Monday, April 22, 2024

Lily Mutamz releases “I Adore you”


Lily Mutamz releases yet another powerful song inspired by the Holy Spirit. The song is called ‘I Adore You’. Lily recorded this song on her phone then sent it to her producer Adeolu Bayode who was inspired to bring the song to life. This video was shot in Abuja, Nigeria.

Lily’s prayer is that you will experience a lifting in your spirit as you listen to this song.



  1. I am not sure what she’s up to! instruments are pop, whilst she sings gospel. Crazy or lack of ideas!!!!

    Zambians music is always copy cut, hence the reason I hate Zambian Music because Zambians are not creative.

  2. I am not a fan but this looks promising. Swallow your non existent pride Lily and you might just do it in music business. This is good a start. Now focus!

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