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PF firm on corruption- Wina


Vice President Inonge wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says the Patriotic Front -PF- administration has not diverted from its stance on fighting corruption.Ms. Wina said government wants to achieve zero tolerance against the vice.

She said there is need to put in place punitive measures and new strategies that will see zero tolerance against corruption and a need to revisit laws and financial regulations to stop pilfering of public resources.

The Vice president said it is important for the Anti-Corruption Commission to enhance its capacity to detect and mitigate corruption if it is to gain public confidence and trust among Zambians.She said this in Parliament when she delivered a policy statement on the budget estimates for the ACC for 2018.

Mrs. Wina said the ACC should build and strengthen programs that will see reforms that are geared to fighting corruption.She explained that over 25 million Kwacha will be channeled to the operations of the commission.

And during the debate, Nkeyema Member of parliament Kapelwa Mbangweta challenged the ACC to ensure that the carry out their mandate effectively.Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Martin Malama urged the Commission to be aggressive in fighting corruption.

UPND Monze Member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu urged Zambians to support the commission by reporting cases of corruption.




    • She said ….”there is need to put in place punitive measures and new strategies that will see zero tolerance against corruption” …….” need to revisit laws and financial regulations to stop pilfering of public resources.”

      I ASK WHEN are they going to turn the “there is need to”and instead say WE HAVE PASSED the LAW that does this …and that fight corruption and stop pilfering of public resources.

      Zambians too slow…everything takes ages….then you wonder why ACC is not proactive in following up on cases instead, asking they want general masses to provide proof of corruption. What a joke !!!

    • The strongest chain is just as strong as its weakest link. The PF genuinely believe they are not corrupt and that they are fighting corruption. As honest and earnest as they truly think what they are doing is fighting corruption and that they are not corrupt, the reality is they are corrupt and they don’t know it. They need to wake up to reality.

    • Degnified! This woman is UNIP and PF is littered with MMD through the back door, that’s corruption even before we talk about fire tenders or how Jonathan Chaima got so rich so quick. Inonge go away!

    • @Lindiwe,,,
      She’s a dignified woman who pallies around with dirty rotten scoundrels. She also played a catalytic role in their ascension to power.

      That works against her mantle of dignity, effectively reducing it to less than zero, espevially when she defends their criminal acts.

  1. Madam your boss is scared to reshuffle anyone because of fear of the people opening his closet. And when any person accuse the Leader of a Nation and his Ministers of corruption and calls them a thief, and he doesn’t answer or prove otherwise, it leaves a lot of doubt in people’s mind whether he is innocent. We can only wait until after you people leave office to know the whole truth.

  2. I think mama Wina is now losing relevance, how homestly can she say PF is firm on corruption? The veep needs to do research especially by asking Zambians who face corrupt elements when in need of service, seeking employment just to mention a few. Mama Wina, we have alot of respect for you as a very distinguished veep Zambia has ever hard, however, we will appreciate you more if you could describe corruption approach by PF as far far much from fighting it. Admit that PF appears to be fighting corruption whereas infact it is promoting it as the president cannot even fire his corrupt ministers.

  3. How can you fight corruption when you came to power using the same vice? Just continue on this path of destruction of the country, that is what you are good at.

  4. Who is fooling who? Under which stone has some one been living to think PF is not corrupt when the party is synonymous with the vice?

  5. This old fossil should be retired in national interest. Its a slap on our faces when someone pretends to be doing something that they are not. Its shameful that she has been relegated to be saving face and nothing more. Nothing lasts forever. When someone like Mwanawasa takes over, these goons will be dancing pelete and trooping to courts like Kapoko has done in the last 8years. This is the waste administration in the history of this country and makes Chiluba’s administration look like child’s play. Shame on you.

  6. Another statement full of hot air with no substance. You say “there is need to put in place punitive measures and new strategies that will see zero tolerance against corruption and a need to revisit laws and financial regulations to stop pilfering of public resources”, here’s a quick reminder Bo Ma. the people in-charge of that mandate are dining with the culprits mentioned in the AG report and elsewhere honestly you wont see that regulation happening and you know it. This PR work is actually an insult to Zambians.

  7. Lungu and state house are swimming in corruption…….now they are trying to call their corruption ” social mobility ”

    Because lungu does not mind being called a corrupt theif, even civil servants now think corruption is part of their job description…..

    • 🙂
      So that is the PF firmness of solving corruption….rename it to “social mobility” !!!!
      Woooh…, at least we have some “Intelligence” persona close to state house who is trying to re-define the word corruption. Poor Zambians, no way they can win a corruption case against these guys, simply they are not corrupt but doing social mobility. DANG !!!
      BTW: None of these guys spoke up against offshore accounts……only mama Inonge said those with offshore accounts will be judged by Zambians. The rest kept quiet. That is a joke??!
      Why?? Busy with Social Mobility…

  8. Yes, firm on corruption as being STUBBORNLY CORRUPT!! What have you done as the executive to show that you are really supporting the ACC apart from using it as tool to silence other corrupt fellows when they fall out of favor!!

  9. Correct, madam. ACC needs serious capacity building and reforming-it needs teeth. Very good and timely action by constituting the FIC, about time. These two institutions together with the Pulbic Protector, that is progress. But ZP needs a serious upgrade and reform to make this anti-corruption fight work. The constitution has already kickstarted the independence of the Judiciary, in a nutshell, this is a step forward.

    • As a lawyer you would have thought lungu would strengthern crime fighting and anti corruption as soon as he came to power but it seems only his bank account was strengthened in the first year by some $2.3 million like magic…..

    • I think Lungu is trying to avoid Levy’s mistakes. Levy rushed to publicise the anti-corruption process to please the international community while ignoring the realities of run down institutions. 8 years abd over $100m, FTJ acquitted!! Lungu has recognised the importance of strengthening the local institutions first that will successfully tackle corruption. FIC, Lungu successfully concluding the constitutional issue, He’s on the right track.

    • Praise Lungu once he delivers, at the moment, he hasn’t delivered anything to curb corruption.

      BTW, he never promised anything, so there is nothing to hold him accountable for. So its easy for him to float around and make you think he learned a lesson from Mwanawasa.

      Zimbabwe Minister of Finance announced some practical measures, soon Zimbabwe will be better off in all aspects than Zambia.

  10. I am very disappointed with this old woman. She doesn’t want to pay retirees and she doesn’t believe its right to do so. What a mother she is. She even went to an extent of apologising for saying the retirees should be paid.

  11. It is safe to say the public have lost all faith in ACC and now perceive lungu and his administration as very very corrupt…….there is no leader in any country who would just keep silent at being called a corrupt theif every day………on top of that he kept silent again on 42/42 for reasons only known to him and his advisors……he should have been on the public’s side regarding the outrage shown but he kept silent and was even perceived as blocking investigations…….

  12. This administration is a cabal of thieves who have no respect for the people who voted them into office. Thieving and lying will be their legacy. They will engage on a project more for the kick – backs than for service to the nation.

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