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Daniel Munkombwe personally thanks President Edgar Lungu for his evacuation

General News Daniel Munkombwe personally thanks President Edgar Lungu for his evacuation

Former Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has met President Edgar Lungu at state house to thank him for his evacuation to South Africa for medical treatment when he fell ill last year.

Mr. Munkombwe met the Head of State today and told journalists at state house that he remains indebted to President Lungu and the government of Zambia for saving his life when he was battling with an illness he did not disclose last year.

He noted that after serving in government for many years, he considers all Zambians as his relatives and finds what the President and government did for him as an honor.

Mr. Munkombwe who served in various government portfolios under all the republican presidents except President Lungu said he came to state house to show his gratefulness to the head of state for his gesture.

And Mr. Munkombwe encouraged politicians to be in harmony with each other despite having different viewpoints.

He said it was important for political leaders to get on well with each other even when they oppose one another on opinions.

The veteran politician noted that when he served in government, and as a politician he has people who opposed him but managed to get on with them well.

Mr. Munkombwe also served as Patriotic Front Southern Province Chairperson before he resigned to join the UPND at the height of political tension in the party in 2015, when the ruling party lost its President, Michael Sata who was also republican President.

President Edgar Lungu with Mr Daniel Munkombwe with Mr Matiya Ngalande at State house after Lunch 5588

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    • Having saved in various (5) gvt, he must have personal insurance. The monies used are tax payer’s NOT donations from the president- WHEN WILL ZAMBIA STOP MEDICAL TOURISM TO SA?? Common citizens need such better medical facility to be assessed locally by everyOne

  1. Next you hear he has been appointed Southern Province Minister. Watch the space for the Mukombwe School of the Belly!!!

  2. iyeeee!!!!!! the political prostitute, is that how you are finished bo Munkombwe?? what happened to you? oh, I shouldn’t be naive..sorry..

    • Please let’s be humane at times. The times you fall don’t count….what counts is how many times you rise.

  3. Conglats Ba Daniel Munkombwe for the appreciation. Nice to see Umufyashi Matiya Ngalande. Good too see him in a meroon double breasted Jacket.

  4. Edgar Lungu clearly looks the real epitome of tolerance, unity and forbearance. I think Zambia needs such a President. Love your enemy and do good to them. If your enemy is hungry, give him food; if your enemy is thirsty, give him water, the Bible says, and Lungu has fulfilled this commandment. Remember how Munkombwe spoke evil against Edgar Lungu at the peak of the 2016 election campaigns, saying, ‘it’s time for a Tonga to be president”.

  5. God bless you our President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We love you so dearly. Let all those liars with their smear campaigns live long to witness your victory once again in 2021. I and my family are itching to cast our votes for you again!

  6. We need to equip our hospitals sufficiently, so that people can be treated at home. As it is, the president is dishing out favors in terms of who can evacuated to South Africa. And, we should be thanking him for that?

    We need to hold our leaders accountable, and not thanking them for a service that we should be expecting anyway.

    • I do agree with you sir, but it’s not just government alone but all the health workers. You should see how much pilfering is going fraud. Already in education more than 600 teachers have been discovered to have used forged documents. Sir that’s how serious the problem is.

  7. Ndanje, I didn’t realize the extent of the problem and on the ground. Having said that, leadership is about identifying problems and facing them head-on.

    Leaders shouldn’t shy away from tackling problems, unlike what has happened in the case of cholera in the past. Leaders should be prepared to grab a bull by its horns, and deal with it.

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