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FAKE NEWS:President Lungu appoints Bowman Lusambo as new Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development

General News FAKE NEWS:President Lungu appoints Bowman Lusambo as new Minister of...

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo during the commissioning of a a Solar Milling Plant
FILE: Copperbelt Minister Bowman  Lusambo during the commissioning of a a Solar Milling Plant

Editor’s Note.

Our fact checking process has failed us today. It has just come to our attention that this was FAKE NEWS and please disregard the contents and note that the contents have been struck out for historical purpose and future lessons for the team.

 As LT, we sincerely offer our apologies  for the inconvenience this has caused.

We aim to investigate what went wrong with our fact checking systems that we had put in place to counter the vice of fake news that is becoming pervasive.  We can assure you that we will do our best to make sure this does not repeat itself again.

Again, we are very sorry for this and take full responsibility.

Team LT

President Edgar Lungu President has appointed the current Coperbelt Provincial Minister Bowman Lusambo to a new post Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development.

This is according to a statement released to the media by Statehouse.

Mr Lusambo has replaced Mr Moses Mawere who has been appointed to be Minister of National Planning which was run by the dismissed nominated MP Lucky Mulusa.

The President has also promoted Kitwe’s Law maker Alexander Chiteme to take over from Mr Lusambo as provincial Minister

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 92 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia, the President has also promoted Alexander Chiteme to Copperbelt Province Minister

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    • PF leadership, we need to advise correctly. The electorate have a bitter taste in the mouth after 20 years of MMD idiocy and plunder.
      These MMD appointments can cost us a victory in 2021.

    • So miles sampa (former/official president of PF) is still a threat to Edgar,,., Edgar is stil afraid of him,,, I thought as reconciliation miles was at least going to given lucky mulusa ‘s post.
      Now to my bro @ Nostradamus, wa mona ka, you keep talking about reconciliation and forgiveness,,,,. Edgar doesn’t forgive, unless you are a drinking mate.

    • On Mawere: useless minister for important ministry.
      On Chinteme is good for Kambwili
      On Lusambo: excellent appointment. But embrace for FIFA burn.
      Mbesuma for 2021, Weah mania!!!

    • @Ndobo, indeed legitimate PF president Sampa deserved ministry of National Planning, like Mutati.
      I don’t see anything in Moses Muwerewere.

    • There is no money in Ministry of Sports, those Woodland Stadium deals?
      A loss for Lusambo, win for CB. Jubilation at KMB.

  1. Comment:ema rubbish aya.government is now full of Bootlickers.what type of government is this?y have u left Dora siliya (solution) coz she has done nothing.

    • what genuine constructive advice can the King Rat get from a self – confessed bootlicker?? The reasoning from the appointing authority is that he would rather accommodate a bootlicker that a principled man who refused to be party to the plunder of national resources by the cabal of thieves in the ruling class. Typical cheap politics of kleptocracy!

  2. Its great to have Lusambo elsewhere other thsn being a provincial minister of such an important province. Nomwela wapita mumikoti.

  3. We saw it coming for this bootlicking mongrel. Those Chinese (choncholis) he ordered to report to his office are well connected. Am sure he has learnt a lesson from this demotion

  4. “The petition by four PF members demanded that that stern action to be taken against Mr Mulusa who was a nominated Member of Parliament.
    The Petitioner also requested that a Commission of Inquiry be instituted in order to establish whether the statement or action about 42 Fire trucks by Mr Mulusa could be prosecuted.”

    These leaders we have today are heartless thieves, they are more worried about a statement than the actual cost of the Fire Trucks…I can only imagine what they are stealing through unpublicized Defence Contracts.

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