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Council of Churches calls on all political players to conduct peaceful campaigns


The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has called on all political players participating in the Chilanga Parliamentary by-election slated for June 5, 2018 to conduct peaceful campaigns.

CCZ General Secretary, Emmanuel Chikoya has reminded political players that winning an election is not a desperate task or winning by any means necessary.

Fr. Chikoya stated that winning an election is not about slander campaigning, character assassination or inciting one group against another to score cheap political points.

He further said winning an election is not about using hate speech or offensive language but a contest of ideas, fighting for winning majority votes, selling of practicable policies and programs for improving the lives of the electorate.

The CCZ General Secretary observed that a free, fair and peaceful election is not hinged on just one political party alone working to ensure peace but on all political parties participating in an election.

He said all stakeholders in the Chilanga Parliamentary By-Election should have one goal of working hard to ensure a peaceful process during campaigns, on the day of voting and after the election.

CCZ General Secretary, Emmanuel Chikoya
CCZ General Secretary, Emmanuel Chikoya

Fr. Chikoya has reminded all participants in the by-election that the environment will be competitive but should remain peaceful and non-violent adding that the nation should remain united.

He added that all political players should have zero tolerance for violence within and outside their ranks stating that they should not only talk about peace but live in peace with themselves, their members and other political stakeholders.

Fr. Chikoya has challenged all participating political parties to be consistent in their condemnation of violence by upholding zero tolerance against violence both in private and public.

He noted that elections should be about credibility, integrity and trust in the candidates, their political ideology and the team with the required capabilities of managing the resources and assets competently for the benefit of majority of the electorate.

Fr. Chikoya has also called on the security agencies to be firm but fair and that they should not be seen to be siding with any political party because that will be a recipe for chaos.

And Fr. Chikoya has urged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to superintend over the election in a very professional and transparent manner and decisively deal with violent political parties.

He has also advised the public media to offer fair coverage to all participating political parties.

Fr. Chikoya said the media in general should be factual and responsible in their reporting and avoid publishing unverified and alarming news that result in the breakdown of law and order.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by Council of Churches in Zambia Communications Officer, Michael Mazakaza.


  1. The Churches and Politics should not be in the same sentence

    Nick and I are in London and its beautiful here, people are looking at me, i dont know why



    • Father, this is a timely counsel. Unmistakable, political parties are social organizations to which citizens have the right to join, support or not all based on shared values that build personal relationships. Absolutely no need to start butchering each other. Time to compete freely pitching to voters why you deserve their vote. Political campaigns should be all about persuasive power an asset embedded deep in the attributes of good politicians. It wins through the successful use of smart public speaking ideals and valued standards. Let voters take a leading role in their wants and desires in life. Campaigns should be on issues resonating with the voters to influence, motivate and give them the confidence. Overlook ethos and Pathos at your own peril.

  2. The problem is that this The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) is full of compromised chaps….back in the day these organisations simply used to invite all respective parties to attend…those who refused just exposed themselves!!

  3. We’ve 72 tribes in Zambia, so why should one tribe hold the whole nation at ransom. Let their god denounce tribalism, let him field candidates of a different tribe in his area and if that candidate goes through maybe we shall believe that he’s denounced tribalism. Not Chilanga, we want it deep in his province where he’s regarded as a god.

  4. @ Ndanje Khakis. Fr. Chikoya is Angelican. He was once Chaplain at UNZA sometime in the 2000s. Good man, he seems.

  5. Timely advice Father Chikoya, we are with you as peaceful Zambians. I also note that your reference to integrity in elections has touched a raw nerve, it has already caused somebody to drop his guard and expose himself… names mentioned……kekekeke….

  6. Good advice, but this days I don’t see a difference between the Church and the Political Party. Both Men and Women of God have turned Churches into platforms for political campaigns in order to receive money from politicians for their projects without knowing the source of these funds. All Churches are compromised and how can they, Churches trully give balanced advice to politicians the butter givers and those who give nothing? God knows.

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