous, flourishing society. World over,black people live off the brains of white people. They consume everything made by Asians and white people. Innovation, rule of law is shunned. This is why even in 2017 patching up a pothole is political because it is all they know. What a sorry ass species of humanity. Keep praying and dancing while others prosper and laugh at your filthy ugly cities

  14. For crying out loud! If that citical economic road can be allowed to deteriorate to such alevel, while the Matumbo – Mporokoso – Luwingu road with a population density of 9 vehicles per week is in mint condition is a shame to African intelligence!

  15. Jumbo, our leadership is a bunch of !diots who are short on strategy and purpose .
    Chimbwi no plan.
    Zambia Sugar and Parmalat must be complaining to Government.
    Shoprite Mazabuka was SECOND to Lusaka on Black Friday. Sorry but my Kasama was last.
    FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS d@mn you.

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