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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

ZNBC failed to pay salaries because it had not collected TV Levies from ZESCO

General News ZNBC failed to pay salaries because it had not collected TV Levies...

Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

Government has assured Parliament that the financial challenges that the national broadcaster ZNBC is facing are temporary.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya says ZNBC has not collected TV levy through ZESCO hence the delay to pay salaries to its workers.

Speaking in Parliament last evening, Ms Siliya said government will continue helping the institution until it is able to stand on its own.

She said going forward government will appoint a board to help in the running of affairs at the corporation.

Ms Siliya was responding to a question from Chiengi MP Given Katuta who wanted to find out when workers at ZNBC will be paid.

She disclosed that once the Independent Broadcasting Authority-IBA- starts collecting the TV levy, the funds will be remitted to ZNBC.

Meanwhile many MPs took turns to ask the Minister on what is being done to ensure the financial constraints at the national broadcaster are resolved once and for all.


  1. I’m sure despite her hopeless tenure ku agriculture, where farmers inputs were always LATE, this playgirl, & sorry excuse for a minister got her salary on time, not forgetting she was never starving or in need like the poor Z.N.B.C workers, considering all the kickbacks & scandals (Maize -gate) she was involved in.
    With a USELESS Anti Corruption Commission, should this lady charlatan dare challenge The King of Chawama, A.C.C will promptly open the Maize -gate case pronto!!

  2. Get serious the tv levy is paid as cash to Zesco. Why not take the money where it belongs. In Zambia ministers must be fired or resign on there own with such failures. You can’t answer like that in parliament without making sense and you get comfortable. What a shame. These Mps also accepts that answer. Surly are you there for the people or to just make your money.

    • For this reason I respect the FFF of SA. They don’t brook that kind of nonsense.

      In any case shouldn’t it be a crime to withhold a worker’s pay?

  3. Iyeeee sure! So now ZNBC pays salaries from TV levy! My foot! How did they used to survive before TV levy was introduced?

  4. This is a sad situation at ZNBC. You guys have only been covering government and PF pronouncements leaving other Zambians and politicians who could speak for you. Now you want us to sympathies with you. Yeah because you are our fellow Zambians , but learn something from this. The PF MPs are not querying. There was a motion to pay government retirees only Inonge of PF voted with the opposition. She refused because her conscience could not allow her to vote as a PF block!!! PF have a heart for these guys they are not the opposition. DUNUNA REVERSE mulecimona lelo.

  5. Ms Siliya said government will continue helping the institution until it is able to stand on its own.
    How long has DeadNBC been in existence? When will it be able to stand on its own?
    DeadNBC is not supposed to rely on licence money, what business model is that?

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