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Lubuto University of Luanshya gives full sponsorship to 100 residents in Masaiti District


 Lubuto University of Luanshya
Lubuto University of Luanshya

About 100 residents of Masaiti District in Copperbelt province have received full tuition Scholarships from Lubuto University of Luanshya.

The scholarships are for various diploma and undergraduate courses in Engineering and social sciences and are in partnership with the office of the Council Chairperson in Masaiti district.

And Masaiti Council Chairperson, Christine Chande, lauded the initiative to award scholarships to youths in Masaiti saying the move would guarantee equal access to education in the district.

Lubuto University Vice Chancellor, John Mukange, says the scholarships are meant to complement government efforts in educating Zambians especially those from rural areas.

Dr Mukange disclosed that the institution has offered similar opportunities in other districts such as Mufulira and Chingola in order to improve access to higher education to Zambians.

Dr Mukange further encouraged the recipients to seize the opportunity and make meaningful contributions in the academia of the country.

ZANIS reports that the Lubuto University Vice Chancellor was speaking in Masaiti during the launch of the scholarship programme in the district.

And Masaiti Council Chairperson, Christine Chande, lauded the initiative to award scholarships to youths in Masaiti saying the move would guarantee equal access to education in the district.

Ms Chande disclosed that government will continue partnering with stakeholders to provide meaningful education for people across the country.

Ms Chande said it was for this reason that Masaiti council has allocated Land to Lubuto University to construct a modern main campus in Masaiti which will house among others sports facilities, hostels, theatres, and laboratories.

“This is a rare opportunity for our people and I urge them to use the chance correctly because opportunities like these do not come too often or at all, “she said.

Meanwhile, youths and residents of Masaiti have commended Lubuto University for providing scholarships to them.

Musonda Chisankano , one of the recipient of the scholarship to Study Environmental Health, says more institutions must emulate Lubuto in order to elevate education standards in the country.

Mr Chisankano said with the scholarship he would now be able to pursue his dreams which were practically impossible before due to lacking finances.

His colleague , Lewis Mulenga, who is physically challenged and living with his grandfather says the scholarship to study biology at the institution will help relieve the burden on his family to take him to school.

“I only have my grandfather and without this scholarship I was never going to go to school. So I am very grateful for government and cooperating partners for helping me, especially Lubuto University,” he said.

Joseph Mwamba, who is blind and received a full scholarship to study secondary teaching says the course will enable him contribute to education in the country.

Mr Mwamba has since called on all recipients to prudently use the opportunity to not only better their lives but their communities as well.

 Lubuto University of Luanshya Graduates
Lubuto University of Luanshya Graduates


  1. Well done…. clap clap clap. This is a stepping stone to educate our pathetically uneducated population.

    This is a milestone that is snowballing … our voting inclination will also be better as more people will be enlightened.

    Our lovely Zambia… we cannot all be at Oxford, use the Oar that you have in your boat, we are moving!!!

    • Indeed use the only oar we have to get to the shores…

      I personally cannot call those institutions pathetic … they are a dream come true for people with massive financial challenges to obtain a higher education.

  2. The mushrooming of these good for nothing universities , is the result of the desperation of Zambians who have come to falsely believe that going to the university is equal to success in life. This is a fallacy of composition. The crooks, who are creating these schools which have scanty facilities to carry out effective training, are exploiting this misleading belief.

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