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NGOCC Congratulates Mumbi Phiri on her nomination as a Member of Parliament


PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,
PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,

The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) congratulates Ms. Mumbi Phiri on her nomination as Member of Parliament (MP).

As the focal point of the women’s movement, NGOCC has continually been concerned about the low numbers of women in decision making positions, especially in politics. We are therefore elated that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has nominated yet another woman to marginally increase the number of female Parliamentarians in the House to 31, against 136 men. It is our expectation that 2018 will witness more women ascending to various decision-making positions in line with Zambia’s commitment as espoused in the Constitution and Gender Equity and Equality Act.

It has become imperative that the country should immediately put in place legal and policy provisions that will enhance the participation of women in politics. As the government is addressing the lacunas in the Amended Constitution of 2016, we urge Parliament to reconsider the Proportional Representation and Quota Systems as this will, in many ways, guarantee the participation of marginalized groups such as women, people with disability and the youth. It is also our hope that the Political Party Bill, once enacted, will bolster the participation of women within the political parties.

Once again, congratulations to Ms. Phiri. Zambians are counting on you and other gallant women and men in Parliament to continue raising issues affecting women.


Engwase B. Mwale


  1. We need quality women not these please i foresee statements of disappointment by NGOCc after careless and thoughtless statements by dishournable Mumbi Phiri

  2. Zambia is a very poor country. What skills is she bringing on the table to contribute to national development? Just being a woman is not enough!

  3. Out of a whole array of women of substance out there, the president chooses the calibre of Mumbi Phiri to parliament. Other beefing up PF votes in the house, Mumbi does not bring much to the house than her presence! This choice like many others is so telling.

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