Friday, February 23, 2024

HH’s Press Briefing on National Affairs



    • The funny thing about lies is the catch up …i remember when the Commonwealth Chola Boy Rep was in the country, what did Lazy Lungu do.. he decided to go and inspect Kazungula Bridge then disappeared for 3 days in RSA…where was he? Was he approving drawings for his mansion and also inspecting his new gift/bribe in form of a plot from the contractor…this is simple for an investigative journalist to link up

  1. Comment:above comment is no sense and my friend stop reasoning like a villagers who never went to school.

    • The so called villagers who never went to school could also be your great grandparents. They constitute a bigger share in numbers of electorates in Zambia. Exercise some form of respect to the so called villagers.

  2. Your protection spell have played a grate part in my life now, I feel soo secured and confident, my farms, home ,cars and business, am soo sure that they are safe because its now coming to 2years since I contacted you and no robbery has taken place and the havest and products from my animals and plants are making big yilds, my luxury cars, I can now drive through any area at any time .thanks for all your time and efforts put into my work, am so grate and proud of you Dr.Aladdin. (Khumalo- cape south africa) +27733587735

  3. UPND should stay away from dialogue initiated by ZCID. Once something is supported by ECL that is enough reason to be suspicious. I once met a Ugandan in South Africa who told me that Zambians had better be careful with ECL frequenting Kampala to meet Mu7 because in his view nothing good would come out it for Zambia. I did not know what to say to him as ECL was new in office. Now I know better.

  4. I am neither UPND nor PF sympathiser but believe him or not, like him or note his explaination on ZCID maKes absolutely sense. The problem we have in our country is that we look at who said it and not what he said. we believe that oppositions should always be there to oppose anything. But please a wise man learn even from a fool. One person told me that bembas say: uwamano asambilila kucipuba. Meaning even those we do not like, the ones we think are low in thinking , they definatly poses something special which are not found in us. I like one proveb from the president that he is fond of whenever he is attacked about lack of knowledge. He always say amano mabulwa, bapulapulafye. I wish he does that, and if he does let him not only listen to those around him coz i have a strong felling…

  5. Just wait for 2021 and keep an eye on GBM because he may just ditch you if the barometer indicates that you’ll lose yet again.

  6. Remember Alfonso Dhlakama of Mozambique ? The man tried everything to become president. He tried the ballot box, dialogue, terrorism and back to the ballot box it all failed. The only success he scored was to die without becoming president of Mozambique.

    • I feel you. You actually mean double h might as well kiss 6 feet without the honor of being our Republican President. At the rate he is moving, you are making too much sense Ndanje.

  7. Just some free advice to Upnd sympathizers : The dirty campaign you’re carrying out against Edgar Lungu is bad seed you’re planting. You may think it’s working but remember even if you became president (sic!) it will continue working but this time against you. You need decency even in politics not creating falsehoods. Remember anything that goes round will always come around.

  8. Remember that lungu is not alpha and omega.leaders in zambia come and go. You pf cadres who doxology abt lungu one day your heads wil b buried in the sad.we are one zambia one nation and not one zambia more divisions.

    • Yes it is true Lungu and PF will not be there forever. That is what democracy is all about. But the good thing is that the one to take will not definitely be HH and UPND for obvious reasons. Presidency let alone leadership is all about having empathy and not doing things pout of hate. Tefyo, taaaaaku!

  9. Lungu is the president of this country now and 2021. HH should go to the convention to become democratic. There’s no democracy in his party. Come on guys. We are a democratic nation. This gentleman is not a democrat.

  10. BA HH you are a member of ZCID and a good contributor rich and president of the called a big opposition party.Why don’t you bring all the issues you are bringing up right inside the house and discuss them as members.You are talking about empowerment and capacity what capacity for if the organization has no capacity it’s you members to discuss that so as to arrive to its conclusion. Learn not to complicate matters for you will tomorrow need the police, the judiciary the villagers and the ECZ you are insulting now come 2021.

  11. Indeed the Under 5 has completely lost. Why didnt you recognise the church mother bodies in the first place but you opted for the Commonwealth? Could it be that someone reminded you there is some much conflict in other parts of the world where they are members of the Commonwealth but they have not done anything about it? HH is a liability not only to UPND but to himself. The problem here is that the guy has no direction yet he pretends to know something. God forbid!

  12. Mwe mbewa nabakolwe haters of your own Fieces you worst time talking about one person who has struggled to be successful in his entire life using his brain in stead you dogs praise someone whose busy snitching your resources.. Anyway.Dull people will start hating a person wen thy can’t reach that individuals level… Period.

  13. Ba h.h nabo, just a pure tribalist masquarading as a politician, what can the little foool tell us? Who told the little underfive that he can be President when he is permanently on underfive vaccinations?

  14. Ba ambaula ba president ba chisi cha southern province. Peepe batumbu, ndiyanda ku ba president ku southern province mebo pe!

  15. This man is a time waster. Why UPND has maintained this man as their president no one knows because he has no brains honestly and he is the most boring person in Zambia. If he wants a physical fight with ECL, he must wait until he leaves power. Then they can meet in the street and fight. We want serious leaders not aba bakawayawaya. Always bickering and you expect a well respected and sensible leader like the President to respond. That is a joke. UPND should come up with a man of integrity to lead it. Hh is just against Lungu and his hatred may go beyond politics. This hatred may have started way back. Lungu is not ZAMBIA and hh should not focus on Lungu but Zambia and its citizens.

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