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Activities of FIC should not be in public domain, says Ex-Spy Chief Xavier Chungu


Former Spy Chief Xavier Chungu (L)
Former Spy Chief Xavier Chungu (L)
FORMER Director-General for the Zambia Intelligence and Security Services Xavier Chungu says activities of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) are covert and should not be in public domain.

Mr Chungu said in that the FIC is supposed to work quietly in advising Government and other security wings about illicit financial activities.

“My personal opinion is that that institution should have been a very quiet institution. It is a silent institution that helps fight all these crimes using investigative wings without any publicity at all.

“Otherwise, we will just end up embarrassing ourselves. To be transparent does not mean you are going to be writing everything in the public domain. I don’t see any other country in the world which does that. I don’t agree with what is going on,” Mr Chungu said.

Mr Chungu said it is not right to delve into private accounts and start talking in public.

He said FIC is supposed to operate within its mandate as provided by the law by working closely with Government and other countries on money laundering and terrorism-related matters.

“I would rather not have that institution in the public domain, probably under the institution of the intelligence, not even the police. That is a very serious institution world over,” Mr Chungu said.

Mr Chungu said if the intention of FIC was to start throwing stones in the public, then Zambia can’t develop as the fight against financial crimes will be sabotaged by premature release of Information

“I have been to many institutions and exposed to the world of intelligence. That institution is not supposed to be talked about in the public. Why does everybody want to be in the newspaper?

“I don’t think this is the way we should handle things in Zambia. Even the appointment of the people managing that institution should not have been political. It should have been under the intelligence,” Mr Chungu said.
He said FIC is an appendage of the intelligence and should always be above board.


    • Ati we will just embarrass ourselves?
      Unless you are involved how will it embarrass you? These are criminal actsvthat need to be punished not simple issues.
      These are the people Kaunda used to call economic saboteurs.
      A lot said by a person who embarrassed himself!

    • So says chi galu chi Xavier Chungu, a Congolese who was convicted for embezzling our country. Mxxxxm!!!


      This criminal jumped bail & fled to his home country DR Congo on a motor-bike. It only returned after hearing that Sata had become president. These criminals are now being given free airtime by media.

      Zo-ona Zambia has been turned into a Den of Thieves by Lungu & his PF00Ls.

    • @MALOZA True !
      Ichalo ukuwama echo twashila ba kabwalala shula?
      This country is being run by thieves kaponyas and liars the likes of kaiser basopo chomba lusambo. And being controlled by the Chinese.

    • @MALOZA True !
      Ichalo ukuwama echo twashila ba kabwalala shula?
      This country is being run by thieves kaponyas and liars the likes of kaiser basopo chomba lusambo. And being controlled by the Chinese.

    • The People who are embarrassing us are the thieves that have been identified by FIC and their supporters like Chungu. There was nothing sensitive about the report it was a general description of the financial crimes trends. No criminal was even mentioned in the report. There will soon be nowhere to hide for financial criminals and their vuvuzelas who want the crimes to be a secret.

    • And what is more embarrassing is the fact that our elected leaders and Government in General seem to be on the side of the criminals. No one is on the side of good in Government at the moment. Major decisions are being planned against FIC by the Presidency on account of revealing financial criminal trends in the country. Why is the Government annoyed about this than the crimes that have been committed? Who are the criminals that would make Government to react this way on account of this revelation? In whose interest? It’s time we said no any more in our name.

    • Really laughable ….A monkey complaining about the new electric fence around the maize field and advising the farmer to turn it off to save electricity.

    • Axiomatic!!! But low IQ Gay Gay wouldn’t grasp the workings of intelligence officials. Imagine a branch of MI6 divulging critical information and placing it into public domain.

      That’s why I said Ms. Tshuma needs to be shown the door but the work of the FIC needs to be strengthened even further. On the other hand, Xavier should also have stopped his f000lish FTJ from divulging secret tunnels at State House.

      He let his corrupt Uncle get away with such nonsense … we UNIPists ran a tight ship under which Xavier was trained but he let us down.

      But on this issue, he’s spot on … Heaven help us all.

    • Carlos: embarrassed due to lack of knowledge on how to manage FI matters. It’s the same as not qualify8ng to the world cup but prepare a soccer team and try to attend the opening ceremony

    • Which MI5 is this that is being compared to the ZAMBIAN intelligence agencies? Without seeming to be belittling our circumstances, our structures on this front are not up to scratch.

    • In fact, I would rather FIC reports to the public than to govt if they are to be effective. Why secretive? And look at who is talking! The thief.

    • B R Mumba Sr. I think you in your posting you are insulting the gay community. It is important that you refrain from that. We know you have these small SIDO cell phone businesses that you call yourself President/Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and a million other titles. You should know by now that you do business with people, and in the US despite circumstances, word can go around and you will find yourself trading only with your spouse. Don’t get over excited. You meant Jay Jay, and in your overzealous mind to lampoon him, you deliberately type Gay Gay. It’s a no no business even Tennessee

    • Look at JUNIOR debating with himself ….really laughable..the goofus is contradicting himself in his pathetic discussion in his empty tin!!

  1. Says a Vile thief who together with his Kawalala boss Kafupi plundered Zambia dry.
    This Thug Chungu should still be serving time in a Maximum Security Prison, for Economic Sabotage / Plunder M@[email protected] uyo!!

    • All patriots please unite. Your money is under siege. But CSO groupthink as championed by Laura Miti will not win you battles in court. This requires level-headedness of the kind that is rare in Zambia.

  2. Xaviour Chungu wants issues of theft to be treated with utmost secrecy like he was doing when stealing our money with Chiluba.Chungu secretly left the country into hiding. When our money he stole finished, he secretly sneaked into the country. He believes in stealing and hiding info. Better people with morals advise on that not documented crooks.

  3. Okay ,is that how ECL bought his eSwatini mansion and also how the true size of our foreign debt got so clouded in mystery?

  4. Chungu is right, you can’t delve into people’s Bank Accounts and sensationally release your findings to the public, you’re courting serious litigation. The fact that they can’t prosecute they can’t devulge their activities to the public. They have a narrow partisan agenda, fire them so that we Kambwili’s manhood. He promised to demonstrate naked, after all he walks like he were from an enlargement session

    • Ayatolah
      That is nonsense.In any country laws are not enacted to protect criminals,and what is happening now has happened before, where were you when Mwanawasa named and shamed crooks?Surely demonstrating that K6 million moved from Bokani Soko’s account at Grandview to buy Lusaka Dynamos should be a secret?Only criminals will complain.

    • @Mario & whoever else, intelligence is spy work, they intrude on your privacy. Mwanawasa wasn’t a Saint, due to the awkward manner he approached me those issues, his 1st shock was when his speech was stolen. Later he spent in excess of$13.0M pursuing FTJ’s $600,000 suspicious funds. His Task Force failed to fully account for money and seized assets. When the people mentioned sue GRZ for intrusion, govt will bleed money. Use reason and not emotions

    • Didn’t realize kuti Ayatollah you can be this dull.
      The moment you open a bank account, you automatically that your financial transactions should be monitored when they are over a certain amount, worse if you’re a suspected drug mule/dealer, or suspected to involved in any kind of criminal activity. There is a reason people keep money in offshore accounts. HH being an example.
      Don’t just use the internet to express your unfounded opinions, use it for research too.

    • @ Ayatollah

      Having memory issues due to the high intake of alcohol?
      Remember, in a legal process initiated by Mwanawasa, FTJ was PROSECUTED in the HIGH COURT in ENGLAND and found GUILTY OF STEALING +/- USD 46 million. In addition, his lawyer was DEBARRED for LIFE for attempting to CORRUPT Justices hearing the case.
      It is RB, Sata and ECL which were refusing to register that FINAL Judgement in the High Court of Zambia and recover money stolen from ZAMBIAN People!!!
      Are you Zambian tax-payer or Zambian corrupt thief?

  5. I m sure this wasn’t the first report to ever be issued by the FIC. So how many people have been prosecuted using the previous “quiet” reports? Somebody help me here.

    By the way, you mess with the FIC, Zambia will be shut out of the international banking system. We signed up for all this including anti money laundering legislation.

    • Engaging under5s on this topic is a waste of time. Just like there tribal leader, they too cant understand how a government operates. Yesterday someone was saying govt is broke but he is forgetting that everyday he is paying tax to the govt. Thousands other institutions and businesses are paying taxes and revenue every hour to the govt and a full posts a comment that govt cofas are dry. Please leave the under5s to continue cheating and misleading themselves. They are a bunch of retards who can never learn except from their tribal leader.

    • Dull ovalbum, our reserves are at $1.8 billion you twit. That is a dry coffer when it comes to a country. I will again stress that the dullness of PF supporters is beyond shocking!!

  6. Why is the secrecy the issue and not the contents,…what is an embarrassment is how everyone is focusing on the what it should have been(secretly handled) and not what should now be done with the content. Another thing, too many uneducated guesses, where are the literate on the matter,…?,when you want to hide something from an African, hide it in a book theory yet being proven,…sad

  7. Only the theives have a problem with what is being revealed……if you are not a corrupt theif you have nothing yocworry about

    As they say only the guilty are afraid

    • Dont forget that hh name is appearing on 3 different lists. And when they pounce on him you’ll be the first to cry victim and bring in stories about international organizations. Watch this space badala. Dont come and cry that hh is being persecuted.

    • Every one mentioned should be investigated and if found wanting charged ……inly the theives are afraid here badala…

  8. This problem of throwing everything into the public court of opinion has its origins in the Levy Mwanawasa era. Using a certain vile and evil newspaper, laws were broken to suit certain individuals against their perceived enemies. What kind of country throws security matters into public domain?? Chungu is right, that’s why Mary Tshuma didn’t show up at that unsavoury NGO/disgruntled politicians meeting last week. She knows she messed up!!

    • Tell us what has been done since the last 2 AGs reports showing stealing of public funds in both reports ?

      Only the theives have a problem here…

    • What has always been done since those AG reports started coming out in tge early 2000s. Corrective measures.

    • Spaka some of the measures which were done included transferring some officials to other districts and you complained about it. That’s how govt operates badala.

    • What is so secret about tax payers money. That money is for the people from the people. It is alarming that some people are against the telling not the crimes. Perhaps the right sources were told but no action was taken, that is the 2017 report we are in 2018 now what has happened? only Kambwili is being investigated because he is opposing the ruling party. All should be fair after all it is the Zambian tax payer that will eventally pay for all the looting and plunder.

  9. Xavier is very right on this one. Thats why its called financial INTELLIGENCY centre. The problem we have in our country is we are not objective in fighting corruption, we have too many show offs in the game. They should have given ECL a chance to look at the report and act.
    Its like the foolishness of exposing tunnels in state house when that should have been kept as a secret.

  10. Xavier is very right on this one. Thats why its called financial INTELLIGENCY centre. The problem we have in our country is we are not objective in fighting corruption, we have too many show offs in the game. They should have given ECL a chance to look at the report and act.
    Its like the short sightedness of exposing tunnels in state house when that should have been kept as a secret.

  11. with his past vast xperience, Xavier can manage to lecture us abt fighting corruption quietly kikikiki! the only thing chungu learnt from all intelligence centers was how to escape when u are charged with theft and corruption crimes!!!

  12. Secrecy? Who benefits? Ours systems has broken down and criminals are having a field day!!!

    Let those that worry about the FIC to put the interest of the country first. I think those that are publishing have seen that secrecy is not helpful…..

  13. If you want their activities out of the public domain then give them prosecution powers, kwasila. Not a toothless lion they are. Truth of the matter is whenever FIC gives it’s reports to ZP, DEC, ACC they claim to be doing something about that, and when asked they say they want to start investigations from scratch. Let’s ask ourselves this, what good is intelligence information from FIC if ZP, ACC, DEC doesn’t use it to fight financial crimes. Why do they always want to start investigations from scratch?

  14. The Wrong Chap to talk about FIC!

    Convicts are not supposed to start lecturing us!

    It’s our Money Stup!d!

    In fact we demand that the law be changed to have monthly publications of all Intelligence on Plunder! Wrong chap to even have the audacity to talk about plunder! All we can say is he has been hired to create a Cacoon for plunderers to escape detection!
    Though you boast that Zambia is in your palms when it comes to Intelligence information, you are the wrong chap for the Intelligence because you are nothing but a Convicted Fraudstar!

  15. We are not surprised to hear Xavier Chungu saying such things. During his time with Chiluba they would never allow such institutions like FIC to be known to exist by the public so that they could secretly plunder the nation’s resources. Those are public funds and so the public has to know how their funds are being utilized. They are NOT state house funds or intelligence funds

  16. The People who are embarrassing us are the thieves that have been identified by FIC and their supporters like Chungu. There was nothing sensitive about the report it was a general description of the financial crimes trends. No criminal was even mentioned in the report. There will soon be nowhere to hide for financial criminals and their vuvuzelas who want the crimes to be a secret.

  17. Why does he think his opinion matters, he might have been the intelligence chief but that was then and this now. He sounds dull.

  18. “FORMER Director-General for the Zambia Intelligence and Security Services Xavier Chungu says activities of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) are covert and should not be in public domain.”

    Maybe they’re afraid of retribution if they don’t come publicly knowing the power of the Government machinery.

    President Mwanawasa his life was threatened, but he vowed to do the right thing for the Country.

  19. Our CIA and MI-6 goes naked in public and a our blast from the past James Bond is back in the lime light and who can argue with his assessment of this situation. I have to agree with Mr Chungu on this one because it was just carelessly handled all the way leading to the leaking of such classified national information.

    • Do you even know what classfied information is? Simply having the name Intelligence does make an organization become a ‘covert one’. Frankly, it’s silly to trust ZP, DEC, ACC with such informqtion because they are politically compromised and FIC isn’t. How many political big shots has Crime fighting trio failed to bring to book? If you’re probably a whistle blower going to report to the trio, they probably cut oxygen supply from because of bringing darkness to light.

  20. HH ‘s name is also on the list of suspicious transactions by the FIC as an audit trail has been traced to the Panama and paradise papers and the FIC director wants to hide that but that too will be revealed. No country for now will corperate with Zambia in terms of Financial Intelligence investigations as the FIC broke the trust of confidentiality before prosecution.

  21. I agree with Mr Xaviour Chungu, especially that collaborating foreign intelligence institutions could lose confidence in our capaciry to maintain confidentiality of shared information. However, the question is: What shall we do as citizens when the authorities do not act on dirty activities? By dirty activities I am not saying that upnd officials and leaders are clean, they are as dirty as any other criminal, if not much more stinkier in the name of fighting for h.h to achieve a tribal presidency.

  22. What is procedure? Why should there be a procedure? In my own way I would say “it is an agreed or standard way of doing something”. In case You do not know again what Standard means, is that the method is documented. There should be a procedure so that no matter who the executor is can do it the same way. So where there is no procedure there shall be no order at all. In this case if , and I say if procedure was Not followed, consequences might follow which could be very serious.

  23. Look who is talking? Everyone knows the report is not designed to be in the public domain. However, ever heard of whistle blowing and the Freedom of information Acts. Confidence of information is not meant to protect plunder. It is meant to protect the innocent. Buying football teams and sharing money like money launderers has no basis of innocence. On the hand, Zambia supports the protection of whistle blowers and this case is clearly one which calls for the support and protection of the public and the whistle blower. Enforcement wings have been alerted and guess what they have been at pains to prosecute the culprits, but they have been afraid to and MT cries how much money for medicine has been laundered through fraudulent tenders?

  24. Zambian intelligence let the FIC to be leaked in order to being the crooks into public eye. It makes their wives and cohorts have leverage to oust these criminals. Ba chungu, you were at intelligence, you should know better kikikikiki.

  25. It cannot work Mr. Chungu in the world of the lunatics! Lunatics fail to freely support a party or join it based on tribal reasons. When that party wins, lunatics want to be appointed into government. Lunatics, it is obvious, would want be appointed (on pretext of tribal balancing!) Lunatics will have one leg in the ruling party and another in the Hazaluza Hagain party (with two hearts. Remember, no one can serve two masters at a time!) Now Lunatics will be responsible in leakages (similar to Grade 7, Grade 9 or Grade 12 Exam leakages) only this time classified! Do you think you can trust HaTribes Association of Zambia Ltd & Galu Watchers in Zambia Ltd?

  26. @Dokowe, it’s that doesn’t understand. Have you asked yourself why FIC is giving information to other agencies? Yes they can spy on me but they don’t have a right to devulge what they find to the public. Only DEC, ZP and ACC can do that and that’s after a warn and caution statement. Ask your policeman friend to educate you

  27. FIC has adopted a “name and shame” tactic to save our country from the plunderers like Xavier Chungu.
    Why is this Xavier still walking around free?
    This f#cker should be serving a life sentence or dead (his boss is gone).
    Zambia, this is a dangerous greedy monkey in our maize field. This monkey keeps coming back for more. Someone must clear it once and for all NOW.

  28. Oval head is cockroach dance. To you hh is all you talk about. You seem to be part of the green thieves and their praise singer. The more. reason corruption is a way of life in our country, easily tolerated.

  29. Aah xaviour you are around? When did you come back? You returned as silently as you went. The task force is looking for you.

  30. When people who should be quiet, find a voice those are serious warning signs! Zambia needs a leadership refresh. Here’s a prayer point: Lord, establish righteous leadership over our land: Let the wicked stumble, fall and be removed, never to rise again: May the righteous prosper and hold positions of authority over our land, in Jesus’ name.

  31. Zambia does not need another leader in HaTribes Association! Zambia is doing great! Keep it up Zambia! We will reject it Hagain!

  32. Chungu, Mrs Carribean is still searching for you remember the one you wired when you were in the lime light , and on this issue of the FIC you have missed it big time, we the Zambians are the stake holders in this issue, mind you we are the ones who employ government and therefore government is accountable to us, if they hide the looting from us the employers then who are they working for because it is our money they are pocketing and it is our money being stolen one of these days we shall be forced to take the law in our own hands if the arms of government do not implement what we employed them for and our money is being wasted left right and center, why can we have at least a week of no scandal in government???

  33. Those chaps who were insulting me yesterday should follow Kambwili’s court proceedings, details of his bank accounts were only accessed after an order from the High Court. When the people mentioned by FIC litigate and are awarded damages you chaps will start insulting the courts and Edgar because all you know best are insults

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