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Incoherent Statements from Government on the Impounded Mukula Timber Depressing- Green Party

General News Incoherent Statements from Government on the Impounded Mukula Timber Depressing- Green Party

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

As the Green Party, we are extremely depressed by incoherent statements coming from government officials on the export of mukula logs laden in the 21 containerized trucks impounded three days ago by youths claiming to be PF members are extremely depressing.

First of all, we are alive to the statement made by the Minister of Lands Jean Kapata in July this year when she informed the nation that Government has banned harvesting, transportation, trading and export of Mukula tree in accordance with Statutory Instrument number 94 of 2015.

We are also alive to the statement by the same Minister when three days ago she informed the nation that all illegal cargoes of Mukula logs that have been seized and forfeited to the State will be auctioned. Meantime, Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale says ZAFFICO has been mandated by government to export the illegally harvested and confiscated mukula logs to China. So, between the minister responsible for forest management and the permanent secretary responsible for defence, who is telling the nation the truth?

The minister responsible for management says the ban for harvesting, transportation, and trading in Mukula logs for export is still in force, while the permanent secretary responsible for defence says the 21 containerized trucks which ZAFFICO was transporting from Lusaka to Chirundu and from Mporokoso to Chirundu is for export to China? So, between the minister responsible for forest management and the permanent secretary responsible for defence, who is telling the nation the truth?

If, policy and law on the ban for harvesting, transportation, and trading in Mukula logs for export has been lifted without knowledge of the minister responsible for forest management, what lawful criteria was used government or ZAFFICO to select the buyers in China? Why China? Why not anywhere else in the world? Has any payment been made? How much is involved? When was the payment done, and in whose favour? Was there any tendering according to the law? Was the auction in accordance with the Laws of Zambia? When were the adverts placed in the Government Gazette, and other public media?

Clearly, the whole episode is depressing and stinks of corruption and other illegalities. Sadly, the Anti-Corruption Commission and other agencies responsible for combating economic and financial crimes are too compromised to credibly investigate the matter.

Peter Sinkamba
Green Party
31 December, 2017

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    • It’s people like sinkamba who always say MOVE ON, who have given them the licence to get inside mumpoto. Now ba koswe they even moving about in your house in broad daylight.

    • Zambia feels like North Korea:
      – one beloved president
      – no street protests
      – sanctioned Mukula, but still trading with China.
      – exports handled and escorted police.
      – Opposition only asks questions on internet.
      Comment by:
      2010,2012, 2014,2017 best blogger.

  1. Valid questions from a real patriot indeed, Can someone from appropriate office give credible reaction to these concerns as a matter of urgency please. Not just a general response , but a clear and detailed explanation to each one of the raised questions.

    • Thats the way to go all patriotic Zambians! Do question those concerned for clarifications as citizens have been taken for granted riding on docility and denying the general public critical information. Leaders have taken the people for fools and the action by the PF youths who seized the trucks is a non partisan issue as it is economic sabotage of interest across the board! State house, Home Affairs (Police IG), Defense (PS), Natural Resources’ (Jean Kapata) are all complicit! This Mukula saga calls for citizen’s action while the Fire Tender Trucks and Ambulances must not be let off as Mulusa can not be sacrificed for realization of wrongs being perpetrated by government!

  2. Why is Ministry of Defence PS involving himself in illegal Mukula Exports? Is the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces involved in the illegal export of Mukula Tree logs? The ban on Mukula Exports is still in force.So a syndicate of Criminals coordinated by KZ at State House is illegally exporting the Mukula Tree logs to China for their personal benefit in spite of the ban. Lungu and his PF Koswes have turned Zambia into a corrupt Mafia State. The PF Youth should be commended for effecting Citizens Arrest on these criminals. Unfortunately the Koswe Mumpoto President is involved and all the Criminals involved in this illegal and Corrupt Mukula Export deal will be protected and exonerated by Mr Corruption Number One himself. The fish rots from the Head Downwards. Wait and see!

  3. This is a very objective analysis. But as usual someone will soon make a statement that this analysis is politically motivated

  4. Why cant we just admit as a nation that we got what we voted for.
    When will any party campaign and say “When we come into power our actions will be for ZAMBIA. We , our government, party and cadre will not say, its now our turn to eat.”
    Is there a political party in Zambia that is prepared to govern for ALL ZAMBIANS not just the ruling party, friends and cadres.
    Then and only then can zambia progress. What a stupid philosphy our political parties have thing its now our turn to eat. Greed and corruption the real zambia, a so called christian nation

    • Amidst Chinese been appointed police, cholera ravaging the capital, not interested in correcting and rectifying our flaws in our legal, political, economical and social by always moving on even when we don’t know know where we are moving to, zed is in mess.

  5. Govt ,from auctioner to exporter?which Is are they using to export?when was it enacted?the govt’s concern was the export of UN processed/UN sawn timber to leave Zambia,has zafico processed/ sawn this timber in the containers?some of us are now bordering on destitution,because all the little working capital ,was invested in this business nd where forced to leave the logs in the bush,without being given enough notice,to first mop up and sell what we had harvested,meanwhile we are owing people moneys,because of the cash/ labour intensity of this trade.this is a pure case of animal farm,George owel,some animals,are more equal than others.what goes around ,comes around.

  6. Defending the indefensible. Even the faithfuls like njumbu can see your lies and are very quiet. I am sure they are very disappointed

  7. Too murky an incident. Now who will explain it credibly?

    Tell you what, I will only listen to Hon Jean Kapata. She is the ONLY official mandated by law to speak on mukula and authorise any activity on mukula including auction and export. Last week I watched her on ZNBC TV and I really really really liked her spirited guidance with DRC ministers in Kinshasa on the mukula exports.

  8. Chikamba is among pipo who ask hh to move on forget illigalities of 2016 elections. Chikamba and others dont realize that unless the basics of holding power are correct, legal, nothing good will ever come out of illigality. Ur worried more with simptoms not the causes of impunity. If one gets to presidency thru illigality and u say its ok, forget move on, how important then can mukula be? Chikamba forget, leave all the illegalities, like most of u tell hh, and focus on 2021.

  9. Valid, candid, objective questions from Mr. Sinkamba which beg serious answers from the President himself. President Lungu should be very careful not to import the Army into State capture corruption. This is the mistake Mugabe made. Mugabe imported the army into State capture corruption, including syndicated diamond trade in Congo and Zimbabwe. When the army sensed one group was benefiting more, they moved in with “Operation Restore Legacy” to root out “shenanigans” causing suffering of the masses and looting the economy. The President should always remember that what goes around comes around. He together with other SADC leaders, including AU, approved “Operation Restore Legacy”. Mugabe was captured and replaced by the army. Chiwenga is now Vice President. Moyo is Foreign Minister…

  10. Kampyongo is mad at those vigilant young people who impounded trucks carrying mukula. The young man issued threats to those who stopped his mukula hence he went to comsult Jean kapata the dealer partner. Nailuka Kampyongo stop threatening PF youths for exposing your theft.

  11. Yes Mr sikamba, as some patriots above have observered you are helping this corruption by insisting moving on……

  12. 2021 should not be our focus now. Our focus should be to start the impeachment process. He has destroyed Zambia. Everything has fallen apart. He is not in full control of the happenings in this country. All he is in charge of is aiding and abetting corruption and the indiscriminate looting of national resources. Before it is too late comrades, Lungu and his bunch are danger to the peace and prosperity of Zambia and we should fire them now than waiting for 2021!

  13. This PS is at it again. Last year he was doing maize exports when there was a ban and today he is exporting mukula! Am very sure he is doing it on behalf of ECL

  14. It feels like we are living in Bible days. When God sent plagues ( cholera, army warms , no rains, fire tenders, ambulances , fertilizer etc). Pharaoh..free us ! Pharoah doesn’t listen so something worse will come to him.

  15. Why should we politicize everything?
    This kind of operation requires a joint effort of a minimum of 3 ministries.
    To my knowledge government has set up a joint committee.
    My observation,however, is that we have responsibility and accountability challenges.
    It’s such challenges that can be easily exploited by corrupt elements among us.
    It’s not a good idea to have the president step into an issue like this that technocrats can resolve.
    Government has given policy direction that is sufficient.Let the civil servants implement it.
    We are seeing a situation where the president must come down and meddle in operational matters.

  16. By the way,I appreciate Mr Sinkamba’s concerns.
    His response is measured and sober.
    We hope to see Green Party take a few seats in 2021 because they seem like the real opposition with genuine center politics.
    Unfortunately,the UPND claim to be a centre party even when everyone knows there is nothing centre about them.

    • Sikamba is being being disingenuous ….while telling others to move on , only he seems to want to raise concerns….

  17. Mr Peter sikamba should also move on and concentrate on 2021and leave current PF mismangment and corruption alone…

  18. @20: Flag Beyond Reproach. I agree with you . Sinkamba’s response on the matter is measured and sober, as always. His party appears to be the only hope of credible opposition remaining. Narep used to be the other but for some reason has fizzled out. The Greens and NAREP represent modern civilized politics devoid of insults, hate, violence and vengeance. They have clear-cut ideologies, and speak objectively from informed positions. Lets hope they will pull up surprises in 2021. Zambia needs such type of politics not the clueless PF and UPND, and now NDC!!!

  19. OK sorry Sinkamba but I know I will be unpopular with your supporters by this comment. I know you have garnered a few online admirers, me included. But non-stop commentary on every subject will probably do you know good. I mean your commentary is always reactive, happening after the fact. I would like to see you being proactive, start a new topic from scratch that will prevent something from happening that would otherwise have happened. That is the better checks and balances, not going with the wind after gauging the mood of citizenry and online blogger reaction and then jump on the bandwagon to issue a reactive comment. It’s good to it once in a while but not on every topic.

    I have always noticed that you rarely condemn Lungu head-on… rather you go for his lieutent minions. Are you…

    • continued…
      I have always noticed that you rarely condemn Lungu head-on… rather you go for his lieutent minions. Are you scared of him. The fish head you talked about the other day is actually Lungu himself so don’t beat around the bushes when you are ready. He is you direct counterpart, and let your followers respond to their direct counterparts (or are you a one man’s party).

      I think you risk losing your mojo if you will be commentating on everything after the fact, like a troll. I would like to see you be proactive and suggest alternatives before these guys have looted.

    • I do not think your observation is correct. I am one of the keen followers. Of course he gives his side of views on various topical issue. Some he generates. E.g the UN Jerusalem Vote, he challenged the PF Government to vote for a two State Solution, justified his position and called Trump move a sheer madness. No other political leader has ever put up a position on that issue beside Sinkamba. It was original debate on this fora. The issue of Police guarding Chinese businessmen was another original issue which was greatly debated here, resulting in their withdrawal. His party took the entire bench of the Concourt judges to Judicial complaints commission, a move which is unprecedented and hotly debated here. Recently the issue of licence to cultivate cannabis for medicinal which is court…

  20. Continued: the issue of CBU brutality which he brought out and videos he circulates generated so much debate here.

    On Lungu, I think you are right to some extent. He does not condemn him as a person but criticizes his government policies, shows their deficiencies, and offers alternative solutions. He appears to do the same with ministers. I think he is not personal in his politics but objective tackling real issues not personalities. I have never him condemn hard-on fellow opposition leaders like HH, Kambwili, Musenge, Nawakwi, Tayali etc.

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