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University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University to remain closed-Luo

Headlines University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University to remain closed-Luo

University of Zambia Resident Engineer Ally Nyirenda showing the Minister of High Education Nkandu Luo the part of the water pipes the where removed during the clean up exercise due to cholera at University of Zambia
University of Zambia Resident Engineer Ally Nyirenda showing the Minister of High Education Nkandu Luo the part of the water pipes the where removed during the clean up exercise due to cholera at University of Zambia

Minister of Higher Education, Nkandu Luo says the University of Zambia (UNZA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) will remain closed until the institutions meet the public health requirements.

Prof. Luo said the continued closure of the institutions is in the best interest of the general public because the two universities host a large population which would have put the students at risk had they opened when cholera broke out in the country.

The minister said this in a ministerial statement delivered in Parliament yesterday.

Prof. Luo stated that the hygiene standards at the Public institutions have gone down.

She said the inspections at the learning institutions which are being conducted as a result of the epidemic would continue and will be undertaken every fortnight.

Prof. Luo added that the inspections will ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained at the two highest institutions of learning.

She however said her ministry realizes the important role the institutions play in the economic dispensation of the country.

Prof. Luo added that her ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Health, Local government and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to ensure that sanitation levels at the institutions are worked on.

She said the move is meant to protect the health of the students, staff and general public.

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    • Good luck to the students

      Here the thing – 20 years ago a degree mean something of substance and including a Masters

      Nowadays these are NOTHING

      Unless you have a PhD you are NOTHING of substance
      I had 29 points and accepted at UNZa natural sciences and refused to go because the standards are low nd I wouldn’t necessarily want to be taught by a black person.
      I remember when I was in grade 5, because i was this much intelligent I was asked to go to grade 6 where I for 689 which was the highest at the time in the coperbelt

      I got 29 points in grade 12 and easily passed to go to grade 10 (388 points) without leakage

      I have gone on to be doing my PhD?



    • What universities with i!diots for students? Shame.

      Learn from American high school kids. In the face of tragedy these brave children protest peacefully and put their points across to adults coherently and negotiatee. They diidnt damage their schools.

    • Mushota–What do mean by this sentence “I had 29 points and accepted at the University of Zambia”? Whst did you accept?

    • If you ve at these unis you can agree with luo. These students are dirty no wonder our country looks so filthy. They’re the ones we entrust with managing our society and we expect it to be clean. Just visit their offices and see how dirty tgey are.

    • hahahahaha just what i needed to kick-start my day, some humor. 29 points is division 2, 388 marks at grade 9 even in our time (1996) was just on the meniscus, infact lower average, and in places like Lusaka and copperbelt ninsh na mupona. Mayo nafwa kunseko, these are really poor grades if used to claim that one is a genius.

    • @ Nubian B!tch

      If our students try to demonstrate peacefully, they will be met with live ammunition because did not get permit to demonstrate?

    • @Mushota, you were dull. 29 points to be accepted to the university and in the school of Natural Science? Some of us were scored 9 points when we were accepted at ‘varsity. I now understand where you are coming from.

    • And to you a PHD in unrecognized field at a kantemba university is a big achievement, i feel sorry for you. blogging is a life to you , go get a life sis, there is more you can do.I believe you are a good person who lacks guidance, you are a gorked pinheaded with your sappy ways.The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.Remember Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

    • Mushota,

      where is your point about the issue here?
      PLEASE, PLEASE: LT is NOT for self-promotion.
      All your so-called “academic achievements” (whether true or not) have absolutely nothing to do with the 2 Universities being closed for health-reasons.

      Every few months you are writing the same bull – see what you wrote on last year’s Dec. 13th.
      Truly sorry for poor frustrated you!

    • A complete rethink and reorientation by people with the moral authority. Luo or Lungu is not one of them. Have a nice and chilled weekend

  1. I think government is been dishonest. We all know the problem, there is no money and you are busy hiding behind cholera.madam we are not kids.

    • UNZA and CBU students should just swallow their pride and go to kneel down to Nkandu Luo and apologize for calling her a man

    • For the love of money, listen to HH. These universities must open whether cholera or not, students know how to look after themselves!

    • Too many selfish educated foooools like Prof. Luo….how can a university close this long? How can you attract international students like this…yet you are busy opening and pumping funds in new colleges you can not manage!!


  3. You got 29 points in grade 12 and easily passed to go to grade 10 (388 points) without leakage…


    • Late 90’s there was no leakage.

      I don’t understand why you would want to doubt someone who genuinely has gone on to do better things thereafter.

      I don’t tell lies.



  4. This is unethical and unprincipled behavior of the highest level by PF controlled academia. Failing to run the highest institution of learning is retrogressive to the Zambian education development and Africa as a whole. The Zambian education system has never improved in terms of infrastructure we lack leadership at political level. Lets not mix politics with education institutions and focus on improving service delivery in the education sector. In Zambia you can be an academician but when appointed in political positions, you will never execute duties professionally due to selfish politicians.

    • Mushota 29 points is division 388 in grade ten was average then and not intelligient. I finished grade twelve in 1991 when the MMD came to power and no leakage. At least Mushota you tried and that PHD of yours you derserve it.


  6. When did the university close for the holidays ? Was it not in November why up until now has the government done nothing to upgrade the health facilities so that the university was ready to welcome students upon opening – disgraceful !!!!!!!!! No wonder we will never be a first world country – education is at the bottom of the list and that’s where Zambia will remain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgraceful.

    • @MUSTAFA
      A country blessed with abundant natural resources still ranks as the world’s 3RD hungriest, what does that tell you? A country where a preventable disease, cholera, is a major threat to life. A country where people, deliberately, elect a thief. Do you think things can only get worse? You are right.

  7. Very dull girl, 29 points!…and you qualify for grade 10 and not to grade 10…very poor English even at PhD. Must be @ University of I’m Dull Fix Me.

    • That not the English I have been brought up to know.

      You know little and talks like you know much.



  8. Whereas we welcome the need to improve sanitation at the two institutions could the Hon Minister speed up the process one fire engine could improve both institutes or do as you have done to many things sell it to the Chinese they will fix it. Oh and what has happened to the cash from the mall?

  9. University of Zambia Resident Engineer Ally Nyirenda holding a dirty filthy pipe with his bare hands. And we say cholera will end with such people. That pipe is full of monks’ dry and concentrated urine and feacal matter.
    And this minister is jealousy of UNZA and does not want it open. Just how does one become a minister of an institution that she hates so much. UNZA has denied her several times to lecture anything there because she does not qualify to lecture anything there. And hence the bitterness.
    For her keeping UNZA closed is the best she can.
    We need a neutral minister to run higher education.

    • get your facts straight; i dont blame you; you could be 30 or less. do you know where Prof Luo was working before becoming an MP/MINISTER? Otherwise perpetual closure is anti developmeta, retrogressive, a peppetuation of mischiefs, may something be done hurriedly.

  10. Mushota is a scatter brain. Everything she is saying does not connect at all. It just shows how does she/he is. How does one get 388 points and still pass in Zambia.
    Awe this kamunthu is just something else.

    • This was without leakage at the Copperbelt. Why would I lie.

      I pride myself on having character associated with flair and segacity.

      I say nothing but the truth now yesterday and tomorrow.



    • Am starting to suspect Mushota is a parrot or a doll … the vocabulary range is narrow and repetitive!

  11. Most bloggers posting comments here haven’t even been to UNZA to see the state of sanitation and water facilities there. A lot of work has yet to be done in the student hostels with the blocked toilets. Efforts are being made to get the military to help. Toilets in the lecture theatres – with the exception of the new one next to the Confucius Institute – are in terrible shape. In the main library, all the toilets are unusable, except those near the entrance. Those in the stairways haven’t been in use for decades! Most toilets in schools have no water supply. In the administration building, only the toilets near the senate chambers can pass any health inspection test! And you say UNZA must reopen now!!

    • That is correct, why should it take a cholera epidemic to do routine maintenance because these things did not breakdown in December. If the government had resources and is the process of repairing at least some estimated time of opening would have been made, leaving it open gives un impression that nothing is being done or maybe too little is being done because of scarce resources

    • I concur with @Facts on the state of sanitation at UNZA. It is pathetic to say the least. Not only is sanitation in student hostels bad, it is equally bad in staff houses. Take the Commonwealth Youth Centre. In this time and age, it still has an open sewer line that gives a foul smell to those living near in Handsworth and in Marshlands where it runs on the edge of the wall fence. This is something that should not be allowed in this time and age. All the current Vice-Chancellor, the Vice and Registrar know about is just buying expensive vehicles for themselves and refurbishing their houses using UNZA money. They do not give it a damn about the welfare of staff in UNZA houses, particularly in Handsworth.

  12. Michael Sata school of medicine and Robert Makasa which are both run by CBU are new structures. Students were sent to Robert Makasa before water and electricity were connected and remained so for over a month, did Nkandu care? Our children are getting old at the university because programs now take unnecessarily long because of these closures

  13. There’s need for the Speaker to send his committee to verify Nkandu’s statement because it lacks clarity. There’s no guarantee that the schools will remain open for the whole duration for students to catch up. I don’t trust this woman. When will Edgar relieve her?

  14. Am sure there is maintenance team at the university and one wonders what they have been doing all this time for the toilets and shower rooms to go that bad. They are the type that go there for money and not to work to earn. Change that person.I can do wonders with less than what they are projecting. The structures are already there and required is just improvements and thereafter maintenance.

  15. Isn’t the same government responsible for maintaing these institutions? Luo sounds like an outsider looking from outside in! If the highly paid professors in charge of running these Unis are not up to it, why are you keeping them? We dont need a cholera epidemic to realise how deplorable sanitary conditions are at the 2 Unis! Find an interim solution to this problem rather than just insist on keeping them shut. If it means fixing half of those deplorable toilets, then be it at least so that students can reopen while the rest gets fixed. Luo, you are part of that problem and therefore you should provide a solution not just take a hard stance on the situation.

  16. I am applying to replace that resident Engineer who cannot maintain a simple system and how can one think he can even design one? The photo tells us a lot more about the engineer that safety is not a priority to him and is ready to contract cholera and prove it does not kill. How does one handle such with bare hands even when you are so afraid of the minister’s presence?

    • The problem is they dont employ civil engineers for the Job of a Resident Engineer (RE). CBU has been employing Architects and Quantity surveyors for the RE Job, what a shame.How to you expect them to understand maintenance of infrastructures when they have no knowledge of material technology,sustainable designs.They operate at a level of a bricklayer hence the dilapidated state of infrastructures.

    • #GhostDog, EIZ is equally to blame. It’s why I have refused to be a member of an institution that does not add professional value to its members.

  17. Government should be honest, they simply don’t have money to run these two institutions period.
    Hungry Lion which serves food to 1000’s was found with cholera but reopened within two weeks so what is Luo saying. How hard is it to renovate toilets at these two universities.

  18. Kwena mulifipuba bonsefye, Lungu is even better by far. The only thing is he stole from unsuspecting client and he will be tried for perpetually stealing during his Presidency!

  19. The minister is even very proud to announce that the two public higher institutions of learning will remain closed because of pathetic hygiene conditions and yet the govt is to blame because of erratic funding. The govt should bail out the institutions so that the students can quickly go back to school. If it was a by election money would have already been found but for education the govt is mute. It is scandalous.

  20. During the Kaunda days there was care about education – in spite of his eventual failures, Kaunda invested heavily in health and education. The so-called liberalization of the later years (not properly researched and for a country not ready) changed government and people’s mind sets. The culture of ‘sangwapo’, individualism and selfishness crept in. Today we have regimes that do not appreciate the value of proper education and health for a nation. Hence, no meaningful investments or maintenance of institutions. It is disgraceful that conspicuous consumption is everywhere in areas that are not a priority, including leaders and civil servant pockets. Allowances, expensive vehicles, travels but nothing for maintenance, sanitation and the environment.

  21. UNZA facilities were never perfect even in the mid to late 90’s when I was there.I resided in the ruins (AFRICA) and showers/toilets were sub-standard.We still went to classes and eventually graduated.
    Just admit that there is no funding for the lecturers,workers and students.PF made the budget based on IMF bail out but that did not happen.
    There is no money until March when companies pay corporate taxes…

  22. When for 54 years of independence government is failing to run and manage two highest learning government institutions in the country yet the same government give a slogan “education is the key to success”. Sanitary is one reason that pinpoints to the closure but these institutions will be closed at some point reasons government forgets that students need to receive there BC in so doing students riot hence increasing the cases of damaging the institution’s properties by cops who breaks into the rooms to beat students. Further still, our government if possible must make sure they fund these institutions coz last year government had a very huge debt owing UNZA which in the end lead the management to source funds from the students and were made not to write exams.

  23. The government is broke pure and simple, they should stop using cholera and poor sanitation as excuses. They know if and when the institutions open they will student allowances to pay etc.

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