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Kitwe Council Refutes CDF mismanagement claims by Chimwemwe MP

General News Kitwe Council Refutes CDF mismanagement claims by Chimwemwe MP

The Kitwe City Council has refuted allegations by Chimwemwe Member of Parliament Mwila Mutale that over K500, 000 Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for the year 2013 has gone unaccounted for.

Mr. Mwila alleged that the money that was meant for drilling five boreholes and putting up street lights in three roads in Chimwemwe constituency has been spent but none of the works was done.

Speaking in an interview in ZANIS in Kitwe today, Kitwe City Council Manager for the above CDF projects Kelvin Navinda explained that the localauthority paid for all the three road lighting projects and two were done.

Mr. Navinda said the contractor for the third road lighting project did not do the works forcing the local authority to terminate the contract after consulting its the legal department.

He named the two roads where street lights were put as Chishimba and Garnetone –Zambia Compound roads while Twatasha road was abandoned by the contractor who later was ordered to provide poles equivalent to the amount of money he was given to carry out the project.

He clarified that the local authority paid K107, 000 for Twatasha road, K59, 000 for Chishimba road and another K59, 000 for Garnetone-Zambia compound road.

The contractors engaged were G.A Automation, Josmark Enterprise and Majety contractors, all of Kitwe district.

And on the boreholes, Mr. Navinda said the three boreholes were drilled but in the process, two got vandalised while one was producing muddy water which the residents could not use.

He explained that the contractor was then told to flush out the muddy water but did not do so despite having being paid all the money until the legal department took the case to court.

Mr. Navinda further stated that on the three solar boreholes, Billium contractor was engage to do the work which he did not fully execute.

He added that the defaulting contractors will soon be taken to court for failing to carry out the works after receiving the money for the respective projects.

Mr. Navinda said it was wrong for Mr. Mutale to say the money went unaccounted for when the works were actually carried out despite some not having been completed as specified.

He said it was also important to note that the council was not sitting idle over the uncompleted projects but was pursuing the defaulting contractors.

Constituency Development Funds is money allocated to constituencies for development projects that are suggested by residents.


  1. Did these people discuss before going to the press? I’ve been to Chimwemwe and have seen the solar powered street lights and tarred roads. Boreholes can’t say anything since these can’t be seen at a glance. Mwenya Musenge was MP, he can shade more light on this.

  2. If they are not done then why has it taken 5 years pursue in court. Too long maybe this is an old report mixed in with current news

  3. The street lights that were done on the Ndola-Kitwe Dual carriage were only worked for a few days, they have since been off. These were done by KCC because they said they wanted to save money. There’s no explanation that has been given. The rate of failure is worrying, why have most projects failed?

  4. This is the time Kitwe had the most rogue councillors and none of them was re-adopted to recontest. They demolished people’s houses and shared the plots. One councillor threatened Bornwell Lwanga with a firearm in his office over plots. Does it take 5yrs to pursue truant contractors? Today there’s no parking space at KCC because it’s been taken by worker’s SUVs. Don’t tell me they got loans to by 4500cc vehicles and build up East of Garnetone? They’re stealing big time bwana Khakis

  5. I do not agree with the council manager , does it have to take 5 years for them to take action on contractors who have failed to deliver. I think the other problem is with us residents,we just leave everything to politicians to speak for us. Its high time we start taking keen interest in all the happenings in our constituencies especially these cdf projects.

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