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More Zambians to exhibit at the German international tourism showpiece


Anthony Mukwita
The number of Zambian exhibitors at the German international tourism showpiece, the International Tourism Bourse, ITB, the world’s largest, to take place in a few weeks’ time, has increased. Zambia’s ambassador to Germany His Excellency Anthony Mukwita says so far close to 30 Zambian exhibitors have signed up, a leap from just 9 that took part in the 2017 travel show.

“This means a lot for us as an embassy, as a government and as a country. The increase in numbers will showcase Zambia in a much bigger way than ever before”, ambassador Mukwita says with a sense of optimism.

The Zambian envoy says the exhibition space will now be bigger than before and opportunities for speaking about Zambia equally more thereby placing the country in a much more privileged and rare position to sell itself to the world.

“We are a preferred destination for tourism as borne out by many authorities around the world that include the CIA Fact Book, the International Monetary Fund and many more”, Mr. Mukwita says.

And First Secretary (Tourism) at the Zambian embassy in Berlin Susan Katema has called on more Zambian businesses to sign up for the travel show. “We want to see more sign up and turn this into a huge success for Zambia’s tourism and the economy as a whole”, Ms. Katema says.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend ITB consisting of travel businesses, tourists, the international media and other interested parties. Taking place every year, ITB provides a global platform to showcase trends in the tourism business.

For the past 30 years, Zambia has been attending and exhibiting at the ITB but this is the first time that the country has won the position of Convention and Cultural Partner giving the country a special place at the event to share with the rest of the world what it has to offer in the tourism sector.

Due to continuing marketing and lobbying, Zambia has begun to see an increase in the number of tourists from Germany into the country. The Zambian embassy hopes the numbers increase even further after the exposure the country stands to gain at the tourism show.

The Zambian government has identified the tourism sector as a growth point in the economy. Consequently, it has continued to provide an enabling environment for the growth of the sector.


  1. Zambia Wildlife Preservation (Facebook) have already commented on Anthony Mukwita’s video on Patriotic Front’s Facebook page. So far there has not been any response from anyone.

  2. We have a beautiful country but our towns and cities especially Lusaka is very dirty; hope the tourists will only visit Vic falls and animal parks; what is there to see in our cities except rubbish all over? the man from Chawama has visited clean places like Kigali but he cant see the dirty in Lusaka;

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