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Mysterious cattle disease breaks out in Chikankata

General News Mysterious cattle disease breaks out in Chikankata

Some of the 14 recovered cattle after a police operation in Limulunga District

A mysterious cattle disease has broken out in Chikankata district in Southern province and has since claimed seven heads of cattle.

Chikankata District Veterinary Officer Dr Abraham Msoni has disclosed that his office has since dispatched a team of officers to verify the reported outbreak of the peculiar cattle disease which has so far claimed seven heads of cattle in Chikankata.

Dr Msoni told ZANIS yesterday in Chikankata that his officers are currently ascertaining the type of disease which has broken out in the district and further called on farmers to report cases of animal diseases on time so that their animals are attended to as quickly as possible.

One affected farmer talked to by the Zambia News and Information Services in Chikankata district yesterday, Josia Mweemba said he has lost two animals within a week.

Mr Mweemba said his animals just collapsed and within a short period, the animals lost their lives.

He wondered what type of disease this as it was not showing signs of the popular corridor disease popularly known as Denkete in Tonga.

And another farmer Phillip Choonya said the disease kills cattle quickly and has called on the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to immediately move in to prevent more animals from dying.

Mr Choonya said he has lost five animals within a period of two weeks and that quick efforts should be put in place by the Ministry so that the disease is contained.


  1. Under visionless PF leadership which is forcing itself on the people & championing Lungu’s 3rd term bid anything else is possible.
    Cholera is also rampant in communities esp Lusaka kombonis now this unknown cattle disease after the pandemic army worms. FISP too has failed & farmers are now in limbo with their rotting maize which is unbought.
    Lusaka alone has 320,000 people living with HIV/Aids yet the Health PF visionless minister even postponed the World Aids Day so that PF can “allow for wider participation” as stated. This is laughable poor lack of planning. Next time you hear that the Independence day is being postponed to PF & Lungu’s day of “National Prayers” pa 18 Oct.
    PF has failed in everything & must not blame the opposition but themselves. I’m sure everyone in PF…

    • Can you be serious for a change. Your cattle has been having diseases from time immemorial and all you do is politicking. Afterall there’s no PF in your province, so how did they manage to infest your animals?

  2. The Government does not make AIDS but Roads, Bridges, Schools, Hospitals and so on. It is your responsibility to ensure you stay away from vises that lead to the contraction of the subject matter. It is also your duty to ensure you have the drug if you already are contaminated. The Government does all its best to help its people to stay healthy by finding the drugs and coming up with good policies like the TEST and TREAT which some of you criticized just because of simple word arrangement in the presentation of the policy. We love you all and please love yourself.

  3. It’s sacrifice time under water. Consult your political party leadership and ask what type of meat they eat under water. Those animals are not dead. Their souls get captured so quickly that the meat should be fresh (preferably still bleeding) under water.

    It’s time for submarine feasting, as they cerebrate the end of the year.

  4. There is nothing like a mysterious disease, that is being unscientific. Can you do the post mortem on the dead animals and tell us what has killed the animals.

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