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England based Mwiya set to arrive in Zambia for Under 20 clash


Mwiya (centre) with his parents at the airport enroute to Zambia
Mwiya (centre) with his parents at the airport enroute to Zambia

Highly rated Wigan Athletic Under-18 striker Mwiya Malumo has set off for Zambia enroute to joining the Under-20 National Team that is preparing for the Niger 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Rwanda.

Malumo is expected to be in Zambia by midday on Monday to process his paper work before teaming up with his colleagues that are currently in Malawi preparing for this weekend’s clash with Rwanda in Kigali.

The Under-20 technical bench has summoned Malumo and Shrewsbury Town starlet Lifumpa Mwandwe to beef up the squad.

Mwandwe is also expected to leave the United Kingdom tonight and will also be in Lusaka tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Zambian team will play another friendly match on Monday against Silver Youth in Malawi as they sharpen up for the junior wasps.

Team manager Mwansa Kapyanga from Lilongwe that the team was in high spirits and ready for the challenge.

“We have a friendly match tomorrow (Monday) against Silver Youth at 14:30 from Silver Stadium,” Kapyanga said.

“We are scheduled to fly from Malawi on Wednesday 02A.M.”

The reigning African champions has not left any stone unturned in their chase for a place at the 2019 Niger Africa Cup.

On Saturday Zambia beat Malawi 1-0 with another practice match scheduled for Tuesday at the Bingu International Stadium.


  1. We are now growing up. If we want trophies, we will have to start including Lozis because they are gifted with intellect, speed, and endurance.

    • Iwe Simangulungwa, you have not just been following Zambian football from the 70s to know about players from different regions of Zambia who have been part of Zambian football and the national soccer team. Besides, talent is what matters and not the region one comes from. If the lad is good, his region of origin should not matter at all. Mwandwe is another player of Northwestern origin. So why have you only picked on Mwiya? However, the caption to that picture by LT is the wrong one. It says, “Mwiya (centre) with his parents at the airport enroute to Zambia.” Yet that was at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport from where the family was captured on camera. Why are our journalists so lazy as to not report correctly?

    • The mother is Ngumbo from Mwewa Mwansakombe, Chief Mwewa of Samfya district. Nevertheless, we are all Zambians. Intermarriage is good and the young does know Lozi but speaks a bit of broken Copper belt Bemba.

    • @Wynter, those are 2 different chiefs, Mwansakombe and Mwewa. And it is not Samfya district, but Chifunabuli district.
      Yes she looks a pure Ng’umbo, happy people.

    • There were not many football players from Western province in the past and that is what Simangulungwa is alluding to. The emphasis was on education and expanding knowledge in all subjects and football was not included. In fact the belief in Western province then was that if you were fond of playing football you were looked at as someone very dull in class. Of course no one wanted to be labelled as dull, it is different now though, the game is a money spinner . I cannot remember any player from Western Province in the late 70s, 80’s or 90’s playing in major clubs in Zambia.

  2. Simangulungwa, please erase such thoughts of tribalism from your mind. we are all equal under the eyes of God. It is one zambia one nation period!!!!!!!!

    • @Citizen,Tribes are good, Tribalism is bad. I prefer to be Umwina Ng’umbo compared to be a Zambian. I will change my citizenship, but will never change my tribe, not even my totem.

  3. LT have stu!pid reporters and their editors are rubbish they keep on feeding the masses with wrong information

    • LT reporters need basic training. Please contact retired senior journalists in Zed like Arthur Simuchoba, James Mwambazi, Hicks Sikazwe, Maureen Nkandu to help you with workshops for Basic reporting

  4. We should not be playing Malawi in friendlies. Iwe Numba Mumamba ask Master Boston how he used to secure better preparations. Good call to the two young lads. Prove yourselves.

  5. By Zambian standard, he is a prolific player, but I do not think Wigan Athletic rate Mwiya Malumo as highly as LT want us to believe. He joined Wigan Athletic 3 years ago and he is not even good enough to be on the substitution’s bench. He has made only two appearances since joining.

    • I guess you must a PHD (Pull Him Down) syndrome. Just give credit where it is due, l like the lad’s patriotism.

    • Before I even clicked I knew someone would be in the comments being very salty. Its expected especially seeing your location. Let the kid shine , you don’t expect him to hit the ground running when he is an under 18 kid. Not even Ronald at Andorinha or messi at Newall boys was anything to harp on about. The fact that he went to Oldham Athletic to Wigan means some experienced scout see’s something in him that can be built upon. You old uncles in the diaspora should keep your bitterness away from the new diaspora generation who are trail blazing new paths to fly the zambian flag

  6. If he is not good enough as you want us to believe take his position and I believe you will do better

  7. LT, please give us some background. When did the lad join Wigan? Did he go to school in England? Who are his parents? What are their names? Etc, etc.

    • He is a Zambian. Parentage and other details may or cannot be put on public media without parental consent. And my is advise that I would give to fellow Zambians is to change the attitude that we have of negative perception toward those that have talent and exposure. We should embrace all and learn to tap talent for the betterment of Zambia. This is a generation that can change things in Zambia who have developed talent and exposure and willing to contribute to the Zambian affairs. I was with parent last week at a Zambian function.

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