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Kanganja calls for the arrest of all cadres involved in the Chilanga violence


Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja has called for the identification and arrest of all political cadres involved in the violence which happened in Chimanja ward of Kalundu area in Chilanga Constituency.

The violence which occurred yesterday was reported to have happened when supporters of the UPND were passing near the Camp of the Patriotic Front which ultimately resulted into cadres from both Political Parties throwing stones at each other.

Medical reports have been issued to the injured both from the Patriotic Front and the UPND.

All those that will be found to be responsible of perpertrating violence will be dealt with accordingly regardless of their political affiliation.

The Inspector General has directed officers in the campaign zones to intensify foot and motorised patrols during day and night and remain firm but fair as they deal with such situations.

The Zambia Police has been calling on all Political Parties to submit Campaign Schedules for planning purposes so as to avoid clashes between cadres of opposing Political Parties.

“We therefore reiterate our earlier call for all Political parties taking part in the Chilanga by election to submit their campaign schedules to Police as soon as possible so as to avoid such occurrences, ” conclude the statement issued to the media by Zambia Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo.

UPND Cadres
UPND Cadres
UPND Cadres
UPND Cadres


  1. The unending circus. This is all because the youth do not have any meaningful employment and so they pass time in inflicting pain on others. Arrest them all and cage them for a certain period of time like you have done to Fresher!

    • Did Musonda cry after murdering Namakau Kalila Kwenda? Very likely those pursuing her are either family members, friend or the Ghost of innocent murdered Namakau Kalila Kwenda. Its unbelievable that UPND have found it honorable to honor and reward the murder of Namakau Kalila Kwenda.

    • I am still to understand what really drives these youths into this violence. I for one I can not do such a thing at all even just attending a political rally. There are platforms the political parties should use instead of disturbing people who are in homes with noise. use Facebook, whatsapp, TV and radio to sell your selves and poster too.
      I have lived in Australia for the past 12 years and how come such don’t happen here. I have never seen a politician driving in the street with megaphone campaigning or calling people from homes to see him talk at a rally. We need to change politics should not be about violence but health differences.

    • “The violence which occurred yesterday was reported to have happened when supporters of the UPND were passing near the Camp of the Patriotic Front which ultimately resulted into cadres from both Political Parties throwing stones at each other.”
      “..Inspector General has directed officers in the campaign zones to intensify foot and motorised patrols during day and night and remain firm but fair”

      But the picture just shows UPND Cadres, where are the pictures of PF Cadres? Fairness by Kanganja Boys cannot be achieved, without fairness in reporting.

    • UNPD is honoring and rewarding the murder of Namakau Kalila Kwenda by adopting the fornicator Charmana

    • Very funny. It appears the photos were taken by a upnd stone thrower. I can’t see opposing cadres throwing stones. How surely can you report yourself to the police?

    • For Inspector General Kanganja to come out so strong against this violence I know that he already has the information as to who was at fault:
      -All the photos are only showing unruly UPND cadres.
      -It is also established that it is the UPND cadres who went to the PF camp (they may say that they were just passing by but the fact is they went to PF camp to stir trouble).
      -The result will be the arrest of UPND cadres since PF candres will say they acted in self defence since UPND followed them to their camp.
      -I feel UPND deliberately caused this chaos so that if Carmaine looses then they will have full proof to say that the election was marred with violence and that Police brutality also targeted their members.

    • But in this picture u can see clearly that UPND vehicle is parked and political condoms going to attack purposely. Why parking the car? UPND went to attack and this is the planned move by UPND.

  2. citizens must teach these two political parties a lesson by voting for another candidate, that is how we can use the power of our votes to show who the real master is. why should those looking for a job fight in the face of the employer? This demonstrates the lack of respect for the voters

  3. Jean Kapata’s thugs trained in her constituency are well known for this kind of violence! Why should the PF campaign manager import thugs into Chilanga, a place known for peace?
    People of Chilanga, deal with any imported thug. Effect citizen arrests! We need an SI to just ban Cadres altogether! Cadre politics will cost us our peace as a country known for peaceful co-existence.

    • We should start a campaign to stop any use of party cadres during elections. We want peace. Use of cadres is not a sign of peace. Let us stop this rot!

  4. We’re soon gonna be violent during every election like Kenya and Uganda always do. Very sad scenes .

  5. Is it necessary for the IG to state that “all those involved will be dealt with regardless of political affiliation”.?

    • IG is indirectly admitting that he has not been fair in his past dealings otherwise there would be no need to state that “all those involved will be dealt with regardless of political affiliation”. If IG was professional there would be no need to explain himself before doing his work.

  6. #1.4 general Kanene, kwena h.h alimisangula imbuli, the picture was taken by LT. Is Kanganja a camera man? The guilty are afraid, the upnd cadres were not passing by the PF camp, they went to attack the PF cadres. The viokence promised and incited by GBM and GN.kombo.

    Anyway, the culprits are in the picture, so what are you waiting for Mr Kanganja? How can the IG “call” for the arrest, DO IT!!! If you arrest those in the picture then no more violence. If you delay, those violent cadres will be spirited away back to Mazabuka, but if that happens the spirit and blood of the slain Lozi guard will meet them in the potholes of Munali hills.

  7. IG Kanganja, you are disappointing us. If you have failed to identify the violent cadres, why don’t you start by arresting and interrogating fat one and the MP who are on record inciting violence before the campaign even started, easy meat ba IG and you will have sorted out the violence 100%.
    To kill a snake start from the head. (Spare h.h in this one, we didn’t hear him speak violence he knows better after Mongu and Mukobeko). Go for the identified serpents above..

    • They will cry that the police are PF… see the point. From what Kabimba said about GBM and Kambwili, I expect more violence unless Kanganja acts as the police chief.

  8. UPND political condoms should be arrested. HH doesn’t love people if Zambia but he loves himself. The same goes to GBM. If you want to know how useless GBM is go to his village in Munkonge and ask what GBM has done for the people of Munkonge. Nothing but stealing from them and making them to fight. U political condoms refuse to be used please.

  9. I thought the police have been stationed in the area to maintain law and order. It is obvious that they have failed.

  10. Shame on you. Cadres are not human and this is why politicians use them. We have head those instructions from time to time and it looks like Zambia police will act when news goes round. I wonder if at all these cops even investigate any crimes. Why wait to be instructed does it mean you don’t know who to arrest and what not.

  11. Ndanje, HH don’t need to say anything we are waiting on the so called president of the nation. It’s all because of his silence we have so much violence. HH and his people have every right to defend themselves considering that the ruling party cadres are allowed to be violent, stop people from voting and other disturbances without any action from the police. You just heard Kanganja trying to be tough now when he has allowed PF cadres all the freedom to do whatever they want. The recent elections PF won with intimidation and violence has led to others coming up with ways to counter your party’s style of trying to influence our election through violence and rigging.

    • Lungu has always come out to denounce violence unlike that megalomaniac of yours. And don’t call Lungu so called president because he’s president period. There’s no other president in Zambia other than Edgar. Continue dreaming until you’re 6ft underground.

  12. PF are a party controlled by thugs and theives , we all know their violence on political opponents is first in Zambia.
    They are violent thugs…..if they are not burning markets they will be attacking radio stations on instructions from kapoyongo…..

    We all saw how they attacked a UPND funeral procession or how they hacked NDC with pangas at central police ….what will stop them now ??

  13. IG please, you know the people who where clearly agitating for violence in these elections, its the UPND top leadership. Why didnt you summon them and sternly warn them that they will be accountable of any lives or property lost. Why do you want other lives to be lost before you do what you are paid for? HH knows that Zambians balimusula, they have rejected him and so will do anything to revenge but unfortunately all this nonsense is happening at under your watch, why?

  14. From the pictures, it is the UPND cadres who were on the offensive. The PF cadres fled for their lives in the spirit of restraint in spite of being injured. They are nowhere in the pictures, otherwise they would have been seen pursuing the UPND cadres if they were the instigators of the violence.

  15. You can see that the PUND cadres are retreating to the parked van in anticipation of pursuit by PF cadres after throwing stones and injuring PF cadres.

  16. Kanjanga you should realise you are there to maintain peace at home for all Zambians and remember that one day you will leave that position. I therefore urge you to serve diligently and set a good example libongani is respected up to now because she was professional not you. You dont deserve that position for once show us your power. Muzasekewa kusogolo kaa lobe tata

  17. The police command is always to blame for the escalation of political violence because they elect to receive instructions from all quarters instead of from the Commander in Chief. Junior officers know who the perpetrators of violence are and are equally capable of dealing with them. Those cadres who lift weights in Chibolya can’t match our gallant women and men in uniform, just allow them to do their work and you’ll see what they will do. So it seems Mwami 1 has two languages, one for the public and another for his officers which is making our officers look as if they don’t know what they are doing. It’s very frustrating and embarrassing

  18. You can set your clock by Political Violence in Zambia. It’s regular and more reliable than the sun!

  19. Kanjanga we forgive you because even you cant arrest cadres, they are above the law and if you even dare try and arrest them you will lose your job. So ba boss just sit down and watch the show. Only in Zambia are cadres above the law

  20. Do these youths benefit something. I fail to understand the motive behind all these violence acts. Ba youth start thinking. HH, GBM and Given Lubinda were laughing at a known filing station while you are wasting time fighting for people who don’t even care about you. Wake up youths.

  21. Kanganja you caused the 127days of HH’s incarceration because of your incompetence. Had you been bold enough to stop HH from interfering with Eagle One HH would not have been arrested. arrest orchestrated by you to cover for your failure. Please this time around do the right thing.

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