Local tourists key to promoting tourism


Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Dr. Liya Mutale has challenged Zambians to take up the lead and be the first tourists of their own country before foreign tourists.

Dr Mutale says there is need for Zambians to appreciate and visit tourist sites that the country is endowed with saying that is the only way the country’s tourism sites will sale to the outside world.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Dr Mutale reviewed that the Ministry of Tourism and Arts priority target in the tourism sector are domestic tourists who she said if they visit their own tourism sites it would be easy for Zambia to attract international tourists.

She said the Ministry of Tourism and Arts is part of Governments decentralization process and to ensure that the tourism sector is prioritized, the Ministry will set up offices in districts to be responsible for tourism issues.

Dr. Mutale pointed out that Luapula Province has the potential for tourism especially that the province has good political will which she said can be used to drive the province’s tourism agenda and move development in the province.

And Group European Development Africa (GED) Zambia Country Manager Marcus Ascott, reviewed that GED Africa has taken up a Private Public Partnership project in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to construct a 200 Kilometres Road which will link Katanga Province and Luapula Province.

He said the company will also construct a 350 metres bridge across the Luapula River from Mwense District to the DRC and two modern one stop border posts at a cost of US$475 million dollars.

Mr Ascott noted that the project is vital for trade between the two boarder countries and that it will reduce transport costs for copper exports out of Katanga by 30 Kilometres and will also reduce congestion on other borders that Zambia shares with Dr Congo.

He added that once constructed, the bridge will increase the number of international tourists from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Zambia to visit the many tourist sites in Zambia.



  1. This view is said about almost everything including developing of the economy! Unfortunately, its not GRZ that runs lodges, hotels, tour cars and many others in the tourism value chain.

    They can only help in bringing down costs and providing the right incentives to all …


  2. Department of National Parks & Wildlife and Ministry of Tourism and Arts. You have a person who makes valuable contributions on your Facebook pages, yet you have failed to answer the questions asked. You seem to have a very rude and corrupt Permanent Secretary who thinks she is above the law. As new as she is, she is already involved in wildlife crimes. Dr. Liya Mutale you are just a person like everyone else. Tomorrow that title will be gone and given to someone else. You are as useless as they come. Start treating people with dignity and respect and they might respect you back. Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace. ~ Dalai Lama


  3. A Zambian paying just to watch elephants which are God’s creation? Never. I can remember how Europeans used to pay to watch rugby at Nchanga even though there was no wall. Meanwhile we stand outside by the wire fence and watch without paying. Europeans take fishing as a game…he will catch a big tiger fish measure, weigh it and gently put it back in the river. Me, that’s food you’re playing with including fingerlings tu kasepa.


    • You started off nicely. Then had to add the demeaning ending kikikiki. Your inferiority complex is nauseating.


  4. @Ndanje Khakis domestic tourism is the largest compared to international tourism and this Permanent Secretary probably stole this line from the person who frequently comments on their Facebook page who is a Zambian. Abroad they do so well when it comes to domestic tourism while promoting and marketing to outside destinations. Look at the US and how they turn a site such as 911 into a tourism attraction. We have the Victoria Falls and other places have falls but they market them and promote to their citizens. There are fees associated and people pay a day fee or other rates. There is food and beverage to man activities. This Permanent Secretary claims to kave a tourism background but that is false. She is as dunmb as they can be.


  5. Well it’s good idea but you need to sort out the rails from chingola to Livingstone ,coz This is most safer way and cheaper, it’s about time we should be having search developments


  6. It is a good idea indeed… why would I want to go and stare the ground and a river in a remote place in Zed where there are no toilets and proper accommodation?

    You just do your jobs, you wouldn’t even start asking us cause we shall come wherever there is proper accommodation. In my opinion, you are the ones letting us down.



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