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President warns corrupt elements in Government who take advantage of Zambians to enrich themselves


President Edgar Lungu greets African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia chapter chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa during the Commemoration of the 2017 international Anti- Corruption day in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has said that he will not condone corruption in government at the expense of the Zambian people. President Lungu said that allowing corruption to thrive in the country has a tendency to disturb the economic growth rate of the country.

He said he will not allow any corrupt elements to continue serving the public service because it compromises on service delivery.

“I will therefore not condone corruption in my government. I will not look kindly upon members of my government who takes advantage of their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the Zambian people,” the president said.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka today during the commemoration of the Anti-Corruption Day under the theme “Corruption: An impediment to sustainable development goals”

President Lungu said corruption distracts the development of key government institutions such as health, education and infrastructure.

The President said that it was saddening to note that misappropriation and misapplication of public funds was on the rise in some public institutions as revealed by the auditor-general’s report.

“It is saddening to note that misappropriation and misapplication of public funds is on the rise in some public institutions, as revealed by the auditor-general’s report, ” the President said before adding that prudent use of public resources was key in our development agenda and that the auditor general’s report must be a distress call to action.

“It is evident that administrative processes and procedures which are meant to address pilferage of financial resources in public institutions are weak. There is urgent need therefore to evaluate and strengthen the systems of public finance management to ensure that opportunities for corruption and abuse of public funds is curtailed,” the president noted.

The President said that he was committed to ensuring that the corruption fight in the country is taken a level where people are free to report anyone for corruption.

President Lungu said the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is also at liberty to investigate anyone on issues of corruption.

He said he is aware that though some sections of society are calling him to be corrupt, he has done his best to ensure that corruption is fought.

“While the back stops with controlling officers who should ensure that public funds are used for intended purposes, I also demand that law enforcement agencies should ensure that erring public officers are dealt with firmly where criminality is evident,” he said.

The President urged Law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts to ensure that public resources are safeguarded and where there are losses, these should be recovered as the people of zambia are demanding for swift and timely interventions.

“I wish to urge integrity committees which have been formed at institutional level under the national integrity programme to be proactive in addressing institutional corruption. I am aware that some of the committees have not performed well. I wish to call on permanent secretaries and chief executive officers in public institutions to ensure these committees are supported to implement anti-corruption programmes in their respective institutions,” he said

Speaking earlier ACC Chairperson Justice Timothy Kabalata said the fight against corruption calls for individual efforts if it is to bear any fruits.

Justice Kabalata has since urged all to own the fight against corruption if they are to enjoy the fruit of the national cake equally.

He said corruption if unchecked is a cancer that depletes the hard earned resources, which need to be channeled to various developmental project.

Meanwhile Transparency International Zambia Chapter President Rueben Lifuka said it is clear that Zambia like the rest of the developing countries, cannot attain the desired sustainable development ,with high levels of corruption.

Mr. Lifuka said this year’s theme , should be a strong reminder to all that corruption is a serious crime which is robbing the nation of the much needed resources.

And UNDP Deputy Country Director Sergio Valdini says the action to correct the ills is not a preserve of government or Anti-Corruption only but for all people.

Mr. Valdini said corruption adversely affected the attainment of SDGs through reduction in access to human rights.

President Lungu Greet Freedom Sikazwe
President Lungu Greet Freedom Sikazwe
President Edgar Lungu address at the Commemoration of the International Anti Corruption Day with African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia chapter chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa during the Commemoration of the 2017 international Anti- Corruption day in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda arrive at Government Complex for the Commemoration of International Anti Corruption day in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda arrive at Government Complex for the Commemoration of International Anti Corruption day in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda at International Anti Corruption day Commemoration In Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda at International Anti Corruption day Commemoration In Lusaka


  1. This is like warning a wife whom you drop-off at bars for sex business, that you will not condone prostitution. Then you tell her to use Ant-Corruption Condoms.

    • Is there anyone here who doesn’t know or understand that:
      “…allowing corruption to thrive in the country has a tendency to disturb the economic growth rate of the country”
      “…corruption distracts the development of key government institutions such as health, education and infrastructure”
      “…It is evident that administrative processes and procedures which are meant to address pilferage of financial resources in public institutions are weak”
      ECL says “He said he is aware that though some sections of society are calling him to be corrupt, he has done his best to ensure that corruption is fought.” If he thinks he has done, his BEST, then we are in trouble as a nation. Because NOTHING has been done. This speech is full of proclamations of obvious things that we have been…

    • This speech is full of proclamations of obvious things that we have been mentioning and LACKS any tangible action

    • These are wasted years …asking Lazy Lungu to fight corruption is like asking the Alpha Baboon of the troop to guard your maize field!!

    • We do not deserve such hypocrisy. This guy is a joke.

      If indeed he did win the last elections, then we are a very dull country. This is one mistake we should correct in 2021. The problem is there does not seem anyone capable from the muppets available now. Politics in zed is so bad, even Tayali thinks he has a chance!! Yaba

    • yes yes Indgo , in the opposition also we seem to have nobody , look at HH has also been taking the criminals from MMD and PF to makeup his team. The others are more useless , may be wife Nawakwi , lets see if we can give her a chance . lets try a woman not the best , but something , not HH, he is not serious at all , look right now he should have been busy organizing for the 2021 , but he is crying about 2016 , its two years gone already

    • The Zambian situation will be worse than the Mnanganwa/Zimbabwean situation. The criminals who are hijacking the criminal government will have a very sad ending. The military will move in and the angry masses will also move in when they have had more than enough. I pity Jonathan Chaima Lungu! The lawyer conman who is masquerading as a President. All the people who are showing teeth in the picture above, will scamper in all direction.

    • What kind of mind creativity is this? You can become a big time creative author in no time, well figuratively articulated!

    • Chakolwa Lungu is trying to save his face after being caught red handed deep in corrupt practices by IMF.

      Its too late alungu to save face after the penny has already dropped. The best you can do is resign and strike a deal to pay back 75% of what you stole and sacrifice your acomplices in crime.

      Its too little too late to change IMF s mind on PF corruption.

    • It’s like he’s talking about himself.

      Within 2 years, Lungu has become the 2nd richest Zambian. Before joining politics, he was a homeless alcoholic, living in a garage. His wife (Tasila’s mom) had left him for a white man. Tasila even changed her surname to that of the white man.

      Today, his daughter Tasila is the richest woman in Zambia from Mukula Tree trade.

    • If corruption is growing in the country, the blame is to be laid right at the President’s doorstep. He has a poor track record of fighting corruption in Zambia. His ministers were ordered by the ConCourt last year to pay back the money they had illegally gotten by occupying their offices after the dissolution of parliament. He never said a word about it. If he’s serious about ending corruption in Zambia, he needs to help make the Anti Corruption Commission, and the ConCourt more independent, so they can do their job without fear or intimidation from corrupt politicians. He also needs to lobby parliament to stiffen the penalty for corruption, starting with a minimum of 10 years in prison. But he won’t do that because he himself cannot explain how all of a sudden he has become so…

    • (Continued)… wealthy. We won’t fall for his political grandstanding and empty threats. We aren’t that gullible.

    • Lusaka times has missed the part where Lungu admits that his government is corrupt by saying corruption will continue even if UPND is elected in power.

      If he has failed to tackle corruption he should accuse a part not yet in power. I will not let UPND follow PF s path of corruption.

  2. Fake warning. His knows thieves in his cabinet now he is appearing to fight corruption. Tell us about mukula tree, Kampyongo nchekelako story, Amos Chanda’s property and yourself Mr president we hear u are building even near grave yards just to mention a few.

    • Lungu reminds me of Seth MacFarlane cracking jokes about Hollywood starlets having to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein in order to win awards back in 2013.
      Footage of the 43-year-old joking about harassment has resurfaced in light of severe allegations made against disgraced movie mogul Harvey.

  3. Mr. president Sir, please be serious. How many times will you warn corrupt elements? You have been warning them since you were voted into power in 2015. The only person who has since been fired in Chishimba Kambili who openly calls you corrupt. He knows you very well and you know he is telling the truth. If he was not telling the truth Ck would have been arrested by now. You are scared and think his arrest can backfire like in the “Chiluba is a thief” case. You have lost it Mr. President. Not all is well out here. You are being told lies by those surrounding you. I loved you and voted for you, but I do not think I will ever vote for you again- if PF adopts you. Am hurt and disappointed with your style of management. Behave like Mwanawasa who was a lawyer wa ma lawyer.

  4. Unfortunately Mr President a mere warning to some of our Government office bearers is not enough.

    they know they can get away with it since they know one year from now the headline will be the same, another warning.

    Unfortunately Mr President our Government office bearers continue to act with impunity because you have not told them that you are allergic to corruption.

    Unfortunately Mr President the CKs, GBMs and Halpha Homega’s can use our mere warnings to their political advantage in 2021

  5. ECL , we know and that you are the one to blame , as we have told you to remove the PPP and RDA offices from State House , as that is institutionalizing Corruption and that ACC is useless , so is the DEC. Also stop the Chinese from negotiating business deals by their Governments at State House .Be aware that all criminal acts in your time and Banda shall be delt with seriously , so protect yourself now by firing those criminals u are keeping at ST . we cannot mention names as you know them .

  6. How many of these hollow ceremonial warnings…this Lazy Bum is going to warn forever its like warning your retail staff of pilfering goods…simply look at Tanzania their President was in office for just 4 weeks and he was making policy changes and reforms to curb corruption. This Lazy tin is more interested in which suit he is going to wear to the event.

  7. it may or may not be true that there’s a lot of corruption under our watch Mr President but for some reason it is perceived to be there.

    maybe the ACC has lost its biting power or they are lazy and incompetent. the Zambia Police we can’t even talk about.

    these people are ruining our name. I fear for my party. there are people at the top who are deliberately misleading our great leader.

    why is it that Magufuli is winning praises everyday while we receive condemnation?

    • John Magufuli has no time for warnings how can you warn when its clear that corruption in endemic in our society where Traffic Officers can mount a road block just after 12 to get some lunch money…this lazy thing has no political will to fight corruption!!

    • Mr Lungu will you please have a heart for your people?If you are a Christian whom you purportedly say, I expect you to lead an exemplary life not one riddled with stains. The problem with you is that you have never taken your job seriously. You think being president is to fly and visit other countries and entertain your friends at State House. You seem not to know what is expected of you. Even your speeches are hollow and uninspiring. The only people who are smiling are those in your inner circle and the rest of us are gnashing our teeth and gazing in the distance with no hope. What did we do to deserve such low class leadership?

  8. Sounds fake and not honest rhetoric. Has he seen the evidence now. Always singing bring evidence – really! I am sure he is the last man to talk about corrupt elements in his government.
    Has he run out of stories already? How about challenging CK over what he said that this man is the most corrupt president in the world. Maybe CK was right!
    He should read the Makufuli story that came to reality within 30 days in power. Oh we still have fake teachers teaching.

  9. kudos, its very Mafuli, is doing what is right ie; he does go to small useless meetings and events he can send Ministers , also that he personally and directly deals with corruption and does not defend criminals as Lungu does , so it is that simple

    • John Magufuli does not condone drunkenness, he is a very serious man and is loved by all Tanzanians except the corrupt ones.

  10. In picture gallery#3&4: that guy with the president is not serious always smiling teeth out, why? Is he happy with corruption outlook?

  11. Ba Edwin Zulu, I guess that you mean President Magufuli of Tanzania.
    That country is blessed, and we are really in a dust bin because of having a lunatic for a president. Remember the day he collapsed at the national Stadium? That was an indication that he has a serious mental problem, and the whole issue of incompetence arises from that symptom. He has a serious mental problem, he cannot make any decision which is aimed at making Zambia better because all the members of staff he appointed near him are criminal minded. Everywhere he looks, he sees a criminal with an agenda to steal from the country. because he has a shortage of faculties, stealing goes on in the country as a way of life. He is mentally detached because he has a blockage from thinking straight.

  12. You are birds of the same feather. You flock and eat together. If the collar of the shirt is dirty, then that shirt is dirty.

  13. The current crop of politicians (ECL,HH,Kambwili,etc) cant fight corruption seriously because they love money too much!!!not even late Michael Sata seriously fought corruption.ONLY LATE LEVY PATRICK MWANAWASA MANAGED TO FIGHT CORRUPTION SERIOUSLY!!!
    The above words read by president Lungu can be said by anyone!!!president Edgar Lungu does not mean what is said above!!TODAY CORRUPTION IN GOVNT IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY.PRESIDENT LUNGU HAS MUCH TO DO IF CORRUPT LEADERS ARE TO BE DEFEATED IN HIS GOVNT!!!traffic police officers are the most corrupt Govnt workers!!!many contracts smell corrupt elements,etc.ECL MUST CAGE CORRUPT GOVNT WORKERS&MINISTERS IF WE’RE TO BELIEVE WHAT HE SAID ABOVE!!on corruption,ECL has much work to do!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

    • Iiiiyyyyeeeee njimbu, wadya chani ??

      That is how we can fight for a better Zambia with or without any party…..well done njimbu.

    • @Njimbu. wonderful observation and well thought-out Njimbu. But you know our president is webbed in corruption, fire trucks which have already broken down. Do you think we can still put confidence in him? Did you see Lubinda seemingly displeasure at Freedom Sikazwe in one of the pictures?

    • I thought Njimbu would never ever say anything against his beloved President. You have surprised many today. I like your observations though, it’s a good write -up. I always give credit where it is due and you deserve one today.

    • @Njimbu
      Today you have shown us that you have balls between your legs, congrats !!!
      This is what bloggers should be, commenting without party affiliation. I am glad you are joining the non-aligned club, and it doesn’t hurt to say things objectively.
      Keep it up! Let’s fight for Zambians and not for ECL or HH

  14. Mr Lungu should be given encouragment for even attempting to utter those words…….now the next step Mr lungu..

    Chakolwa Jona, is the Alpha & Omega of Crruption.

  16. Thanks a lot “Spaka and abena Ng’umbo!!” I call a spade,a spade in life.its a pity many times,you guys who support HH fail to understand me!!!
    President Edgar Lungu can try to fight corruption if he stops to listen to corrupt elements around him because he is a lawyer!!!FEW MINISTERS WHO CAN HELP ECL IN THIS FIGHT ARE HARRY KALABA,FELIX MUTATI,PROF.LUO,DAVIES CHAMA, AND ESPECIALLY THE VEEP-MADAM INONGE WINA!!Mrs Inonge Wina is as clean as KK’s handcuchief in PF…

    • Hh , GBM are not in power , corruption is happening now there is no need to focus on them while our country is getting eaten.

      When some questions corruption every one should ask ……and answers should be given

  17. Why is Amos Chanda always soooooo close to the president as if he is a politician? This individual should be far, far in the background. He is a civil (evil) servant; for heaven’s sake! What manner of muzungu wanga mentality is this, really? This is simply revolting!!!!!!!

  18. Lungu
    I know u. So that guy u are shaking hands with is the one who is corrupt. U are doing like Jesus at the last super. Lungu u are so symbolical.

    It seems that guy who is corrupt is also a UPND MP. It’s clear, all UPND MPs are corrupt. Therefore HH is corrupt.

    • Cornelius Mweetwa is probably Chairman for Parliamentary Committee overseeing these security wings that’s why he is there!!

  19. To begin with the president should fire all PSs who have misappropriated and misapplied the funds in provinces and ministries. That will be a practical warning. How can a PS misappropriate K2.6 million to buy a car for a minister at the expense of service delivery and he is not fired? These controlling officers are presidential appointees and only the president can fire them. This is why most people are blaming the president. People have lost confidence in both the institutions that are supposed to arrest these evils and the people entrusted to run them. The laws are there but are not being respected. Let’s demand that the president fires these erring officers for him to show them he is serious.

  20. Opposition bloggers. They are forgetting that corruption made hh wealthy. You don’t fight corruption with power. It’s by fomulating laws and regulations and also institutions to curb the vice. Wait for the financial bill to pass and see how many corrupt elements will still be standing. Ecl can talk like that because he is also a citizen like anyone else. Levy failed to combat corruption because he faught it alone. The wife was as corrupt as anyone else. It’s about laws and institutions not people.

    • Then investigate him , what are you afraid of ?

      That is what we are saying , investigate any one suspected of corruption , what is your problem ?

    • @29 HH Oval head

      It’s not only laws , laws are there ,it’s about the leadership to lead by example and determination…..

    • @Oval: after reading all the cr#p above, yours is a comment from someone who understands how governments work. A voice of sanity. You are spot on, sir!! ECL knows that this fight will only be won by having strong institutions in place, not the Mwanawasa circus all over again.

    • Zambian Citizen

      Mwanawase years were the most accountable years of our recent democracy……only you oval think otherwise……atleast there was a visible fight against corruption……lungu is only responding because the corruption shouts ate getting louder.. ..

      For you to call mwanawase corruption fight years a circus is like saying ZP is a circus and waiste of money because we still have crime….

    • Mwanawasa years most accountable?? What about the corruption that plagued the ministry of lands under Mwanawasa?? What about characters like M’membe not paying taxes and corruptly acquiring loans with his friends like Nchito?? Instead of concentrating on laws and institutions, where his NCC even failed, he prided himself a champion of fighting corruption but his task force blew its budget, recovered less than 10% of the “stolen” assets, and achieved a pathetic record of convictions!!!

  21. A charade engineered to try and Dupe white countries, or shall I say a pretense day to please the free Masonic countries and organisations that are funding our budget.

  22. Mr lungu has only been advised that the citizens are taking note of the allegations of corruption , the natives are restless , even the die hard PF are seeing what we have been saying…….42/42 for example..camon badala , pipo see clear corruption and you want to keep silent ?

  23. Mr kambwili sir,

    if you are reading, pleas keep up the pressure , it is only because of you that we are seeing such movement…….keep asking lungu…..if you yourself are not mired in corruption Zambians will repay you inkind ……leadership beckons…..but that leadership must be based on integrity and morals with an unwavering corruption battle….

    • 🙂
      Indeed, CK, I know you lost the support of this movement here after your failure to spill the beans. You might have been intimidated and got scared. The movement is behind you, you can correct the situation by coming up with more revelations. We can not completely wipe out corruption, but we can force the current government to start doing something about it. The call for corruption is not only against the government, its for anyone involved regardless of their party affiliation, no exceptions. If ECL is involved, let him be locked up!! If HH is involved let him be locked him up!!!
      Let not the masses be confused with the so-called “Social mobility”, its just corruption. Period.

  24. Act,you dont need to announce. The cabinet needs to be overhauled. Don’t look on faces of those corrupt thick faces but think of the majority poor voter.They cry day in and out. Act now and not in 2021 because it will be too late. Zambians are unpredictable.

  25. Zambians have no brains. It is only in Zambia where a politician steals and then publishes the amount of money he has stolen for everyone to see in the national newspaper (auditor general’s report) and nothing happens. Lungu can stand on the mountain today and tell everyone how much he has stolen so far and Zambians will just look at him like zombies. Simply accept that Zambia is made up of *****s.

    • @KN you don’t show intellectual capacity by insulting. Its a sign of weakness and lack of intellect resulting in failure to debate issues. To say “Zambians have no brains” is an insult to the many people who are suffering in Zambia. Being unhappy about someone or something does not entail Zambians should be violence. Zambians want peaceful resolution of issues. Only those who are disconnected from the population (the common men and women)who may thimk, Zambians are docile. Don’t insult the afflicted, vent your anger towards those who cause the pain that Zambians are going through.

  26. @The people
    Corruption in politics doesn’t scare me because it’s part of politics everywhere. What scares me is how COMFORTABLE Zambians are doing nothing about open corruption going on in Zambia.

    George Orwell said “A PEOPLE THAT ELECT CORRUPT POLITICIANS, IMPOSTORS,THIEVES AND NOT VICTIMS……BUT ACCOMPLICES.” So I would call Zambians victims in this case.

  28. it should start with yourself. Busy sweeping state coffers. What Chiluba stole in 10 years is nothing compared to what these guys have stolen in 3 years after Sata’s demise.

  29. Edgar Lungu is a joker!. What is so difficult for him to just fire them? He has announced that his ministers are corrupt but then he has left them in office. What a demonstration of poor leadership!

  30. Trouble with written speeches is that they don’t necessary reflect the personal beliefs or values of the reader. I bet the speech that HE read had been written by someone else.

  31. President Lungu is doing a great job.
    Let all well meaning Zambians support his move against Corruption in Government.
    President Lungu is also called upon to institute a probe into the criminal activities of the the Zambian intelligence also infamously known as the OP.
    The OP is the biggest culprit in Wasteful, Extravagant, Reckless and Unregulated Expenditure of Public Funds.
    There is irrefutable tangible evidence to prove the useless expenditure of Taxpayers money, by OP.

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