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Nevers Mumba application for bail fails to take off


Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced
Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced

Ruling in the matter in which MMD faction leader Dr. Nevers Mumba has application for bail pending appeal following his conviction could not take place today due to non-availability of Principle Resident Magistrate David Simusamba.

Dr. Mumba who is serving a three months prison sentence for giving false information to a public officer applied for bail pending appeal to the High Court.

On Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018, Magistrate Simuusamba heard the application for bail and reserved ruling for today, 5th April, 2018.

However, no reason was given as to why Magistrate Simuusamba failed to show up for the ruling.

And Dr Mumba asked God to forgive his persecutors as he was whisked away in a vehicle back to prison.

Meanwhile ,Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala has described the Magistrate’s absence as an abuse of the court process.

Mr. Changala wondered why Magistrate Simuusamba stayed away when he is the one who set the date to deliver ruling in the matter.


  1. That is Resident Magistrate David Simusamba for you…these Magistrates are like demigods they have no respect for time or seriousness of no show when people are incarcerated. This is not because its Nevers but these magistrates do this all the time …its unprofessional and abuse of the system given that this magistrate is caused of being a cadre.

    • Just think of the cases for that day that have been postponed ..all because the Magistrate decided to enjoy himself in some Lodge!!

  2. Aba baguy bakalila ku ntanshi, I don’t know why any sane person can choose to throw away his personal reputation and pride of office just to please someone you met as a result of your employment. They say, the last laughter is always the loudest and fulfilling. We shall see how things will turn out for this guy when his corrupt masters are behind bars. They will probably be sharing the hard labour.

    • These guys will be crying or sick like BUFFOON CK when ACC starts to quizz them about large credits in their accounts in 5 years time!!

  3. Malibu yaku ilombela ba Mumba. This should be a lesson for you to think twice before you act like a cadre to please HH!

  4. So there are no longer any ethics in Judicial matters? If the CJ cannot enforce discipline and Professionalism among these Magistrates then who does. Magistrate Simusamba is a PF Cadre for sure. This is a Trivial and bailable case and this Magistrate who is said to be PF Cadre is simply persecuting Dr Nevers Mumba thru Prosecution. This is a clear abuse of the Court processes. Somebody needs to discipline this Magistrate otherwise Zambia is now a failed State. This is shameful!

  5. I am not sure and quite doubt that this was personal against Nevers Mumba. This is just the work ethic in the public sector in general but when brought at this level of the judiciary has far wider consequences on the rights of the accused and incarcerated. We only got to hear about this because Nevers Mumba is a public figure otherwise this probably happens all the time across the country with people showing up at court but the cases not proceeding due to key officers not being available, being late or unprepared. Symptomatic of all that is wrong not only with the judiciary and public sector services at large but the work ethic (or lack of it) in our country.

  6. Nevers is a convict. Its high time Nevers should accept and start serving the sentence. Nevers will only save two months in prison. Why should nevers be treated in a special way?? There are thousnds of prisoners who have been convicted are currently serving their prison sentence in different prisons in Zambia. Law is law

    • Accept that Nevers is no ordinary citizen but a public figure and can’t be treated in the same way as those ordinary prisoners you are referring to. That’s how the system works… it or not

  7. He is exercising his rights within the law also just as do the other convicts you refer to. He is doing nothing wrong or illegal. What is not right is him being denied his right indirectly due to the magistrate not showing up as and when expected.

    • Those are his rights and no one is disputing. However there are so many cases poor people needs to be attended to. It’s a good example set to other so called politicians who are doing things with impunity. Nevers is learned and he ought have known the repurcussions of his behaviour and at once he was Vice president who knew that you can not storm ZNBC the way he did. When there’s coup in any country the first institution they run to is the TV station to announce to the country. His even luck he was convicted on giving false information and the higher court can either increase or aquit him or same sentence. Criminal trespass is harsh than giving false information. He will find himself from three months to twelve months or maybe aquitted

  8. That is the lawyer lungu , who rules over a country with a corrupt rotten judicial system…….he is after all a corrupt thief himself.

  9. Lets hear the reasons why the magistrate was absent coz there were other cases he was suposed to handle ,may be even more important than mumbas case.

  10. I have no sympathy for ba Pastor Mumba. He was VEEP before-very high in the system. What did he do to make judiciary better at administration of justice?Nothing!

  11. This is the reality of what goes on in our courts. Its only that the Nevers one has been reported otherwise people suffer at the hands of these court officers. If its not being absent, most of them start their court sessions late and only hear a case or 2 then its adjournment after adjournment. People stay in remand for days and months without even taking plea,its chaos really! The human rights groups and the CJ must come to the part and deliver the people from this utter laziness of court officers at all levels from local court to supreme court.

    • I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m doing training for paralegal and what I see at our courts is very sad. A case can be scheduled for 9hrs but the magistrate will only pitch up at 12 hrs handle one case out of 5 cases then go for lunch. His lunch will last up 15 30hrs then if you’re lucky he’ll handle one case. The rest of the cases are rescheduled for another date. Some of these magistrates go for lunch at a place near KMB which also serves beer. The situation is pathetic.

  12. Are people suggesting nevers has a right to LIE? Let him serve his term. It is him who needs forgiveness from God, not the people he is accusing of persecuting him as if they sent him to LIE

  13. Dr. Mumba my brother can you reflect deeply on your past life, abandoning your church and opt for a political life that is full of unwise and inconsistent decisions! Can you ask for forgiveness from your Almighty God and straight away open a new positive life. You were a very good tele evangelist who was above most of the make shift preachers we are seeing nowadays! Never aim at pleasing somebody to be in State House. Those same chaps you are trying to assist will abandon you once they achieve their ill motives. They will never turn to see where you are like a farmer who will never be pleased with his/her hoe after a successful harvest. Can you become a changed person

  14. Dr Mumba asked God to forgive those who were persecuting him. Is Nevers now Jesus on the cross asking his father to forgive them ? By the way what happened to that case where Dr Mumba was accused of stealing from the Zambian embassy in Canada?

  15. The current demigods should ensure they leave an independent and functioning executive and judiciary because they will cry louder than the cries heard across Egypt when the Angel of death took their first born sons.

  16. At least the pastorman is strong unlike Kambwili who needs medical evacuation at the whisper of police cells….kikikikikiki…but they are both foul mouthed criminals anyway and they will pay for their sins while the clan based paymaster enjoys his wealth…kikiki

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