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PF are scared that Kambwili could spill the “beans”` against the system-Tayali


Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali
CHILUFYA Tayali has accused the Patriotic Front (PF) government of shielding Chishimba Kambwili from arrest because they fear he could spill the “beans”` against the system.

Mr Tayali said it is painful to see Mr Kambwili going scot-free despite alleged fraudulent activities involving the Roan Member of Parliament being availed to police.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, the Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader complained that despite police warning and cautioning Mr. Kambwili over fraud allegations a few months ago, nothing had been done.

This was after Mr. Tayali filed a complaint of alleged fraudulent activities against Mr. Kambwili in November last year.

“Government should stop shielding Mr Chishimba Kambwili from prosecution for his fraudulent activities.

“Despite having reported and availed evidence to the police over Mr Kambwili’s fraudulent activities almost two months ago, nothing has been done,” complained Mr Tayali.

The EEP leader also said he was let down by the investigative wings for allegedly failing to arrest Mr Kambwili when the evidence was availed to them two months ago.

He said that he was more than ready to testify in court that Mr Kambwili committed a crime.

“I have provided evidence before the police but it’s unfortunate that I’m just being let down by the investigative wings and the security wings.

“It is the same issue that I am facing with Mr Chishimba Kambwili, I have reported him to the police and I have given evidence because I just don’t talk. I am very convinced that Mr Kambwili committed criminality, it is out of the evidence that I have that I have taken this matter to the police but look what is happening. I reported him and gave evidence some months ago but up to now he is still roaming the street without being arrested,” he stated.

“ Why is the PF protecting Kambwili and I must tell you that I started complaining against Mr Kambwili together with other ministers way before he was fired but he was being protected by PF but I am surprised that even after being fired, the PF has continued protecting him.

“What is it that Kambwili knows that the PF are scared of that if they touch him it might spill over? Why are they not arresting Mr. Kambwili because I am complaining in the interest of justice because many times when you report a poor person in the morning at 08:00 hours, by 08:30 hours that person will be inside the cells?’’ he asked.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event Mr Tayali has commended government for circumspective response to combat cholera. “We note, especially, the Presidential intervention which has drawn concerted efforts from various ministries, preeminently, the Ministry of Health and Local Government.


  1. Equally Kambwili has provided evidence in the form of photographic images of houses being built and cars allegedly bought and built through corrupt means, but nothing has been done. The Government agencies are not functioning. We have a crisis and it’s time to acknowledge.

    • chimbwi pakulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile amatako…..

      When a Hyena cries… its knows where its holding its ******** ….

      Way too young in this game Tayali and the only one blind to the massive looting… CK has one on them


  2. chimbwi pakulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile amatako…..

    When a Hyena cries… its knows where its holding its buttocks ….

    Way too young in this game Tayali and the only one blind to the massive looting… CK has one on them

  3. Tayali has been experiencing transient heart attacks since CK became the opposition. The guy has nothing to offer, go look for a job don’t waste our time!

  4. Whatever beans he spills he is in it…thats why they are scared to respond as they are short of just saying we were in it together!!

    I thought fear of transport costs to & fro Livingstone, would have shut your trap, you little underage fiddler Tayali

  6. @Lombe
    They discovered those guys got mortgages from the Banks. The corruption funds were ‘cleaned’ so no proof!!

  7. It means the police have found nothing you want them to arrest an innocent person because you said? Find a like or better still a job PF can not protect Kambwili we all know that

  8. If Kambwili had any beans to spill he would have done it earlier than now, the fact is he doesn’t. Just because he hails from Mporokoso doesn’t make him presidential material. However, if by some strange miracle we work up and find Kambwili in the driving seat, Zambia would witness the worst.

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