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Kambwili fails to appear in court, he is unwell

Headlines Kambwili fails to appear in court, he is unwell

Chishimba Kambwili.
Chishimba Kambwili.

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili’s case has been adjourned to January 29 for plea.

This is in a matter in which Mr. Kambwili is charged with forgery, uttering false documents and giving false information to a public officer.

Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba has adjourned the case following an application by Mr Kambwili’s lawyers stating that their client is unwell.

And Mr. Kambwili is this afternoon expected to be questioned by Woodlands Police’s anti fraud unit at 14:30 Hours.

Early this week, the NDC Consultant was charged with three counts of forgery, altering false documents and giving false information.

According to Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said the charges against Mr Kambwili were not politically motivated but purely criminal matters.

“We have charged Hon. Chishimba Kambwili with three counts as follows: 1. Forgery which is contrary to section 342, 2. Uttering False documents contrary to section 352 and Giving False Information to a public officer contrary to section 125 of the Penal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia. He will appear in Court soon,” Said Ms Katongo

“As Police, we wish to state that the summoning of Hon. Kambwili has nothing to do with politics as he insinuated when he addressed the media yesterday but that this is purely a criminal matter.”

Meanwhile, Luanshya District Freedom Fighters Association Chairperson, Aaron Kambatika has advised Roan Patriotic Front(PF) Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to show respect to the office of the President.

Mr. Kambatika said it shameful to see the levels of indiscipline and insults showered to the office of the President.

He has since urged Mr. Kambwili to show respect to the President’s office as the continued insults on President Edgar Lungu by the former Chief Government Spokesperson are inappropriate.

He stated that President Edgar Lungu is older than Mr. Kambwili and as an Association for freedom fighters, they feel the Head of State deserves utmost respect from the Roan Constituency law maker.

Mr. Kambatika said Mr. Kambwili should realise that leadership comes from God, adding that him (Mr. Kambwili ) has put it on record that he wants to be republican President but wondered how can be one if he does not respect the office and its bearer.

Mr. Kambatika has urged Mr. Kambwili to inspire young people though good leadership than uttering language which is far from the qualities of good leadership.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZANIS by Luanshya District Freedom Fighters Association.


  1. Harassment and victimisation of the man you know will reveal all the dark corner corruption! He was in the same pond and knows how the Lungu regime have been surviving in the pond. He must get well soon to unravel all the rot that PF has been up on their mission to pillage and plunder the nation’s coffers and resources. This government of thieves has lost credibility to and integrity as leaders.

    • I call this blind loyalty. …the charges against Kambwili are not fictitious. Let the courts make a decision on whether he’s got a case to answer or not. He’s not the only one answering such charges, there are dozens out there and your paper tiger is just one of them.

  2. Why were the so called public officers not charged with an offense of receiving false documents. May be Mushota has an answer …

    • Easy mathematics baguy, why does it take years sometimes to find that someone had forged pa grade 12 if not because of the complacency and inability to make adequate follow ups on certain matters.

  3. He’s unwell? Not surprised at all with all those he heaped on the President, I am the BP must have shot up. Bola panshi Mr Kambwili.

  4. These are just delaying tactics employed by Lawyers. The Magistrates (and Judges) know that even though they choose to allow them to get away with it. Examples are plenty; Kapoko, Chiluba…

  5. let him come and stand before the court if he is a man enough has he clain.kambwili amangiwa believe you me.and his political ambition will be dented big time

  6. But we don’t expect such from a person aspiring for presidency: Nde kapwisha ka Edgar, kwati pali akamuntu aka kuti wa kasunkafye kaya wilanoku….” Edgar may not be your favourite, but you’ve to respect the office he occupies. The notion that if he touches me Amnesty International will intervene is wrong when you deliberately abuse freedom of expression. Any president who comes in whether I like him or not I must give him respect. Those Chingola hooligans who were cheering Kambwili as he used every insult in the book are doing it because of what they expect from Kambwili. A good follower will advise his boss with honesty.

    • The venom in his speech dismays me. Is it politics or witchcraft? And if indeed ECL and PF were as corrupt as he alleges, I am very certain that donors could have withdrawn their support like happened to RB, but instead it has increased. Can he prove his allegations then we will begin to listen to him

    • Mulusa has taken it as a man who is full of wisdom. He reflect and come with a well researched decision. Not ukusabaila fye all the time. I’m sure the ACC will now move in on those old cases.

    • @Ndanje Khakis, you are very right. We all know what sort of Character this CK man is; getting pieces of land by force in Luanshya, the Ndola/Luanshya rail line saga, the many unpalatable insults that he heaped on the people of Southern Province, dubious contracts he was awarding to himself and also the kick backs that he was getting from the Chinese. ECL came out clearly that some of his minister are not clean and a few weeks later, CK was fired. Adding one and one, we can tell who the President was referring to. The man turns around and starts insulting the president and some people are applauding him!

    • It’s like you are a manager for a company and you get nabbed for passing a red light or drunk driving. You reach the station and discover one of your old supervisors at the company, you junior, is the ranking officer handling your case.
      Do you:
      1. Shout to him, “Iwe ka ch.i.c.o.lor, I am late, hurry up, I want to leave!” OR
      2. Say to him, “Iwe boyi, you are here?? That’s very good. I have a problem, help me out.”

  7. He looks very energetic and fit when he’s throwing tantrums. I hope he will be as energetic when answering to his charges. I wish him a quick recovery. Get well soon CK

  8. In most cases in Zambia, when a politician is very dirty and is forced out of Government, the rush to forming a Political Party so that if they are questioned, they claim the investigations are politically motivated. They would become vocal to be known as political heavy weights. All they are doing is running away from responsibility for crimes they committed. This is the case of CK.

  9. Leadership does not come from God. What is wrong with Zambians? Are they saying Hitler, Mussollini and Idi Amin were ‘anointed’ by God? Was Saddam Hussein, Gadafi and Al Bashir all appointed by Allah? How about Al Cappone and Pablo Escobar? All these were leaders in their own right. Stop this nonsense of God appointed leaders.

    • Apart from Mussolini, Hitler and Idi Amin, the rest were the right leaders for their countries given the volatility of those countries. You can see what’s happened after their departure. If you’re a Christian you will have come across a reading in one of Paul’s epistles where he says all leadership must be respected because it’s from God. Of course to the nonbelievers it doesn’t apply and I respect their stand.

    • Unless you are a christian it will be hard for you to understand and agree that leadership comes from God. All the the people you have mentioned here had there leadership from God. Read Romans 13:1-3.

  10. me i come from bemba land but i dont suport kambwili foolishness he need to be displined at all cost.he has so much hatred for the president.

  11. Let Kambwili learn a lesson of insulting publicly the head of state. What example is he giving to our youths? that to be politically successful one needs to be insolent? NO NO Not at all in a Christian country like ours. let him just learn from GBM and HH that insults do not make one a hero or successor to presidency. Kambwili learn to be mature! The likes of Mwenya Musenge are nothing but in the same group of people who have no vision for this country but to be given another chance to come steal from this country. NDC what a party one can join. If you join they will insult you and claim they are the founders and so can misbehave as they wish. Mwenya and Kambwili waht a bad ending, this is the end of their political carreer.

    • This Christian country label you say Zambia is is actually abhor able to say the least.Wonder wat would have happened if Jesus had been black..some crooks would have surely claimed he comes from their village. Jesus Ali umusungu, period. And we are a different people…
      Let’s be proud of it. Israel is not s Christian nation.wat is wrong with blacks????

  12. 13th Disciple you have made such a valid point. It is shocking the level of thinking and the constant need for people to bring God into issues that just require common sense. Respect is earned. If you carry yourself with integrity and dignity no one would dare insult you.

    • Black people are simply disgraceful in their approach to god.Whenever they fail to think…they attribute it to God , and one wonders whether even god is impressed with this approach to life. Zambia is now strange with a government ministry if religion….with a ps

  13. To effectively fight and eradicate Street Vending let the Local Government pass a law that prohibits motorists from buying merchandise (food stuff, airtime vouchers, and all sorts of things) from these vendors who line themselves on robot points. If this is effected, this thing of street vending will d1e a natural death.
    We dont need donors to provide us solutions that are so basic!
    Now that Lusaka is seemingly looking like a town NOT city, after good works and effort from our men women in uniform under the able leadership of President Lungu, it will be interesting to hear what Ichilema will say about the sanity that we are now enjoying. I have never heard Ichilema commend Government on positive matters, does it mean his eyes only see red?

    • Papito whatever your name is! What do you mean crap? So it wouldn’t have been crap if they all sided with Kambwili? You UPeND dung beetles, why are you in the habit of expending your energies negatively. Otherwise all these rantings coming from your neckless hero CK qualify for crap! One moment he is fit and barking like a rabid hound the next he is unwell because he has to appear in court
      Kambwili and Pilato are both cowards! No b*lls.!

  14. A president is human but you should know the boundary. FTJ wanted to be controlling Mwanawasa forgetting that the latter had now acquired powers to lock him up. All Levi did was to get the many skeletons FTJ had in his cupboard and there it was FTJ started reporting at Woodlands police station.

  15. hehehehehehehe! get well bwana CK. i wish Mwamba Chishimba Kambwili can come out before police and court to put the matter to rest. If that person is not available, i will also believe that you forged.

  16. Mmmmmm, sick now because he has to go to court??? The CK I know has never fallen sick ever since he started holding press conferences, how come he is now sick? Boma ilanganepo apa….ni boooza

  17. The 13th Disciple – It is nonsensical to go for elections and chose leaders based on tribal lines and claim that God has chosen them. If you read the bible, it was not God’s plan that we must have our own leaders. It is as a result of disobedient that he allowed as to have leaders and now we start ending up with chaff in state house and claim it is from God. The only thing Paul is saying is that Christian should maintain peace by not fighting these so called leaders whether they are corrupt, thieves but not that their being there is approved by God. Surely it will be an insult to our creator to insinuate that He approved leadership of Mussolini, Hitler, Idi Amin , Shaka and all these corrupt and thieving presidents we seeing today in the world.

  18. Chishimba Kambwili is also a human being prone to entitled illness. Zambian Courts are very understanding and will give him time to heal and eventually report to the Court of Law. We pray that he gets well soon.

    However, Iam curious as to why the entire authentic leadership of UPND fail to understand the games that Guy Scott, GBM, Nevers Mumba, Kambwili, Musenge and Kalaba are playing by the manner they dribble the Tonga and HH in particular. The dissident Bembas who voted for HH in 2016 will certainly regroup to vote for NDC as Hamududu takes up his share of the Southern votes. “Kaya Mwandi”.

  19. Ati;
    Lololo lolo lo lo lo!! Bola naikosa…..
    Chimbwili sangayi kwele bus.
    Ni Dununa Chimbwili, aaahhh yeeeh…… Dununa Chimbwili…… Dununa Reverse!!
    Enjoy P.F Baba Chimbwili.

  20. Luanshya District Freedom Fighters Association! Kambatika & Co. perish the thought that such an association can exist today. Genuine Zambian freedom fighters are still alive today and give them respect. Who are you and what is your objective in a free and sovereign state – Zambia.

  21. Kawalala running away from fellow kawalalas. Look Kambwili, Edger Lungu and all those PF thugs are the same. Make no mistakes. Kambwili has been stealing, so let him keep talking.

  22. When it comes to holding press conferences where he incessantly attacks and hurls insults at the Head of State, CK will always refuse to fall sick. But now that he is facing criminal charges, he has to fall sick. Anyway, I wish him quick recovery so that he faces the law.

    • How is telling some one they are a corrupt theif ” hurling insults” ???

      Why did lungu not deny that ?

    • Lungu is president and cannot bring himself to the level of a ngwangwazi. If Lungu has stolen he’ll be taken to court like FTJ. Kambwili is not your idol but just a tool to help your cause.

  23. CK find a young vocal energetic man to do the talking for you like Tayali. Tayali is taken.
    When you are not well, you should take a background role but do not give up the fight.
    You will just die in jail for a good cause then accuse Edgar for killing you when you are [email protected]*?
    You are useless when dead with no one to fight for you, that is what I am trying to tell you.
    Fighting Edgar and HBP na fimo fimo will kill you ASK ANY DOCTOR.
    Wishing you a quick recovery.

  24. @35 [email protected]

    Indeed…..the PF rats above are dancing hoping CK has caved in …..how is telling some that they are a corrupt theif insulting ? All lungu had to do was deny or better still sue CK , but he choses to use the state to fix CK.

    The damage has already been done…lungu IS a corrupt theif..

  25. Kambwili was certainly out of order insulting the head of state like that ,he should know that Edgar Lungu is not just PF President he is also President of the Entire Nation of Zambia and needs to be respected as such.If Kambwili has evidence of corrupt practise why has he not presented this to Parliament or indeed report to ACC or Police .
    This Politics of insults should not be allowed to continue in Zambia ,it’s shameful and disgraceful that a Member of Parliament and so called Political Consultant can behave in this way .Not even Trump has been riducled and insulted in this way by or a Senator . Challenging and insulting a sitting President like that is gross insubordination and unpatriotic .Kambwili should use the proper channels and present his evidence in Parliament-which I assume…

    • ACC does not work and are police you are referring are they the ones who watched NDC supporters being hacked by pf at the police station with pangas Last week ??

  26. CK is hypertensive and diabetic. After his dismissal, he should have taken it easy, gone on leave to London where his family lives, relaxed and rested. After this, he would then have returned to politics, more like statesman than as the kaponya type of politician. The politics he is playing will just play havoc with his health and could even terminate his political career .



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