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Chisamba released after gun incident

Sports Chisamba released after gun incident

Chisamba Lungu (R)
Chisamba Lungu

Chipolopolo star Chisamba Lungu has been released from police detention after he was picked up for threatening to shoot a fellow reveler at a named hotel in Kitwe on Friday night following a confrontation with Jerabos.

Lungu, who plays for FAZ Super Division side Ndola Buildcon, is reported to have produced a pistol after being attacked by Jerabos who allegedly stole a wallet from him.

The former Russia based midfielder was released from Kitwe Central Police Station on bond on Saturday.

Police have told the 2012 Africa Cup winning Zambia star to produce a gun license as he faces prosecution.

“Having a gun licence is not a passport to threaten people with it. He will appear in court unless the complainant withdraws the case,” sources close to the case said.

And Chisamba’s friend who witnessed the incident say the footballer was forced to remove a pistol after Jerabos attacked him and stole his wallet which had a driver’s license and money.

“The Jerabo guys started insulting Chisamba telling him that he was finished. Later as Chisamba went to the car park they followed him and searched him before getting his wallet from the pocket.”

“The Jerabos ran away with the wallet which had a drivers licence and over $500 plus K800.That’s when he removed a gun from the car,” the friend narrated.


    • PF please stop selling guns for God’s sake.
      We grew up in gun free society, we used even to laugh at the P.Force for not having bullets, like fire trucks shows up with empty trucks.

    • now the police can not arrest those who stole the wallet. now they want to show people that they work by arresting a victim. who complained to the police? is it a thief or what?

    • That was just a fight at the bar (probably because of a girl). You can’t produce a gun in public, period. Ba Lusaka Times naimwe how do you label everything common thief from CB a Jerabo?

    • Jerabo’s are what our government considers as entrepreneurial youths fit to go to state house and take pictures with the president. To me an ordinary citizen, they are thugs, criminals and no sane public figure should be seen condoning these thugs.

    • Jerabos, so these cats are new batch of thugs terrorizing hard Woking Zambia. Chisamba Lungu, you did what a man is supposed to do. Same here would’ve done the same. I hate thugs, they’re losers.

  1. The fact that he was threatened and money stolen (wallet).He was defending himself. If didn’t have a gun. Those people would have hurt him. That he didn’t shoot then it was’t excessive force. But the gun saved it purpose by scaring the hell of those thugs. However, we can only its a licensed gun. Not those illegal Russian guns obtained from the lawlessness Russian Crimea. Otherwise, pali namulandu apa.

  2. The fact that he was threatened and money stolen (wallet).He was defending himself. If he didn’t have a gun. Those people would have hurt him. The fact that he didn’t shoot anyone, it was’t excessive force. But the gun saved its purpose by scaring the hell out of those thugs. However, we can only hope its a licensed gun. Not those illegal Russian Crimean firearms. Otherwise, palibe namulandu apa.

  3. And the story does not mention whether the complainant has been arrested as a suspected robber.. ZP whats going on?

  4. Its high time these Jerabos have to be sorted out. Let them to come and misbehave in Lusaka and see what will happen to them. These *****s are thugs and thieves who have blessings from some of our useless politicians. Self defense now becomes the offence?

  5. Jerabos go to drink with loads of money, they can’t steal a wallet from anybody let alone run away at the sight of a pistol. The story has been twisted to save the young man. I still remember what Dickson Jere narrated as advice from RB when he hinted about buying a firearm. I also remember the counsel I received from a senior police officer when he recommended a rifle over a pistol at the time I was buying my first rifle. A pistol or revolver is very tempting

  6. Musiyeni, this guy was threatened by Thugs who have been empowered by the current Cadre mentality of believing they are above the law.
    We know.of some high government “advisor” who released a firearm in public, threatening to shoot a citizen, & is.still walking free, & has gone on to assault female Police officers, & has a brother who actually punches Police officers.

  7. It’s high tym these guys da jerabos group killed leave da young man alone dat’s a gd move if it ws me i cud ve killed one next tym u shud kill one dey r stupid

  8. How did you know that it was jerabos? What is the purpose of having a weapon, which you can not use when you are attached Bakapokola?

  9. If truly they stole from you then the police shouldn’t use the word threatening but yes to ask you to produce the gun licence and to advise you to use it next time the jail boys attack you. The government need to term these thugs because we need up like it was in MMD when they were given so much power and they started threatening innocent civilians. MMD lost elections to PF when they ignored people’s cry. Surly can’t we learn. why are we allowing this wrongs is it because we allowed too many MMD memebers to join Us (PF).

  10. The altercation was between Chisamba and another guy whose name is not mentioned here, and he’s not a jerabo. This story is twisted now, refer to earlier reports

  11. Chi u just did the right thing. Any sane being would do the same. Ba police find something real to work on. Leave the man alone. Ma PhDs(pull him/her down) are jst too many pa Zed

  12. Some Police officers have been seen guarding some of the most powerful Jerabos for K50.00, what do you expect from them when an issue such as the one involving Chisamba is brought to the fore?

  13. From all your comments, PF government is bringing back UNIP’S vigilantes no difference only that the Jarabos are only on the Copperbelt . These thugs come election time, they will do harm and cause mass killings in the name of PF or pa bwato. Lungu need to step in before shiit hit the fan. Chasamba had a right to protect him self and his hard earned money from these ugly uneducated monkeys.

  14. Corrupt police. Chi samba is now a victim because he has money. Those are the kind of people police want to arrest. They will make sure chi samba bribes them. Once they call the other person involved, the case will be dismissed due to bribes.

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