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Zambian actor, Patrick Shumba Mutukwa, who plays a role in Black Panther


Zambian actor,  Patrick Shumba Mutukwa, who plays a role in Black Panther did an interview with Time Machine Zambia.

TMZ: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and upbringing?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: Thank you for having me. I am the 3rd born out of a family of 6. Born at the UTH hospital in Lusaka Zambia. Growing up in ZAF lusaka was great except the friends you grew up with would eventually move to a different city as soon as their parents retired. It was hard keeping friends as a kid. As a result of that, my siblings became my best friends.
We moved to Dambwa, Livingstone when I was in the 6th grade. Life had to start all over again.Making new friends and starting a new way of life. My dad would eventually pass away when I was in the 9th grade leaving behind a widow who was a housewife for most of her life.
We struggled a lot. The life we knew turned upside down. It wasn’t uncommon to go days without food. Despite all of this, we bonded together as a family and also fell in love with the community. 
My first stage experience was at Future Hope Church where I was an usher and a worship leader. It also helped that I was a Head Boy at Linda High School in 2001 as well as the Debate Club President.

TMZ: When did you get into acting and doing voice work?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: In retrospect, acting has always been there for me. We were expected to “act” like everything was ok even when we were at a low point in our lives. When I joined the drama team at church, it was so rewarding to tell someone else’s story and escape my realities for a bit.
Voice over started in America. Well, Ive always been told that voice is distinct. If you ask anyone who knows me, they will describe me by my voice. The one pivotal moment that started all of this was when I recorded my first audio book for a girlfriend’s blind mother for her birthday. Watching her experience the book through my voice was amazing.

TMZ: What role do you play in Black Panther and what was the whole experience like?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: I have 2 roles. I am a Border Tribe Warrior plus a dialect and accents assistant.

TMZ: What was it like training the cast of Black Panther with Dialect and accents – was this a difficult or an easy feat…what was the process like?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: It was an unbelievable experience. Here I am with Lupita N’yongo, Angela Bassett and a few of my favorite actors trying to hold my composure as I was teaching them to speak like me.
It was a much easier task once I got over the emotions. Most times, the director would stop the entire production, call me up, fix the dialects and then continue.

TMZ: Anything Zambians in particular can Look forward to in the movie and what do you think a movie like Black Panther will do for the Film industry as a whole?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: This movie is revolutionary. A first of its kind. The story is MARVELous and the action is great. You will hear some Nyanja words when KILLMONGER is being locked to the ground by the Doras. I honestly think this movie will change how superhero movies will be fined. A much more relatable superhero.

TMZ: Anything else you would like to add and where can people follow you on Social media?

Patrick Shumba Mutukwa: Certainly. This is only the beginning. The world will know about Zambia and all that we have to offer. My dream is to inspire as many lives as I can. Nothing is impossible with hard work and faith.


    • I don’t care about the role he played, was he paid accordingly, am tired of zambians who claim they participated in this and that, yet when you meet them they got nothing to of, a classical example is that boxer Joseph chingangu, who at one time was sparring with the likes of the klichtko brothers, what is he now a cadre, pf/NDC.

    • Why do you hate the truth? Is it wrong for me to ask a fellow zambian to be paid according to the service he rendered.


  1. Great; I was given the impression on CGTN for a Kenyan; now we have our own Zed boy; good on you my boy Patrick; remember to protect yourself from today’s diseases if you want to live long;

  2. This is brilliant! There is a Zambian in a movie that has smashed box office ratings and got 100% rating from critics on rotten tomatoes!

    • Humility is a cost to this country, won’t be surprised when i hear, he did that for free. That’s typical zambian mentality.

  3. Awesome and congratulations for making your self, your family and Zambia proud. I loved the movie, watched it yesterday. 18th February,2018. Purely African.

    • But did you see him or hear any Nyanja as he claims that there is Nyanja in the movie? He did a Stunt work you can not call that a role in a movie he did not speak how does that become a role in the movie when you have no speaking role. That’s extra background.

  4. Chadwick Boseman
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Chadwick Boseman
    Chadwick Boseman by Gage Skidmore July 2017 (cropped).jpg
    Boseman in 2017
    Born Chadwick Aaron Boseman[1][2]
    November 29, 1977 (age 40)
    Anderson, South Carolina, U.S.
    Education Howard University (BFA)
    Occupation Actor
    Years active 2003–present
    Chadwick Aaron Boseman (born November 29, 1977)[3][4] is an American actor. He is known for portraying Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013), James Brown in Get on Up (2014), Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (since 2016), and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017). He also had roles in the television series Lincoln Heights (2008) and Persons Unknown (2010), and the films The Express (2008), Draft Day (2014), and Message from the King (2016).

    Contents [hide]…

  5. Do people in Zambia know that the legendary radio presenter Mark Turbor was actually an American Black Panther who fled to Zambia and lived out the rest of his life there?

  6. SMH ati Zambian actor featured in Black Panther. This boy is too excited for no reason. He did some Stunt in the movie that doesn’t make him having a role. He is not in the movie he had a Stunt role. Do people understand what a stunt role is in a movie? Let’s say King T’challa (Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther) is being thrown in a river from the mountain, he is not the one who is going to be there, they do some graphics and get a stunt guy to do that then they put it together. So this young man was being used when one of the soldier was kicked and now he claims to have a role in a movie. Too excited when he has not made it yet. There is no Nyanja in the movie the movie is being played as in the Kingdom of Wakanda which is being considered that Wakanda was in Nigeria. Some words…

  7. …. Some words being used in the movie was South African Languages because John Kani (The father to Black Panther) is in the movie and was the first Black Panther from the Kingdom of Wakanda. He was not even near teaching them Dialects. Lastly he lied to say being interview by TMZ. He wrote that interview to himself and sent it to Lusaka Times through email. Facts, there is no such interviews on the website from TMZ. Please. We have Zambians here making it to the movie industries quietly.

  8. These Zambians who wants to claim things that they are not doing. This boy is a show off, I was just checking with TMZ site nothing talks about this boy. if anyone can check the Cast and Crews of this movie there is not Zambian mentioned come on now. IMDB is the best to tell you who featured and what role, just search for a movie and cast., this is what is called Fake news. And ba Lusaka Times check for facts before excepting such nonsense to come on your platform. The guy took a selfie in his Apartment and now wants to claim he had a role in the Blockbuster movie. He said he was teaching some dialects to Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Basset. Liar Lupita is Kenyan and she speaks African languages already how is he going to be teaching her dialects. Don’t get me wrong the young guy…

  9. Continued. Don’t get me wrong the young guy has an opportunity to make it in the industry but he is too excited and putting himself where is not yet. Acting is all about connection and meeting the right people to put you there. He is already in America and mixing with these big names yes he can mate but slow down from showing off, you may tell your dreams to a dream killer. Good luck with that.

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