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FAZ,Nyirenda part ways

Sports Feature Sports FAZ,Nyirenda part ways

Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda
Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda

Wedson Nyirenda has with immediate effect resigned as Zambia National team Head Coach.This is according to a press statement released by FAZ secretary general Pasipononga Liwewe. Mr.Liwewe thanked Mr.Nyirenda for his contribution towards the national team.He said the process to fill the vacancy of Head Coach will begin and the Association will conclude the process in the shortest possible time to meet upcoming engagements.

Below is the press statement

The Football Association of Zambia wishes to announce the resignation of Mr. Wedson Nyirenda as Head Coach of the Zambia national team with immediate effect.
He served as national coach from September 2016 to May 2018.
The association wishes to thank Mr. Nyirenda for his contribution towards the national team and for the sterling work he put into his job.
The process to fill the vacancy of Head Coach will begin and the Association will conclude the process in the shortest possible time to meet upcoming engagements.

For and on behalf of:
Pasipononga Liwewe

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    • He thinks this role is beneath him. He aspires to coach in the premier league.

      His resume is light though.

      In any case, no tears will be shed for him.

      Good bye, good riddance

    • What’s the difference between this story and previous article?
      It’s like Wedson leaves job and you give it to Beston Chambeshi…. Its same story.

  1. Coaches come coaches go.Thanks Wedson for trying so hard when times were hardest and good luck ahead.

  2. I think its good for both parties. Fact remains with the current crop of players not even Josep “Pep” Guardiola or Jose Mourinho can win medals with them.

  3. Typical of this guy.First he resigned @ Zesco & went to Mozambique,and now again quits Chipolopolo (good for us though) to join Barotse FC in South Africa… Since Zesco days he has never lifted a trophy and has now become specialist in squirting sorry meant quitting…

  4. I highly doubt it if he signed a contract with FAZ as he would have thought twice about resigning unless his contract had already expired. Wedson Nyirenda was ill equipped for the job as the Sudanese coach read through him like book before they placed them..he is absolutely clueless

    • Which assertiveness nemwe ba Tokota when the man lacked consistency. I even wonder the type of CV this Barose FC thing has lured them. The problem in this country we lack quality in every thing be politics, etc. They say garbage in garbage out.




  6. I thought he was headed for the Emirates Stadium where there was a similar vacancy, I hope he gets the Cameroon job. Working for FAZ under Ndanga Kamanga and Pasipononga Liwewe is agony, Secretariat staff find consolation in leaking secret documents to Richard Kazala. Good luck Wada, at least you have left before you were fired

  7. He resigned!

    Have not heard of such a word in Zambian Activities for a long time….

    Thanks WADA and good luck

  8. It’s his prerogative where he wants to work. All we can do is wish him the best for the future. Maybe he will come back as coach again. Football is unpredictable.

  9. Go well wada intact you were not qualified coach, you have made chipolopolo even come back to stage one,go back to school,hope you will coach Kitwe united

  10. Weddy my childhood friend. Grew up together in Chifubu township. Playing soccer together, not to forget the late Ackson Shimbala (mhscriep). Ba Stony was older hence didn’t play with us but we remember when he was taken on by and Ndeke Eagles (ba eguzu).

    Go for it my friend! Us from Moscow (as we called Chifubu township then) have always been go-getters.

  11. Every human being has his own opinion however in the.case of wadada i respect his views with reasons best known to himself i wish him well in.future endeavours

  12. Amazing how Zambians tend to get injured when someone resigns, especially from a political or sporting job. It is not a secret that those who quit to move to other challenges tend to be more successful than those who live in hope of things improving where they are or thinking the pension will cushion all their losses… All the best Wada – go well. Oh, and for those who do not know Pasipononga is the actual name for Ponga (Liwewe). Peace!

  13. Good riddance. Hope FAZ will not rush again to employ another wannabe. I see Ponga is still at Football House.

  14. Okay!!! well, the chappy was a nightmare. He lacked vision. Firstly, he started disastrously the world cup qualifier matches. After doing so well midway, he again messed up against Nigeria. He knew very well all his under 20 players were out with injury so all he needed was to recall kalaba and others to rescue him. Instead, he opted to bury his head in the sand because of what??PRIDE…yeah right. If he recalled them and then lost I would have said at least he had the vision to win the match by bringing in other players to fill the void left by the injuried players. So let us hope whoever comes in next can be more focused on getting the job done and not get clouded judgements because of one’s ego.

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