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Maureen Mwanawasa is not a member of UPND – Jack Kalala


File:Maureen Mwanawasa flashing the UPND symbol during her campaigns for the position of Lusaka Mayor on the UPND ticket

Former First Lady Dr Maureen Mwanawasa is not a member of the opposition UPND, Former Special Assistant to the President for Policy and Project Implementation and Monitoring Jack Kalala has clarified.

And some intelligence reports indicate that the ruling PF on Wednesday approached Dr Mwanawasa with the intention of adopting her as the party’s candidate for the Lusaka Mayoral by election following the death of incumbent Wilson Kalumba.

In the 2015 and 2016 elections, Dr Mwanawasa heavily campaigned for UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema and even ran for the office of Mayor in Lusaka on the UPND ticket in the 2016 general elections ending up as runner up to Mr Kalumba.

Mr Kalala who worked under late President Levy Mwanawasa was reacting to some reports alleging that the former first lady had revealed in a tweet the reasons she had resigned from UPND.
The reports alleged that Dr Mwanawasa left the UPND because she was sexually discriminated against by the party.

But in a statement, Mr Kalala stated that the former first lady had posted no such tweet and that the alleged tweet and what it stated were just a malicious fabrication by ill-intentioned people with a view to mislead the people of Zambia and to tarnish the name of the former first lady.

Mr. Kalala said the hundreds of her Tweeter followers can confirm that no such tweet had been posted on her social media.

“She could not have accused UPND to having discriminated against her when the party had adopted her in 2016 to be its candidate for the position of executive mayor for the city of Lusaka that would have carried a lot of challenging responsibilities. She greatly appreciated and considered the gesture to be an honour and a privilege,” Mr Kalala said.

He said the true position is that she has decided to lay down her political gloves to concentrate on social and community work, which she has always cherished and which is equally of national importance.

“Therefore from now until further notice, she remains non-partisan but patriotic to mother Zambia,” Mr Kalala said.

And some intelligence reports indicate that the ruling PF on Wednesday approached Dr Mwanawasa with the intention of adopting her as the party’s candidate for the Lusaka Mayoral by election.
The reports indicate that Dr Mwanawasa was initially offered a job by President Lungu to head the Zambian mission in Canada before he eventually appointed Mr Felix Mfula who accepted the job.

“Initially they wanted her to go to Canada as Head of Mission there but they now want her to contest the position of Lusaka Mayor on the PF meeting. The meeting took place yesterday,” an intelligence source said.


  1. These PF, at it again. Can’t respect the dead. They forgot Sata funeral because they were busy fighting Scott, Catholic had to quickly adopt Sata burial.
    Now they abandon Kalumba funeral home to meet Maureen.
    Immputty isulla taibula kubwekeshapo.

    • Who is Jack Kalala what capacity is he speaking as ..yes we know he former that but what capacity is he speaking as is he her Press Aid, Boyfriend, Uncle etc….what capacity is he making these clarifications of behalf of Madame Mwanawasa. This is why ZWD fill in the blanks for you!!

    • Maureen is a failure of a first lady who spent her tenure shopping and amassing ill gained wealth. Bye!

    • God forbid that she should join a party that has destroyed the economy,rule of law and fight against corruption that her husband built

    • Well this is expected. No one knows who belongs to which party anymore, everything is all over the place. DORA is in PF government but she’s MMD, CK is a PF MP but he’s NDC presidential candidate and the list of confusion is endless. This state of chaos will be even greater as Zambia approaches 2021. By-election’s are also a factor that distorts the party membership in Zambia because everyone wants to be either adopted by anything or stand for president. It’s a disgrace and a sham!


    • Oooh No Come on?? If Maureen has morals she should not accept. This is a corrupt Government that any serious Zambian should not entertain. Even tho she is desperate for Cash this will be embarrassing.

    • Yes , the pink elephant that has head lights in the corner of the room the PF rats keep hoping we will not notice….the fraud convict lungu…

  2. Can’t we have some decency in the way we do things even if it is politics? you campaigned against someone yesterday and called them names but today because it suits you, you wanna work with same person? This is one area i have a softer spot for CK, he calls a spade by its name

    • What do you have to say about his ‘apology’ to the Tongas over his tribal outbursts? Humpty Dumpty CK is not a credible leader. As long as we keep on considering the likes of your CK as leaders this country will keep on singing the same song of poor leadership.

    • But Czar, these are ones stepping up and forward. The rest of us are busy pounding keys after finding utufukwa. Efilyako na Pilato takes to the streets….

  3. In Zambia unfortunately political parties don’t operate on idealogies. A person can resign today from one party, and tomorrow adopted by another to stand. All political parties primarily are concerned about the belly before serving the people they claim to be their masters.
    Maureen has in my view got sober language, though doubt her capacity to effectively run the city as executive mayor.

    • I think she can run the city effectively, the question is has she got morals? If she has morals, then she definatily has to refuse the offer from PF because this party is a party of criminals.

  4. When is Maureen’s wedding?. I thought we heard she was getting married, and that she had quit politics to concentrate on her new husband?.

  5. That’s Lazy Lungu the coward for you asking Mwanawasa so he can post her away in Canada like he did to Kaseba put them where he can see them away from Lusaka…if Dr. Kaseba was smarter she would have been ideal for Mayor for Lusaka if Mwanawasa doesn’t stand but she has been duped by these criminals in State House to work as their Chola girl in Paris as she doesn’t know her influence yet.

  6. Maureen Kakubo Mwanawasa could not manage to stay in UPND the party for vultures with the likes of William Banda, GBM, Sylvia Masebo, Charmaine Musonda,Pilato, Sishuwa Sishuwa, Laura Mit , Chief bungee jump Mukuni bcoz even the West from EU, UN & commonwealth see no future in this Dundumwezi party infested with cow dung..

  7. Let them find their own candidate, they have run out of ideas? She is a civilized and upright person who should not be involved with dirty politics of PF. It is like the saying, let the dead bury themselves? Give respect to Kalumba, after all you morons caused his death by allowing him to work knowing full well that he was sick and needed some rest to recover. If she accepts then there must be something wrong with her. Let her be you nincompoops.

    • It’s in their DNA, remember in July 2014
      Mr Chipimo said President Sata needs some time away from the pressures of State House to allow him get back his normal health.
      He said latest pictures from State House confirm that President Sata is not enjoying the best of his health hence the need to take some time off to rest and heal.
      Any way who’s responsibility is it to insure that we are not short changed. We need a health system that cares for ALL, so as to avoid citizens sicking better care through political positions and other unconventional means. Look at Mugabe’s health bill, close to the national health budget.

  8. As Vincent stated the other day …they already knew Wilson’s health and as usual they are smart when it comes to deceitfulness hence the reason Kaseba was posted to Paris and wanted to post Mwanawasa to Canada. The problem with that lazy petty thief in State House is that he is eyeball deep in corruption that any new faces are a threat

  9. We should come up with “Genderlly discriminated”….. Sexually discriminated sounds off in this day and age, kwati she’s complaining that no one wanted her sexually!

  10. All none Tongas in UPNDs are not members of UPND. They should read the original hidden UPND constitution. The others are just being used as a means to an end.

    • well put.
      as long as the “only a Tonga should lead upnd”, quota is there, all non Tonga’s in this party are just being used period.
      the question I beg to ask these others in this party is;
      don’t you have presidential ambitions such you cannot produce a president of your own?
      answer me!


  12. I wish position of mayor was not politicized so that we’d vote for the guy with the best CV to run the affairs of our city. Instead, people will be voting for a political party. We create our own mediocrity then we start complaining about cholera, vendors & traffic jams – things that know no political affiliations!

    • Rather than Maureen accepting PFs proposal, the real issue here is upnd is surely losing its grip on things. The recent local by-election results haven’t helped matters as well. While back in 2014 when Sata died, upnd and kainde looked a formidable prospect that convinced many, today it’s a spent force that invested in a wrong strategy. Its abrasive, deceptive and tribalistic political style has disheartened its members and voters.

    • That’s how it was in colonial government. The conditions were 1) Must be of good standing in the community 2) Must own substantial property in the district 3) Resident of the district. I remember how uncle Jimmy Fleming kept chingola clean to make it the cleanest in the country.

  13. Zambia full of politics instead of being full of love. UPND yali mupesha amano. Lusaka times when are you going to start writing religious matters on your social media. Bring something that is going to see Zambia grow economically. Bring ideas of how people can make money and families live well and eventually the country grows.

  14. There’s one political party in Zambia. It just changes names. A manifesto in Zambia is just rhetoric it hoodwink the gullible. I discovered this after two years of MMD in power.

  15. When the son of a lazy bum polygamist father is with his peers, they all agree that “GBM is a thief!” (A belief they hold amongst themselves for some non-Tongas!) They will never say it now because he is there to help them win other thieves but “the thieves” are too wise for the tribal gathering! They don’t vote on tribal lines like them but they vote on principle.

  16. I want to believe that it is important for the former first lady to be more sincere with herself other than playing hide and seek,I wonder why it is unthinkable for these intellectuals to exhibit integrity and morality.we’re here and the truth will come out for there’s no smoke without fire.

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