Monday, May 20, 2024

Limulunga shuts down bars


Limulunga District Council has shut down two bars which were ignoring set health standards of operation in a bid to prevent cholera outbreak in the district.

In an interview with ZANIS, Limulunga District Council Health Inspector Henry Shankandi said the bars were closed to promote sanitation because they posed a danger to the health of customers.

And Mr Shankandi has urged bar owners and drinking joints to desist from operating outside allowed operating hours and stick to 10 hours until 22 hours.

He disclosed that the Council in collaboration with the Health department were conducting intense sensitizations and inspections of the district hygiene status as a preventive measure against Cholera.

And Limulunga District Health Director Dr Douglas Singini revealed that measures had been put in place to contend any Cholera outbreak in the district through the District Epidemic Preparedness, Prevention and management committee.

Dr Singini said a rapid response team has been formed to spearhead quick action in case of an outbreak of the disease.


  1. Personally the first thing I look for whenever I enter a bar is a good toilet. Without this I simply move to another place. In this era of abundant beer I fail to understand why one should subject to unhealthy conditions

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