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HH Press Briefing on Land Issues

Videos and Audios HH Press Briefing on Land Issues


  1. Reminds me of my childhood when we used to play or rather imitate elders on being husbands and wives. We even used to build makeshift houses and cook fake food and even have dolls just like we are in real marriage. This is exactly what HH is doing pretending to be President and wanting all the attention

    • It is pathetic… President Charles Chanda of the UPPZ was on radio Phoenix excellently presenting his land policy and how he is practically spending millions of Dollars empowering indigenous Zambians by buying land back….

      Then all of a sudden, you have HH discussing the same? What a joke!

      The only alternative is UPPZ Charles Chanda… To be honest all the other guys standing for president have gotten wealth off the backs of poor people. It is only Charles Chanda whose never involved himself in dodgy deals….

  2. You don’t have to listen to him in order to know that he is a fake. His only objective is to be in stste house and do all those things that he thinks other people are doing. You can tell his fruit from his many contradictory statements all designed to make us think he is an angel.
    He is no more than the chief tribalist, rememember Sejani, remember Chief Mukuni ceremony? No other tribe welcome. If you xannit let others rule why should others let your clan rule them? Monkey in a tribal field! Deny it!

  3. #1 Anonymous, you mean what we used to call manyengwe? Couldnt agree with you more!

    Who does not know h.h by now after so many attempts? As they say “a lepoard never changes its spots”, no matter how many coats of paint he applies! Never has Zambia been polarised on tribal grounds than since h.h came on the scene. And when he sees Zambia going down because of him, he should stand on the anthill and point fingers! The bemba monkey in a maize field GBM knows that he remains a bemba monkey because we have not heard any withdraw or apology.

    • Some of you people commenting clearly haven’t listened to what HH said. He is very clear, very logical, very clever and very patriotic. He places the Zambians at the centre of all economical activities hence protecting and empowering the Zambian.

    • If he places a Zambian at the centre of all economic activities, he would have advised the government correctly during privatisation and we would have seen that and supported him to be president right now. His friends like Valentine Chitalu are presidential and clever enough to know that they stand no chance to ever run for president because of their activities are not standing because of privatisation.

      Only the Dull HH thinks he can pull it off after shiiiiiiting on the citizens. Really?????

  4. Free advice to h.h and upndeez.
    Learn to apologise for your previous wrong actions and retract your previous wrong statements which have become an infamous label on you, people may then forgive you and take you seriously and give you a chance as you campaign for 2021. Otherwise sorry bwana you are wrong to think that we forget easily. For example, we heard for ourselves that you were appointed to your position on the basis of replacing Mr Mazoka from the same region, we don’t remember upndeez telling us otherwise apart from the cosmetic changes in some leadership positions where your own vice president GBM cannot even act in your place for what we can only conclude are the same reasons.

  5. i seriously realised we have very dull leaders and journalists in this country. if you remove 5 kwacha from one pocket and put it in another pocket, you dont become any richer or poorer please. how can someone say five days break slows the economy. these are pure farmer mentalities that want their farm workers work 365 over 365 days. imagine a government worker that spends 5 days at his farm working on those days. does the economy improve or worsen. wat about 1000 people that go for a press conference? do they add value? imagine productive adults leaving their businesses at 7 cheering for an individual for two hours? this economy will never improve because we have zambians and leaders that have time to worst. another five days mr president next month and you will see how the economy will…

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