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Tutwa urges LAZ to withdraw from President Lungu’s 2021 Eligibility case


Lusaka Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube
Lusaka Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube

Lusaka Lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube has urged the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to withdraw its participation from the Presidential eligibility case. Mr. Ngulube said that LAZ is not a political party to be taking part in cases involving political organisations and that LAZ did not consult its members before joining the case.

Mr. Ngulube who is also Kabwe Central Member of parliament has told ZNBC News that it is wrong for LAZ to be incurring legal costs on cases that the membership did not approve.

And another Lusaka lawyer, Hobday Kabwe also said that the LAZ executive may need to rethink its decision to join the Presidential eligibility case that is before the constitutional court following the removal of the Linda Kasonde Executive which made the decision for LAZ to join the case.

Mr Kabwe said that the Association cannot be joined to a case without getting a fresh mandate from the membership adding that he did not expect the new executive to hold on to some decisions that were made by the previous executive.

Some members of LAZ have expressed concern over the Association’s decision to join the case.

This is a matter in which four opposition political party leaders have insisted that President Edgar Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 elections because he did not serve a full term after being elected in 2015.


  1. This is a tough sale but he is right LAZ should not be involved! Besides we all know that President Lunch is eligible

    • It’s a pity there are still BRAIN-DAMAGED ID1OTS who haven’t received the memo on the damage created by LUNGU:- the indebting of our country, the economic damage, looting, selling of State assets, markets & land to foreigners, unfair taxation on citizens, fanning tribalism, fanning youth violence etc.

      What has this Malawian done to deserve abrogating our constitution so that he can rule after 2021? Lungu belongs in Jail.

      Govt is broke, and there’s no money to repay Lump-sum amounts of $750million, $1 Billion & $1.25 billion Eurobond. Guys, we have a huge crisis, a Zimbabwe approaching. Let’s save our beloved country.

    • @ maloza just like your name you’re are really a disgrace.
      If zambia is has broke as you claim and relegated to zero why would you still be interested to be a leader of a destroyed nation. It’s like claiming to be in love love with a dead girl.
      Because you want to rule this nation there’s obviously something attracting which you want. Discrediting something and yet you want it is what we call deception and you can only deceive your fellow under5s. Zambia is prospering that’s why you’re too envious. Only foreigners unfortunately are seeing the opportunities while you the owners are busy investing in propaganda.

    •  HH OVAL HEAD.

      You PF rats think Zambia is yours to destroy with your looting and every one should just watch…..i am sure maloza has concerns for his beloved country and to see the tribal divisions, corruption, looting, debt and moral decay at an all time high should worry every week meaning Zambian…..for the first time in our history , amnesty international has cited Zambia…

    • Very poor analysis by Tutwa this is a constitutional matter and it has implications for the future on how the constitution gets interpreted into the future …precedence. How can u say it is a political matter? Most issues in the constitution have political implications. I am disappointed with Tutwa on this one

    • This Lunatic so called Lawyer..Tutwa Ngulube also needs to have his head examined. I think the majority of Zambian Lawyers have some serious mental issues and Tutwa is one of them. He failed to make it as a Lawyer and he joined politics to steal mambala

    • Lungu does not deserve to be an office messenger. He is not cut for any position that entails hard work and integrity.
      He is a disgrace to Zambia.

    • Tutwa, which school gave you a law degree?
      Are you following in the footsteps of Number 1 citizen who stole from his widow client?

  2. They are scared of the man they called VISION LESS PRESIDENT. He is rocking very hard for them to believe. Go Lungu go all the way we are supporting you.

    • One of my few heroes in Zambia is Christon Tembo and those MMD MPs who rose up against their own Republican President Chiluba, to stop him from destroying the 2 Term limitation for Presidents. Christon Tembo gave up his position as Vice-President in order to ensure that this ultimate protection of the people from Executive excess is preserved. After all when everything is said and done the only final protection we have is the two term limitation. I know that it is early days yet so many people in PF may be keeping quiet. But I believe that there are good people in PF who know where this attempt by the President will lead. It will finally lead to a Uganda or Rwanda or even a Congo with a President staying in power by building an empire of supporters around him. To our brothers in PF,…

    • To our brothers in PF, this challenge is for you. You can choose to fail your country. Your MMD brothers stopped Chiluba even though he may have gone on to win by popular vote if they had allowed him. It is not about being scared of President Lungu. Any incumbent President can manoeuvre to stay in power for ever if he wishes, until there is an uprising. Mugabe did so, Museveni has done so, Kagame has done so, and Kabila and I could go on. The term limitation is about protecting the country and people from executive abuse because the President knows he/she has only two terms and after that there is reckoning.
      My final appeal is to the President himself. Please do not be seduced by Presidential trappings. You have done your duty to your country. But the bigger duty is to safeguard the…

    • You have done your duty to your country. But the bigger duty is to safeguard the future. Ensure the term limitation is rock solid by leaving after your term. After this no President would ever even attempt it.
      Let me end with an illustration: Mandela will forever be the most popular President in South Africa. He would have won a second term, a third term and a fourth if he had wanted. The ANC is still winning elections by his name. But he left after only one term despite passionate pleadings that he should continue. The ultimate honour is in leaving and helping your Party through another leader to succeed you as Head of State.

  3. Linda Kasonde should join the case in her personal capacity for sure. kabili she was fighting Lungu for the Job(NCHITO) brothers.

  4. Hon.Tutwa Ngulube and Hobday Kabwe are very correct.LAZ must pull out of this case since Linda Kasonde who was fighting president Edgar Lungu own behalf of Kainde and Mutembo Nchito has left LAZ.just imagine how LAZ could be embarrassed if the Concourt confirms that indeed ECL is eligibal?
    Political battles must be left to the politicians themselves!!!LAZ must protect its image.let them take a neutral position!!

  5. From some of the comments i see that only the people who are beneffiting from the PF are speaking the loudest. Come on guys Zambia will still be here after PF but at the rate it is going a finished Zambia. Let us preserve our country and not our pockets.

    • Kubweka
      This is when you actually see how shallow and lacking literally in morals an African is.If they dont want a better Zambia for themselves,you mean they cant think even of their children?This also explains why this party full of dull people sees nothing wrong with moving around with pangas.It is like watching chimpanzees.Honestly you need to be informed that you yourselves are potential victims of pangas?You f00l reading this post does it occur to you that one day it could be your child being chased by hoodlums armed with pangas.Zoona tuli bafilika.It is the only explanation for this.And this is the true legacy of so called “…ba tata ba Sata”.We should accept when others especially whites look down on us for the evidence justifying it is right in front of us

  6. I can’t believe this is coming from Lawyers who should be promoting the Rule of Law.LAZ is not an association of lawyers seeking political office. Their mandate is just about ensuring that the rule of law prevails

  7. #Chief Bootlicker; I agree with you; it is time lawyers; Zambians and presidents respected the rule of law;

  8. Tutwa,
    why you don’t urge PF official parasites masquerading as “presidents” of “briefcase” parties (LOL) to withdraw their petition and instead use your party to argue case of elegibility?
    Lacking courage or knowledge, or perhaps lacking moral integrity?

    • @ just asking , very well stated. In fact this same Tutwa is the one who used unethical unproffessional law to get ECL in as presidential candidate for PF. 30 pieces of silver Tutwa?

    • Now , you who are saying two terms is over ,where is it written in the that half a term is a full term then he is not suposed to stand in 2021.

    • @ #9.2

      As you are another “learned” wanker, where is written that a “leader” of “opposition party” (LOL) can represent interests of ruling party?
      Please sop wanking, your crap in the skull will come out of your arse

  9. JK and Kayo are in the studios right now composing a song for the Chilanga by elections. Look out for the song as it has potential to persuade and convince voters to vote for the PF.

  10. Ndulube is a PF and lungu plant….he deliberately puts out fillers for about lungu not being allowed a second term and half heartedly condemns the endemic corruption of lungu to get people on his side.
    In the grand scheme of things tutwa is pro lungu.

    We all know how much PF paid him off for services rendered to keep him on lungus side…

  11. Every predictable analysis indeed, by Mr. Ngulube. The bush is too short to hide the interests he is serving, he want to sound as if he has the interest of LAZ at heart, yet his emotions speaks loud for Lungu and PF. infact the idea is put the new LAZ in the PF bag of the compromised, now that the old board and President for LAZ are gone, that seemed to monitor PF power over independent institutions.

  12. Giraffe has a point on this one, in the Silozi language, Tutwa is a giraffe, so I am not insulting.

  13. How sad it is that even people who so often referred to as learned are so dull to think beyond their bellies. This is a national issue that involves everyone and has no specifics!

  14. Presidential affairs are national issues. They are controversial; they are divisive. A referendum conducted by LAZ on accepting or rejecting participation by LAZ in the 2021 eligibility case is not the solution. What is needed is an executive decision. It is the responsibility of the LAZ to be present when a matter of national interest is being decided in court. In this way, the submissions can not be said to be personality based but based on issues of the justice system of the country. That is how the previous executive handled the matter. One expects the current executive to continue cases from the outgoing executive. In the same manner, the next executive will conclude cases initiated under the current executive.

    • Excellently said! I wonder why some people cannot understand simple issues such as this

  15. Tutwa go back to Kabwe and for once get rid if led poisoning. Chagwa is not Kabwe problem but led.

  16. As long as ecl is at state House HH is a loser

    HH can only compete with Ck, king Fred, Mulongoti. NOT ecl

    Hh need s help here

    • Lungu can never win any free and fair election……cheating and violence and intimidation characterise all elections lungu is involved in….

  17. kikikikikiki – Tutwa – a well known PF cadre and Obby Kabwe both with PF roots. These chaps do they know what they are talking about. Kwena aba niba koswe zoona.

  18. Tutwa, Tutwa, Tutwa. Now you are worrying us about the validity of your law license and the law school you went to. Don’t you think the reasons you gave, in fact, support the why LAZ must be in the forefront? This sir is not a political matter, but a constitutional matter that needs LAZ to append its signature on the matter. You failed Sir. Probably you were a C student in the law school.

  19. Yaba……this ECL is like a big truck that has completely blocked the Bantustan small car from getting to state….they know ECL is a winner and they stand no chance as long as he is on the ballot….intact anyone or anything that will stand on the PF ticket in 2021 is going to plot 1…. the more the insults the more our resolve to keep that tribal mascot HH away from plot 1

    • Lungu can never win any free and fair election…..never ……if he is not blocking votes hr eill be using masdive violence , intimidation and cheating , that badala, is not something to be proud of.

  20. LAZ has a mandate to uphold the constitution and is doing so for the common man who alone cannot challenge the might of government so let them continue on our behalf as we the pipo have retained them pro bono.

  21. The 6.5 provinces talked about by pf quacks did not all vote for your luungu.It was vote stealing and manipulation. That was why it took so long to announce the Lusaka votes.Ask chulu and Priscilla.

  22. Thieves enjoy easy life.Look at how they patronise bars and night clubs after their activities. They only turn into rats when the law finally catches them and confines them to those four walls with a small window in the roof.

  23. Ask kk why he never changed his party SG.Umodzi kumawa and the monkey dynasty Just follow blindly.Forgive them Father for they don’t know what they are doing.

  24. These two lawyers why cant they stand in the LAZ elections? The want to support parties with no locus standi in Lungu’s eligibility and instead attack LAZ? Which members are they referring to? The two of them?

  25. LAZ in its present form with that woman, thank God is not top, is useress. It must show cause why it should not be removed!

  26. Elections are won through ballots. Why wasting money on this case? Even broke association like LAZ is wasting the few coins they collect from their members why?. If ECL is really a bad man, he will definitely loose in 2021. We all know that Zambians are good at rejecting bad leaders nor matter how many attempts you make. Leave Lungu and Hh to us and we will judge them accordingly instead of wasting court’s time and tax payer’s money.

  27. (6) If the Vice-President assumes the office of President, in accordance with clause (5)(a), or a person is elected to the office of President as a result of an election held in accordance with clause 5(b), the Vice-President or the President-elect shall serve for the unexpired term of office and be deemed, for the purposes
    of clause (3)—(a) to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, at least three years remain before the date of the next general election; or (b) not to have served a term of office as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, less than three years remain before the date of the next general election.

  28. Above is what the current constitution of Zambia says. I am very disappointed with the highly esteemed bloggers here who went on attacking this constitution subject without bringing out quotations from the constitution to support their arguments. HH came very close to winning 2016 elections. Therefore he should stop wasting time on issues of this nature and strategise on how to get votes in areas like Northern and Eastern Province. These lawyers who are deliberating quoting the constitution in part are there to chew his money. How can a constitution lawyer say President Lungu was not a vice president so he does not qualify, when the constitution says Vice President or President Elect,if they serve less 3 years, its not counted a term.

    • Sir, Lungu did not go into office by this constitution, but was grand fathered by the previous constitution. His terms were covered by the constitution he entered in office with. The constitution does not retro anyone. Sorry, Lungu is dreaming and we all know that’s the main reason PF wanted to table the constitution amendments. It won’t work. We all want to see Lungu lose and be shamed like RB, but on principle he cannot stand. This is a nation, a country. This is not a game. So, he is not standing. Period. Constitutions do not go backwards and cover people in retro. If it does, that could mean, KK was illegally president since his parents were not Zambians.

  29. Let me read through the respective articles of the constitution and make judgement my self coz all the lawyers from both sides seems to be biased.where two articles contradict each other,which one superseeds the other?eg a period less than 3years is not counted as a term,therefore based on this,ecl is elligible in 2021.on the other hand,a person who has bin elected twice into the office of the president is assumed to have saved two terms,so based on the later,ecl is not eligible.which article is final?.this is a big constitutional anomaly.

  30. Ninkani yozibika, Linda Kasonde was or is just an Up and down sympathizer who knew deep down that this case was not going anywhere. To all lawyers who even entertained this saga I say they were very smart to utilize an opportunity to get paid zamahala. ECL 2021 nafuti tivota…..

  31. Yaba, Zambia zoona. Go on and suffer. I have never seen human beings who deliberately choose suffering. Low IQ nation. No wonder nothing is working.


  33. Yuri, you need help for sure on this matters. If the constitution say a person elected twice should not stand again. Does this refer to one who has served for two full terms of office which is five years each.? What was the rationale behind this article in the constitution ? The answer is simple to limit the numbers years one should stay in office to two full terms. How long is the term? Is it one, two , three, four, or five year.? When is one said to have served a term?. Its important to read all the clauses surrounding this issue. My advice to you is that be patient and wait for court ruling.

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