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Education is a great equaliser- Hon.Dr. Jonas Chanda


Dr.Chanda addressing pupils at Katondo Secondary School, Munkulungwe

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

An MP at work – Dr. Jonas Chanda-Bwana Mukubwa member of parliament

The favourite part of my work as Member of Parliament is to visit schools and give career motivational talks to pupils from grade 1 to grade 12, telling them that they can become EVERYTHING they dream of through EDUCATION – a great equaliser in life!

“I’m a product of Masala and Mushili townships who went to Masala Primary and Masala Secondary Schools and University of Zambia to become a Medical Doctor, an expatriate in various countries, and now a Member of Parliament,” I tell the pupils.

QUANTITY, QUALITY and ACCESS have to be guaranteed for a good educational system to transform HUMAN RESOURCES into INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL – the most important factor of production.

This week I visited various schools, gave career talks, donated books and funds to completion of classroom blocks under construction – Yengwe Basic School (Kavu/Kang’onga), Chalubemba Primary School (new 2 classroom block to be opened on 22nd June), Katondo Secondary School (Munkulungwe), Twatemwa primary school (Kantolomba) and Joyous Community primary school (Mushili)
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Dr. Chanda addressing pupils at Chalubemba primary school
Dr. Chanda addressing pupils at Twatemwa Primary School, Kantolomba
Dr.Chanda addressing pupils at Yengwe Basic School


    • “Education is the best equalizer” …must be a very dull and low life doctor…even his vocabulary pathetic

    • Well done Dr.Chanda , nothing beats inspiring children to do better. Speaking in the very area you grew up and went to school will certainly show those kids that they can achieve what you have and even more. Don’t listen to the haters…you are doing a great job.

    • If this educated foool Dr Chanda knew the importance of education as well traveled as he claims he wouldn’t be handed out branded goods to children ..its likened to Mcdonalds giving out free snacks and promoting healthy diet. Its no surprise the lazy thing Edgar goes around the country telling villagers that if they dont vote for PF there will be no development in the area.

  1. So now you are simply stealing Facebook posts of MPs politicking about education whilst shamelessly handing out corrupt Lazy Lungu branded books and calendars to pupils…what a disgrace!!

  2. He/She who refuses help is beyond helping. Any book be it free or donated must be treated with due care and respect because a lot of work goes into producing of the same. To call a book useless just shows how much YOU do not appreciate the humble labor that went into the works. The message I have for those who are not so fortunate to achieve that Education we are talking about, use you skills, talents to the best of your abilities. Mind you, NOT all can be kings. There ought to be some to clap for the king. I have kept all books left behind by my children, books in accounts administration grade seven, eight, nine and twelve. I read through these books to have a wider knowledge outside my profession. Lets learn to value books, please.

  3. “Educated tribalist” yapping HagaiN! The tribal grouping will never be voted in, in Zambia! The chief spokesman, hooligan and bully of the tribal grouping has spoken! It the official position of the tribal party and GBM is not aware about it!

  4. Well spoken Doc. What you have said has come to pass for a lot of us. I’m equally a product of the township (Chifubu). Went to Fibobe Primary School then Chifubu Sec School. The rest is history. When I look at the doors education has opened for me, at times I feel like an imposter in the elite world.

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