Sunday, April 14, 2024

Save the Children launches “Zambia Rising Project”


A Non-Governmental Organization says there is need to put in place mechanisms that will enable government’s goal of ensuring that no child grows up in an institution.

Save the Children Policy Advisor Barnabas Mwansa said all children, regardless of their circumstances deserve to grow up in a family set up and not an orphanage.

Mr. Mwansa was speaking when Save the Children launched the “Zambia Rising Project” in Mufulira today.

He stated that his organization supports government’s vision of ensuring that orphans and other vulnerable children do not grow up in orphanages, but are placed in families to accord them a normal life, adding that this could only be achieved with corporation from all stakeholders.

Mr. Mwansa said the “Zambia Rising Project” is aimed at strengthening systems that will ensure the realisation of this dream.

The Policy Advisor noted that lack of coordinated efforts by stakeholders has resulted in duplication of efforts and less impressive results.

He said the Zambia Rising Project will ensure coordination of efforts by stakeholders involved in children’s welfare adding that this will ensure children get the maximum benefits of these efforts.

“Every child in Zambia has the right to access social and health services. But unless the systems meant to ensure that this happens are strengthened, we will not be able to achieve this goal especially for vulnerable children on the streets, institutions, and in abusive families,” Mr.Mwansa explained.

He said his organization will train stakeholders in the district on how to understand challenges being faced by children on the streets, institutions and communities, in order to enhance the response system to these challenges.

Mr. Mwansa disclosed that his organization will next year launch another project in Mufulira district funded by USAID, which will scale up efforts of ensuring the right response to the challenges children face both in institutions and families.


  1. Really I do feel for children who are separated from their parents or relatives just to be dumpped in orphanages , they miss the good warm family life of mum and dad but grow up with people who are not even related to them.
    I would encourage families to be supported to bring up their children with that love from their own families who care about them , than those who make money out of them usually these children are not as happy as they can be with their own people.

  2. It seems you have a good vision but you are running alone to fast before you can educate the community about your vision. I know you are sponsorin workshops but those who receive the children are not being prepared. Snd you are making social welfare officers lose focus. When you set Time frame .when it is set work within it and cordinate with stakeholders for the wellbeing of a child. At this stage it all points to the wellbeing of Save a child. Until you slow down and move at the the rythm with the community and build on what others have laboured eg kitwe district we had Luapula Foundation do an excellent work. Build on working with ACC in integrating the children into community.

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