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Class divisions worse than Regionalism – Fred M’membe


Socialist Party presidential candidate Fred M’membe has warned that the class division, which is deeply entrenched in the country, will cause more problems than regionalism.

According to a latest video recording, Dr M’membe who is also the party’s Deputy General Secretary said people were more worried about wrong issues while leaving out the actual problem.

“As long as we continue on this capitalist path the divisions will deepen. Apartheid will be back in our country in a big and big way. These divisions if they are allowed to continue they’ll not end well. This is not a recipe for unity in the nation. This is not a recipe for stability in the nation, this is not a recipe for peace in a country,” he warned. “It’s a recipe for serious revolts, for serious anarchy, for serious distabilisation. The worries about a divided nation are real. This country is indeed divided. But it’s not so much on the things people are so worried about; the issue of tribe, the issue of region. The division that really should cause us sleepless nights is one along class; the have and the have-nots.

That’s the division that should really worry us.”

Dr M’membe said while it was easy to deal with tribalism and regionalism which were mainly imaginary, class division was real.

He said inequalities in any society were a recipe for resinous revolt.

“The tribe, the regionalism, it’s easy to deal with it because it’s much more of an imaginary thing and a political issue that can easily be resolved. But the bigger issue that really should worry us is the division along class lines,” Dr M’membe said. “Today, the whole nation reminds us of the divisions we had under apartheid when we had black people living on their own in Matero, Chilenje; the white people living on their own in Woodlands, Kabulonga and so on. We are today divided along those lines and in a much deeper way. Today the well to do have got their own schools, their own hospitals. The poor also have got their own inferior hospitals, inferior schools.”

He lamented that everything in society was now divided on class lines.

He said the only alternative to all these would be a socialist transformation.

“The well to do have got their big shopping malls which match those in the first world. They have got everything that is first world, while the conditions under which the poor are living are worsening and worsening. The two actually now don’t even mix.

The only time they mix is when the poor come to work in the rich neighbourhoods,” said Dr M’membe. “It’s only the poor who move to Kabulonga, to Roma, to Olympia to Rhodes Park to work. The rich don’t go to Kanyama, to Zingalume, to Chazanga, to Chipata compound, to Mandevu to work; they don’t go there.

The flow is only in one direction. The poor work for the well to do, the well to do don’t work for the poor. Even churches to day, you have got nice churches in the rich negbourhoods. On Sunday the churches are surrounded by many cars. There’s no alternative to a socialist transformation of our country to take care of these divisions. The only way out of this problem is a socialist transformation. Without that we are headed for serious, serious, serious problems.”


  1. This is good philosophy. I teach these stuff.
    I like Tongas
    I like Ng’umbos
    I like ba Kaswokwe.
    I DON”T like abana baku ma yard, balitumpa!!!
    I DON’T like DR. DR. DR. DR., very bad class division, who the fuuuck started this class/cast.

    • Ba Nostradumus, what is so classy about Doc! alot of Doctors are even living among poor pipo, even helping them in heath related issues!Mmembe is dreaming, he is such an equality is happening now or ever, he should find time to study the Bible a book with accurate history of humanity! he will notice that this division has been there long! on the other hand what we need is an economy that will make life easy for the poor and the rich regardless of where one lives! maybe Mmenbe shud move misisi compound as an xample of change, and his children at john Laign basic school???

    • Dr. Ngosa, Zambia has two tribes, Haves and Have-nots.

      Two clans, the Elites and the Commoners

      Obviously you belong to the first and do not care for the poor, the working class, the peasant farmers, the marginalised masses who share 7% of National Budget while the the elites led by politicians gobble the balance 93%.

      President gobbles 21% of National Budget on his useless trips, security, freebies (wine and dine inclusive), salary and allowances.

      MPs gobble another 20% of National Budget.

      It is a wake up call bro, sooner the elites get up and share the cake fairly and equitably better for them, or else a new government ushered by the marginalised masses will kick the hell out of good for nothing elites.

  2. Tribalism is a more serious threat to national stability than class division. There is a rich and poorer class of people in every society but those that are born poor can cross lines through hard work and determination.
    How does one change his tribal tag?

  3. It is ease to talk about reality because of its empirical properties and politicians find it easier to use this approach because people feel the talk. Simple minded listeners happen to take the empathy ridden speakers to be being of good standing for them. The times of USSR type socialism are different today. yes in principle socialism is the same. If you want to change and remove classifications in society, deal globalisation which is being spearheaded by the big powers that need you useless copper which is being replaced by synthetic items.

  4. Fred Mmembe……kikikikikikiki!! .
    Your Friend HH has failed to win purely because of the tribal tag.
    You would do well to sort out you own gay tag quickly otherwise you stand no chance Sir.

    • Branding others has been the easy weapon used by the selfish, cunning vultures disguised as two-legged animals.

      Calling somebody gay while hiding behind keyboards is cowardly.

      Calling other names and branding other shows backwardness of your brain, upbringing and bigotry.

    • Foolish comment like you’re a useless student to that spineless man known as Winter Kabimba. Dr M’membe’s topic is nit on sex, sex which is a private matter but is selling his vision to the people on many challenges facing the nation. A lot of people are born without feeling for the opposite sex, is it their fault? Or shoukd we shoot them? Provided a gay person can deliver better than a straight, I have no problem. If gay people can locate their fellow gays and make love in the privacy of their homes, then its fine. Otherwise its MUTOBE LIBWE theory Chabe! Viva Dr M’membe!

  5. This guy Meembe is not too bad as a Politician or at Politics per say, he could actually do very well if he teamed up with the likes of that young man Chipimo in the opposition including perhaps ba ‘Kashimba Chimbwili’ and even HH. That way, there could be checks and balances in what would be going on in the new administration

    • @ROKA, FJT was a thief, a murderer of the masses, who dies because of his greed, stealing and stashing overseas. FJT, Rupiah Banda and now Lungu are criminals.

      They deserve to be taken to the Hague.

  6. Really, Mr. M’membe? That’s interesting! Tell me, which class do you belong to? And when did you first notice that only rich people live in Roma and Kabulonga? How does a socialist reconcile living a elitist and privileged lifestyle with his ideals? What has brought this sudden ‘love for the poor’? Oh that’s right, the insatiable need to be in power!

    • he has just notice it after being cut off his tail!! He perpetuated it himself. You remember how you classified FTJC?You and fat John sent him to the grave earlier than expected

  7. Btw, is that you I saw in Chipata compound breaking bad with the poor last week? And I heard you offered your house as a refuge for homeless children in Zingalume! What a noble socialist you are! I mean, I would never give up my money and possessions up to live like my poor brethren but you sir, are obviously cut from a different cloth!

  8. Frankly, I find it hard to leave the house without a swiss watch on my arm and couldn’t imagine life without my E55AMG!

  9. This poorly choreographed attempt at moving to plot one is insulting to the masses. Here’s a supposedly educated man failing to articulate his point and offering meaningless sound bites (big problems, aparthied) in an attempt to deliver an emotive call to arms for the poor! Total disregard for intelligent, hard working people.

    • Intelligent, simple, honest and hard working people are suffering in Zambia. It is only the bootlickers, crooked who are enjoying life in Zambia.

      Time to kick the crooked out.

  10. M,membe is a wrong person to talk about class. Just look or pass near where he lives, then you will tell if what he is talking about is making any sense. And he is running a socialist party, first and for most M,membe himself does not socialize how can he champion socialism? He is full of himself and always wants to be on top of things. One can ague and say what do i mean? Yes, what i mean is that homosexuality is not socialism, i stand to be corrected. Winter Kabimba left him because of the same…..I rest my case….

  11. Meembe has spoken so well on the subject and l praise him for that.
    However, he has to lead by example and convince us that he means what he says by shifting from his Mansion and move to Kalingalinga , Chawama, Mtendere or something like that to prove that this socialism ideology can work or is it mere fantasy remnants of our old days at the university when monks preached leninism, maxism, the ploritariates and the bujourses .
    Honestly the Era of socialism is DEAD AND BURIED .
    Even in Russia Socialism is no more as it died with Gobachev’s Perestroika.

  12. This m’membe guy is behind all this nosense of tribalism and regionalism happening in the country.He hid behind his newspaper to promote all this nosense and today wants to come out and start lecturing people about division.He is a wrong chap altogether his paper was full confrontation with anyone who seems not to agree with him.

    • True! He was in a class of his own!By has paid the debt he has with the development Bank of Zambia? What of ZRA taxes?This is the most bold action taken by apf,of course initiated by CK!Without CK they couldn’t have managed!Don’t use the poor to ascend to power Mr hatred!!

    • Chikwanda will pay through his nose for killing a free independent and bold newspaper.
      Mr. M’membe did a mistake of getting into trucking business with borrowed money and depending upon mines to carry copper and supplies.
      anybody’s business can be killed by closing the taps.
      Mr. ROKA, try a medium type business and cross the politicians, for that matter stealing politicians and see the result.

  13. Rubbish!!!!! people need clean water, health, food and decent life..this class business will not bring food on the table…I don’t care who drives a benz or who lives in Kabulonga, all I need is access to a decent basic human life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It’s better he lives by example, he must find a two roomed house in chibolya for us to understand him. Mr. Move out from Rhodes park and go to chibolya with your extended family.

  15. Mmembe can make a good member of parliament or maybe mayor for Lusaka but to be president of Zambia, he falls far short. He has too much baggage for a president. All in all he should just continue running the Mast, that is his calling. Let him forget about leading Zambia. This is mistake most people, they think they can all be presidents. Ask Miyanda, Sondashi , Magande, Nevers, Nawakwi, Kabimba how difficult it is to run a party let alone win a presidential election. HH has learnt it the hard way too!

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