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Fred M’membe Critising Zambian Government



  1. Always done that. There’s nothing new here other than becoming a politician openly and putting his name down on a ballot paper.

    • Its unfortunate Musumali and Mmembe mislead the Cuban ambassador. He should have given his solidarity to Mmembes party in private but immediately he opened his mouth to publicly support Mmembes party that was his undoing. Mmembe should apologize to the Zambian government and not the other way round for creating this problem and embarrassment between Zambia and cuba. He mislead an innocent man who was less than a month in Zambia. How sad. Noone disputes what Cuba has done in Africa, its the gesture he displayed at Mmembes party publicly that is of question. If Mmembe wants to stay long in politics, he should know that there are rules in politics how things are played. Zambia is not a Katemba like his Post was. Where did Musumali get his doctorate, in Cuba?



    • Mmembe is a bitter man. He is entering politics not for the good of the Zambian people but for vengeance purposes. That itself disqualifies him from the list of perceived politicians who can give hope to mother Zambia. My advise to him is let him just join existing journalism international NGOs. He can vent his anger from there. Politically he is a nonentity. He expired with the post newspaper.

    • mwakale – when someone criticizes Lazy Lungu and his govt you say why don’t you join politics and form your party…when they form a politics and form party a party the selfsame PF state the you are bitter and panic by using state machinery to frustrate you!!

  3. The Past was a political party. Little fleddy the accounts clerk, wannabe lawyer and scribe is now a fully blown politician…what he has always set out to become is now unfolding he is no longer satisfied with giving heads of state names of people to promote like the speaker, dpp, permanent secretaries and ambassadors he wants the biggest prize and in the process regain his printing company and trucks…but we all know he is not a business man he was hoodwinked by a Fatdesk lawyer to surrender close to 2 million dollars in a transaction with only one winner….so may good wind fill your sails….

  4. People were laughing at membe but now after after all the free unprecedented publicity , it’s game on……

    • @Spaka like lilo
      Its you the UPND who should worried because now you may have someone to challenge you small god called HH in the opposition since you chaps have for a long time been held hostage. Any rightful and sane person would agree that M’membe will be targeting you sleepy supporters as it is very clear that those in PF and no one for that matter on the winning side in modern world today can ever think of associating or rather belonging to the defunct socialism ideologies. The Russians, (USSR) and all socialist countries have abandoned this ideology and are now making up for the lost time of being socialists. Do you remember humanism, it was founded on socialism and you all know the story, queuing up for shoe polish, who would want to go back to such holocaust times? M’membe,…

  5. We told you, the bungling pf have scored an own goal… can be jumping how right deporting the ambasodor was right, but the negatives far outweigh the what ever you have archived…..lungu needs better advisors..

  6. Mmembe you are nowhere near Presidential material. You just want to come and settle scores with your enemies. But I strongly condemn the PF government for what they did to your company.

  7. At long last Fred Mweembe (mosi, wine, castle, kachasu etc) has spoken with his head and has produced evidence. I wish the past and the mast behaved the same

  8. Dracula has risen from the grave. Zambia’s version of a vampire is now ready to draw political blood. But a wooden stake is waiting for him in 2021 and he will be sent back into oblivion where he belongs with his POST, which is now PAST.

  9. PF PF please kindly reserve some dignity for mother Zambia, it is call research before you act. Acting before you do your homework is for amateurs and not what you expect from the government in power. How did you get this one wrong. Shamed at your own games. Ala ubufi Bulaya Noku bwela

  10. …what is freedom , what is liberty…define for for me democracy, rule of law …is all this fantasy in dreams…thoughts from Dr Muyagana

    • The thoughts go Dr Muyagana should also perceive that democracy has never been in African culture nor history. African is a continent developed on Chiefs and symbiosism with other tribes… that is Africa.

      Your thoughts should be thinking why DEMOCRACY has never worked in Africa… it never will do and after we are long gone, still never will do

      Dr C

  11. …welcome to the world of politics king Fred … learn from King jr Luther am sure you are very familiar … Thoughts From Dr CM

  12. Really laughable…we told you foools that this was extreme reaction by the Lazy coward Edgar…its clear that the Diplomat does not even speak English from the video there..are you telling us PF Kaponyas have better translators.

    • This is the kind of talk I disagree…

      Ambassadorial etiquette has been broken… simple and straight forward… Patrice Lumumba was killed by the CIA and the Belgians cause he tolerated that nonsense you are expecting ECL to tolerate.

      We know you guys from COWTHERN PROVINCE would want our heard of state face an adverse fate but the rest of us Zambians, even though we dislike his corrupt leadership amongst his cronies, We as a Zambian people respect the president.

      He is driving the bus, that is why we respect the bus driver, if we kick about, we all end up in the ditch with casualties.

      The fooooooools in crowther can’t get that through their cowling heads.

  13. He made those he didnt like fall now he is astray he doesn’t know what do but to join politics,headless desperation, sola mwana your time is gone

  14. So what was Amos reacting to? The ambassador did not say he was supporting the Socialist Party. Who lied to them (State House clique)?

  15. Mr Fred Mmembe I take it you will continue to dig deeper for dirt in Zambia now that you own a party. I hope even if you may not win in 2021 that you will assist to clean up the system in Zambia during your time in the opposition. Something you already know, there is a lot of thieving in government but it’s the extent you may never know. This thieving heightened when Sata’s PF formed government. Please investigate why civil servants get salaries and allowances for sitting on committees to do work they are supposed to do? They create committees to pay themselves huge allowances. And here both PF and UPND are to blame, why do their MPs get sitting allowances for both parliament sittings and committee sittings? There is a lot of extravagance, yet rural areas are in deplorable state. A lot of…

    • @ Zambezian… isn’t that a wonder why civil servants always vote with their foot and livers for the ruling party? Those opposition MPs and all their clan also vote for the ruling party secretly…

      They want to eat… this hunger never quenches… That is why Zambia now needs to abandon the 6 million voters who vote in General elections and energise a new kind of voters who represent 65 percent of the population but never votes.

      The Young Zambian from 18 to 34 years old… no amount of rigging is going to upset this group when they come out!

      there is a Facebook page that is growing in numbers by this group = Young Leaders for Zambia

  16. Does Fred know what a shovel is? He was an accountant using a pen then switched to clerical journalism using a pen again. He should have a pen on his flag

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